Reality Check

I couldn’t have said it better myself.



3 days idiot, if you are lucky.

That’s how long it would take to shut this entire country down if the Truckers stopped driving.

sink in

13 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Tell you what Phil, you want to shit get taken care of needs taking care of in this country, Truckers go on a nation wide strike. Lay down their conditions for re-newing going back to driving. The feds actually made themselves totally vulnerable, you need all those federal truck driving certs, hazmats, transmission, gross weight etc, it’s not like you can throw a bunch of swinging dicks behind the wheel and say deliver the goods.
    Just delaying gasoline deliveries for a week or so alone with a slow down would cripple the country.
    It would not even need to be all Truckers in solidarity, 1/2, or even a third, and soy amerika in their houghty toughty urban holier than thou masters of the universe enclaves would be flat cold on their knees destitute and have something to justify whinging about in a week and us Bitter Clinger’s could LOAO, tell them all to learn to code.

    Thats the beauty of open source 4th G insurgency. Not a fucking thing anyone could do about it either. The fuckers running government at all levels are so fucking incompetent they are helpless to do anything to counter such tactics. And Truckers could wait a week or so after going back on the road and do it again. All they would have to do is boycott a couple of commie turd world shit-hole cities. It would paralyze fucking unhinged politics and all this white toxic bullshit, people would lynch the scumbags after a week with no food.
    Like oh yeah, you don’t say, Deplorable’s? We are unwashed white raaacist male toxic supremacists? Well ok retards, here you go, deliver the shit yourselves.

    Ending the strike could be contingent on things like, build the fucking wall or no food. No more anti-gun bullshit, total nation wide unrestricted unfettered right to all and any weapons. No Fucking exceptions. Balance the fucking budget instead of stealing it. 2 year terms in Congress. Anyone been there longer already is out. O. U. T.
    Tell the scumbags in the swamp they best stop all their corrupt bullshit or nothing gets delivered.
    Arrest, try, and hang the coup participants. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Abolish the Federal Reserve, which is neither. Now. Total Gold Standard, no bullshit about it. For starters.

    Even if the scumbags called up the National Guard to drive trucks, be weeks before they get anything substantial moving, and how many over the road Truckers drive their own private rigs? States Governors going to declare Martial Law and take those private owned rigs?
    Besides that, what are they going to do? Make it illegal not to drive your truck?
    You could really fuck with the fuckers fucking with us. I’ll wager millions would cheer on the Truckers.

    TootToot! Rubber Ducky Motherfuckers! 10-4 Eat Shit.

    Hypothetically saying, it would not take much to interfere with scabs driving trucks. Be awful difficult to defend every mile of highway and road.

    Fuck You…two can play this game… in fact, BFYTW.

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    • I like your thinking, works for me. I was a Truck driver, Liquid O2, nothing lazy about the way I worked and kept from getting smacked by idiot cage drivers because they would name the crater after me…


      • Same to you, not only do I appreciate your thinking too, I understand very well your hard working ethic of getting the job done, that quiet modest natural resolve and perseverance which runs thru our natural born blood that makes our civilization so great, that regardless of obstacles the right way to accomplish our jobs, to do anything, the right way, is the only way, that so many millions and millions of us share the credo it isn’t going to fail because of me.
        How many of us go to work every day, that without thinking much on it, we take for granted we always strive to do the best we can no matter our personal foibles or trials, that in essence we always put something a little more back than we take.

        Isn’t that what you just said in not so many words? I think so, and see it that way. And zI feel I am in great company for it, and somehow am quietly grateful and humbled by it. Like Mr. Phil here, regardless of his gruff crusty exterior, you always get er done, the right way, no matter how much of a fucking pain in the arse it is or impossible it may seem. Isn’t that why we come here? To know somehow we all share in something within us?

        What if the dirt people realize, that despite the unrelenting mountain of lies and hatefulness coming from the Left, their America is a most welcoming and tolerant nation of regular Joe’s & Jane’s, as they certainly are individually unto themselves, and that the only way their civilization can stay healthy prosperous and happy is thru their unique personal initiative? What if the gestalt is it all really begins with each of us? What if this profound zeitgeist is manifest itself in the person and leadership of one Donald Trump? What if we Win? What if that winning Deplorable, Bitter Clinger attitude crushed this human extinction movement peacefully, without a shot fired? What if this is a foregone conclusion and nobody knows it? What if this motive power and audacity is indomitable, that it can not be defeated by any power or thing on this mortal coil?
        What if it defines us, always has defined us, and always will define us?


