Pretty Gimmickey But Maybe Good For A Bug Out Bag Or Something

I mean really, no freaking sights of any kind, I can also see that hinge thing getting broke to shit too but is it better than nothing?

I would have to say yes.

I will also say right up front I would hate to have my life depend on it.

Very, very last ditch option IMO.

7 thoughts on “Pretty Gimmickey But Maybe Good For A Bug Out Bag Or Something

  1. I’d rather trust one of those NAA mini-revolvers than that piece of crap. Takes up about the same amount of space and has a history of being reliable.


  2. You can pay fo it wit you motherfuckin foo stamp card n shit. Fo realz dis shit cheap just cappanigga n run like hellz. mothafukkin foo foo poo poo fumanchu to hell wit da man trust Dan my nigra. Muh boo Aquanetta got dis shnzit fo our 5 munth anaversary. Blew muh fingaz off muh right hand. Is ok. still cant read.


    • My stone is all natural, works emission free and has the legendary built-in-multiple-throw-option ™ for no additional charges! In fact, my stone also kills up close and it doesn’t need a silencer!
      You can’t get such a masterpiece anywhere else – but no worry: I have got one reserved especially for you – so what are you waiting for? Call now and get a hold of this unique Masterpiece of Survival Essentials ™ – my offer lasts only another hour!


  3. I have a sweet .25 cal semi auto vest pistol holding 6 rounds that is same size. Made in the 1920’s is my best guess. Still shoots great


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