11 thoughts on “Please Allow Me To Welcome The Almost One Million Brand Spanking New Preppers From Northern California!

  1. You were saying something about a tipping point?

    We escaped Kalifornia for Texas in late 2015. Gas a Costco today was $2.02. Our electricity cost (on the plan I SHOPPED for) is $67 for the first 1000 Kwh. Each additional 1000 Kwh is $26, pro-rated. Not including delivery charges and tax.


  2. We failed as preppers. We had to good of time. Tiki torches, Gas fire pits, bad ass charcoal grills. And yes plenty of AR’s laying next to us. Dang why did they turn the power back on?


  3. Funny that mostly conservative places got cut off, and only retail and residential as many industrial places retained power.

    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    Try this in the LA basin and watch the sparks fly, or bullets, or tamales or whatever.

    Wondering if any liberals in the affected area are now considering a new political party?


  4. For all his general worthlessness, Gov. Gabbin’ Nuisance got this one right: PG&E is solely and entirely at fault on this, because for decades they spent their time and money padding their pockets instead of updating their infrastructure.

    That should be paid back with a hefty Punishment Bonus at future rate hearings.
    When they’re allocated 0% profit, and hefty fines, maybe they’ll try doing it the right way.
    The big mistake was the legislature (in their pocket) shielding them from being sued into receivership for last years’ fires. Had that not been blocked, they wouldn’t have been running their utility this year, and the shutoff wouldn’t have happened.

    As it is, a lot of people are going to go to non-grid-tied power options, and PG&E will lose revenue, permanently.

    The big winner will be solar system companies and suppliers, and battery makers.

    Which brings prices down for everyone.


  5. The big winner will be solar system companies and suppliers, and battery makers.
    And the loser will still be you if you’re depending on Solar and Batteries, better of with a battery dildo at least you’ll get off.


  6. Nah, they’ll be like the folks here in the Midwest are for Ice Storms.

    About 3 months later they’ll forget about that week without power and they will sell their generator (which doesn’t run because it is low on oil and has bad gas in it) for about 1/3 of what they paid for it (besides, it takes too much space in the garage) and then they will go back to the old way of living….

    Until next time.

    People forget and fail to care after 30 days.


  7. Import the turd world, become the turd world.
    California is essentially being deliberately transformed into a shit-hole banana republic with an open border to the FUSA.
    The dirty stinking commies running it passed diktat yesterday proscribing ham radio repeater stations and hotels can no longer provide free shampoo and soap to customers.
    Even the CLU declared the red flag diktat tyrannical. You know it must be reaching supreme levels of commie depravity if those idiots are saying that.
    Places like CA, Portland, Denver, Mass. NYC etc are proving grounds for getting thev proverbial foot in the door, not unlike what the musloids do to impose their ideology and sharia law, like how the faggots got their foot in the door.

    There’s days when it is crystal clear all this fucking bullshit inevitably leads to a civilizational war of extermination. Exactly because it is assholes controlling various power conduits of government who are behind all this who only thru them could this madness be possible.
    Hypothetically saying it is those individuals who must be removed one way or another from civilization if people choose to take action in no uncertain terms to end whats going down.


  8. Well Duuuuhhhh. PG & E, I don’t believe, is entirely at fault here. Yes they have for decades lined their pockets and tried to ignore reality. But consider that the fires of 2018 were caused by DOWNED power lines, which ultimately caused them to file bankruptcy. You do realize that virtually EVERY power line in the world is an overhead line, with the exception of the few isolated underground lines throughout the world, and even those are FED by overhead lines. WOOD power poles burn, even with high and hot enough flames the wires can fry even if installed on steel or concrete poles. That, in essence, makes the entire grid faulty. Were the world to bury the entire grid the cost would be prohibitive and subject to various construction projects due to digging. So boys & girls, we got what we got and as we continually rely more and more on electricity we will always be subject to the failures of electricity. Can we revert to using whale oil, kerosene, and candles? NOT hardly. Just saying, all progress is not necessarily progress grasshoppah, technology has it’s downside….. Deal with it!


    • You’re on the right track. I’ll abbreviate this boring shit. The Feds set air standards. As green as Cali is, for the last couple years they’ve averaged 7 time over the Fed standard. Why? Big ass forest fires. PG&E is now firing back that they have spent so much money on the state “Green Energy” mandates that they can’t afford to maintain existing infrastructure. I tend to believe PG&E here.


  9. Don’t worry, they’ll import another couple million illegals to offset the votes. Imagine what would have happened if clearing brush and dead trees wasn’t illegal and PGE was permitted to do so.


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