    • WHEW! I tip my hat in respect, well written. FWIW, as it apparently stands right now, the trucking industry is on the verge of collapse. Between what I’m hearing from friends who drive currently, and those who had to switch industries, a HUUUUGE part of the problem is Bezos and the ‘Zon. Apparently outside of groceries and construction ‘stuff’ the ‘Zon and Wally World (who owns their own fleet and transport most of their own ‘stuff’) are taking over and fucking things up in the pricing of loads and/or distances? Apparently Bezo’s long term plan is to make it so cost-inefficient that smaller Trucking companies can’t compete… you either haul HIS shit at HIS price or you ain’t shipping shit anymore… Add on the already onerous FedGovRegs for trucking and all the attendant bullshit, and it’s a fucking miracle that ANYTHING gets delivered anymore.


      • Phil’s title of this post is “Reality Check”
        Quite so.

        Their system of power is very fragile, in a civil society they are omnipotent, because the society has become a singular system of oligarchy one way power and influence, in truth they would not survive a week without the protection the US Constitution provides them. Sound counter intuitive? It is actually a key element why the political class has managed to operate with impunity. We are a polite, extremely prudent, and tolerant civilization. Until we ain’t. Then we become the most dangerous indomitable people imaginable, it is the way of such a civilization boirn into Liberty. It must be said this is a wholly unique situation and state of little people never seen in all of humanities existence, except for a couple very special circumstances, which are legendary and totally epic. Thermopylae and the Spartans are classic.
        The ruling elite believe they are special, they have divine powers, which is pretty darn common, and has without fail led to their demise every time. The Bezo’s and Zuckerberg’s of history all have ended up taking the tyrants dirt nap. It is their destiny as tyrants.
        In America, not their amerika, as soon as even a tiny determined plurality refuse to accept this statist-quo, abd choose to become manifest people, Bezo will have to run like a pack of rabid hyena’s is on his ass and hide behind that constitution to protect themselves from the wrath they have sowed of dirt people who say “I Won’t!” Freemen who say BFYTW.

        There is a splendid masterpiece of constructive anarchy, (in the classic meaning of anarchy), a tale of withdrawal of consent. Written by Eric Frank Russell in the 50’s. It is actually a hilarious satire on usurpation of power by the oligarchy and it’s helplessness against people who simply say MYOB.
        It is a really fun and brief tale. I read it in the 6th grade and it simply has influenced my thinking my entire life.

        “And Then There Where None”

        Actually E.R. Russell’s epic is creative destruction at work.
        One thing the omnipotent always fail to see is once they have cornered dirt people into complying by taking advantage of their natural prudence and goodwill nature, they make those people who they see as their slaves absolutely free, free from their natural born precepts of civility and civil society. They could not hire with all their influence and riches more ferocious dangerous determined warriors.

        It is only a matter of time before this dialectic transforms into something the “ruling elites”, who are neither, into their worst nightmare.
        What is really so stupid, and these scalawags deserve to be the target of natural selection, exactly because a sub species that is so fucking naturally ignorant & stupid, need to be extinguished so they no longer live and spread their gene’s polluting the human race, at least the race of us Men of The West.
        Seriously. Something so dementedly self important, greedy, so full of avarice and their self anointed superiority, their hubris so biblical, just so plain stupid that can’t be fixed it borders on a corrupted, no pun intended, a human self extinction gene.

        Look at it from another aspect. We had everything. There was more than enough that everyone could live in this wonderful never before seen civilization of plenty, happiness and prosperity, of wealth unimagined, of wealth created with no parallel. It is still this way, but for such nasty creatures where everything is not enough, they have to destroy everything so nobody can have anything but themselves.

        In plain words, comeuppance is coming. And these fucking idiots are wide fuckin’ open sitting ducks. There is no place, including the Constitution, to hide behind. Let them find refuge from such wrath. Let them find out what it’s like being denied the protections of the Rule of Law and the US Constitution they use as a shield to fuck with us.
        This is America. Fuck You is always a choice, in fact BFYTW is the choice of Winners. Of Men who never quit till what needs doing is done, when They decide it is so.


    • Within days, the supermarket shelves would be empty and his
      wife would not have a cucumber to pleasure herself with. My
      mother learned how to cook as a girl during WWII. She could
      cook, bake and can preserves by her early teens. She could
      not only bake bread from scratch, but she could also grind her
      own wheat. She knew how to sew, knit, darn and crochet and
      was still holding quilting bees into the middle-sixties.

      If the pampered pussies of the last few generations ever have
      to face a national truck driver strike, they would be curled up
      in a fetal position crying like babies! How is this for poetic
      justice? If nothing is moving by truck, the local Starbucks
      will have to close up shop. That’s right, no more overpriced
      foo-foo coffee. The entire Millennial generation will be like
      junkies in a padded cell detox program!


  2. I have fallen back to trucking. I am hauling “Precious Cargo” the most valuable cargo there is to haul. I am also the most trusted worker in the nation.

    My retirement job is a school bus driver.


  3. That was a comeback of epic proportions. Liberals are by nature elitists who
    look down their noses at the blue-collar middle-class schmucks who bear
    the brunt of their policies by being taxed up the ass!

    A truck driver can make a damn sight more than some idiot with a BA in gender
    studies. These young punks are still living their parent’s homes into their 30s.
    These saps were told that their worthless degrees would guarantee them a
    teaching credential. I’d be pissed too if I found out that that there are only
    so many teaching jobs to be had. It has to be disappointing to learn that with
    40k in student debt, the only job you are qualified for is slinging Big Macs
    or lattes at Starbucks.

    Sean Hannity partnered with a contractor who was hiring people for jobs
    in the Dakota oil fields. A truck driver could start out at 100k a year and
    the company would pay for his training. A skilled journeyman Millwright,
    welder, pipefitter, steelworker or electrician could more than double that!

    These pampered pussies don’t want to get their hands dirty doing actual
    physical work, but a laborer or safety watch could make more than enough
    pay off their student loans in a year and be making the same kind of money
    their working-class parents did!


    • The permanent victim stance is a very very powerful one.
      The pathology of destructive personality disorder has given rise the THEM, The Human Extinction Movement.
      Every day, they get up, look in the mirror, brush their teeth, and quiver with anticipation, a depravity they share in common with the whole NPC hive, Learning To Code is projection in the most classic dirty stinkin’ commie sense imaginable, a depravity they all share that knows no limits, and that is the thing, they are constantly searching for the ultimate high, a universal feedback loop with the entire hive, it’s why they love and thrive on Faceborg, why the basically have converged it thru censor committees, they are the borg, they are trying to assimilate everything. It is a war to the lowest common denominator possible. They would be lost without the profound, to them, victimology under the terror of orangemanbad’s rule of the Deplorable’s.

      They can’t win, because they don’t want to win, they don’t understand the meaning of winning, to them winning is rantings of a toxic race of old racist fascist white guys. They won’t win, because then they can’t be victims if they are the winners.
      Notice not a one from any quadrant among themselves has any remedy or plan to improve life, to advance science or technology, they would drop dead on the spot if they had to espouse virtue, true virtue, not the signaling in a human skin suit they love to parade around in, virtue such as love of family, pride of place, a job well done, the satisfaction of doing one’s job with quiet humility and modest pride in self accomplishment and self actualization. Never mind religious faith, precepts of legacy, history and culture, hard won, long learned, highly valued which comes far first before self gratification in the immediate.
      This destructive pathology disorder is morphed into self destructive collective madness.
      These people are professional psychotic victims. It is their life. They won’t change because they don’t want to improve anything, to wallow in this collective self pity is to be somebody, something to them, something to strive for.
      How do you find your souls way back out of that dark pit?
      The only way is down, the deeper the more secure wrapped in a blanket of darkness.

      It is very powerful stuff. The unwary risk being sucked down into it’s vortex. Entire civilizations have vanished down this human sewage drain. Read Bolshevik’s and Russia the long terror of Lenin and Uncle Joe Stalin, Mao and his Party. 100 million plus murdered and still counting. The epitome of depravity.

      The aspect you mention is they want the company of misery and hate, create it, or take everyone with them, it don’t matter, the more things you can destroy the more virtuous your victim “statist” is.
      That comment about lazy truckers is deliberate in every sense. It is not just deliberate insult, it is shit stirring in the most sadistic malicious calculated sense possible.
      The idea is not to insult, it is to demean everything good and right in this country.
      Bring everything down to the lowest level possible, and don’t stop till nothings left.


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