We Have Reached The Tipping Point

I’m just an average guy, seriously.

I’m no brilliant historian/scholar/military strategist/political guru.

Just a working stiff.

But I try to stay abreast of what is going on around me.

What I am noticing lately is a very clear departure from the views from the Right that I saw even a couple of years ago.

Even though I claim to be just another Joe Sixpack, I want you to stop and go read what I wrote over two years ago.

If I really wanted to do some digging, I could go back even farther and point to where I was telling people that we were already in the easily identifiable early stages of a Civil War.

People scoffed at my thoughts at the time.

That nervous laughter has evolved into mutterings and now open recognition of that state of affairs.

Some people are finally catching up.

As a matter of fact, over the time span from then to now, I am seeing more and more, that actual violence is being called for from those perpetual cheek turners who previously denied any such thing was even possible.

All in Self Defense of course. (Wink wink, nod nod)

This low level Cold Civil War is getting ready to go Hot people.

The Left has lost it’s collective fucking mind and thinks it actually has the stroke to win such an unimaginable horror.

The Right has finally figured out these cretins are dead serious.

The Right is now openly spreading the word to arm ourselves and prepare for battle in the streets and from the roof tops.

Just through my usual casual skimming of my Blogrolls I see post after post from Conservative authors spreading that message.

All it is going to take is a spark to light off an unstoppable slaughter of incomprehensible magnitude.

The Left has a handful of Bic lighters and are thumbing the wheels every day now.

What was not too long ago incomprehensible is now a reality.

These people are going to keep escalating until someone or something stops them dead in their tracks.

There will be no Gimme’s and no quarter.

There will be death and misery for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner until the conflagration runs out of fuel to burn.

It is too late to stop it now.

May God forgive us for what we are about to do.

35 thoughts on “We Have Reached The Tipping Point

  1. May God help us I‘d say. These people are mostly nothing but an abomination. Fat chance no forgiveness is needed.
    deus vult as they say.


  2. You are correct, it is inevitable. Were I pray it wasn’t? Yes. I am not going to shrink or shirk my responsibility and duty to what I avowed. I too, knew something was way off since I was a child. I never fit in and looked and listened and knew it was abnormal. With respect to you Phil and Notwende, deus vult.

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    • Notwende, it is common in small towns in middle america. The reset is going to be spectacular! You can see it, there are people that are disgusted and have no problem calling out evil and there are people that wallow in it and find more evil to participate in.


        • I am an alcoholic. Been sober for 7 years but one drink and it would be like I never put it down. I was also just like a lot of people in that video you have up at your place.
          I am most certainly no saint.


          • Oh Phil… we know about that.
            If that video would have contained alcoholism related stuff, I wouldn’t have posted it. I uploaded it because of the clearly derailed morale shown.
            The causes for alcohol abuse are manyfold and sometimes even accidental but sexual perversions don’t happen just like that – it’s exclusively a very conscious affair.
            One doesn’t decide becoming an alcoholic but practicing extreme moral deviancy is volontary and thus inherently evil.


          • All of us have regrets, skeletons in the closet, mistakes that gnaw at the conscience, being with sin, but that’s not the point, life is a constant growth phase, learning and improving, you haven’t been stagnant on that, chuckling.

            Like Notwende said, we know. And we know about your political leanings from the past, you’ve described it. That isn’t important, what is important is that you have changed, and improved, and you see the world for what it is, and your values, your quality as a Man, is rooted in thousands of years of standards, of being honest with yourself. Hell, I respect you more because you were wild, as I was, if you were a mouse no one would comment here. 🙂

            Thus endeth the sermon, chuckling.


            • I love seeing these old machines. The oldest double-acting vacuum
              pump I worked on had a 22″ cylinder with about a 1′ stroke. It
              was an Ingersoll Rand that was made in 1917. It had a wedge block
              bearing at the crank end. You had to set the clearance by adjusting
              it in or out. Too loose and it knocked like a bitch, too tight and you
              thrash the babbitt bearing. Like a lot of the machines in this video,
              it had a massive flywheel that was 6 or 7 feet in diameter. Most of
              these machines chugged along at about 300 RPM. I wish I were not
              a disabled geezer because as an old hand I would love to teach
              apprentices the ropes, but not enough young people are entering
              trades these days.

              It’s a pity because a young Millwright could make a hell of a lot more
              money than anyone with a modern liberal arts degree. Union scale
              for an apprentice starts at 18 dollars an hour and end up earning
              about 45 dollars an hour as a Journeyman and that is not counting
              overtime or double-time.


  3. Well, judging from the Left’s clownshow of a presidential primary, we’re kinda outta room to compromise.
    People are gonna miss this Golden Age when it’s gone. I mean, what else do you call an era when poor people have weight problems?

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  4. All of us here, and many others, have been talking about this for several years, and none of us want this, because we understand how ugly this will be, from studying how internal conflict has destroyed nations throughout history. However, those who are pushing the conflict care not what any of us think, they only know their goals must be reached or their lives are empty. Not much else to do except finish getting ready. As WRSA oft gives us the picture, spicy time is coming.

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    • Grog – correct – most of us – at least on ‘our’ side certainly do NOT want it to come to that but have decided that we will do what we must should it come down to it.
      I’ve been saying for nigh on to a decade that if it does devolve to such that there will be no winners – just survivors – and likely not too terribly many of them.


  5. I have no doubt that Ubangi’s Brownshirts (SEIU union goons, Antifa, and others)
    will engage in violent acts leading up to the election, and they will ramp up
    when President Trump is reelected. Having said that, they are too few in number
    to represent much of a threat. The vast majority of these idiots have never used
    a firearm and lack the basics tactics that every PFC learned in boot camp because
    they never served in the military.

    What we are seeing is the last desperate acts of a dying political party. The Demo☭rats
    are quaking in their boots that the systemic political corruption in their party is about
    to be exposed. If they unleash their Walter Mitty army, they will lose before the war
    even begins. In the face of tens of millions of armed citizens, it will be the mother of
    all premature ejaculations.

    The only way the Demo☭rats could possibly succeed in turning America into a Marxist
    state would be if they managed to change the Constitution, and even if they did,
    they would face the largest army the world has ever seen!


    • My concern is that “Ubangi’s Brownshirts (SEIU union goons, Antifa, and others)” will create enough shenanigans around polling places that the Dem candidates will post a “genuine win” and then the fat will be in the fire.
      Anyone that thinks a Trump re-election and Republican recapture of the House, along with holding the Senate will shut these clowns up is more of an optimist than I.


      • Crazyeighter, since I never read or heard anyone describe politics as
        a dynamic, I may have invented the concept by seeing the similarities
        between economics and politics. About a week after BJ Billy signed
        what was then the largest tax increase in history, I was bowling league
        at an alley in Torrance CA. The cocktail waitress told me that everyone
        she knew in the service industry saw their tip income plummet.

        DDE stomped Truman because Truman was seen as soft on communism
        and Stevenson a (progressive) in massive landslides. LBJ was both
        soft on communism and as corrupt as they came until BJ and Obongo.
        Along came Nixon in 1968, and he beat Humphrey followed by McGovern
        who got a whopping 14 electoral votes. Here is one of the reasons
        for his massive landslides: The American people were sick and tired
        of violent savages rioting the streets in the name of “peace.” Think
        about this in the leadup to 2020.

        Carter was also soft on communism, and while he did not have a corrupt
        bone in his body, he was as inept as Ubangi. Ronald Reagan stomped
        Carter and Mondale’s asses like a Narc at a biker rally. The bottom line
        is that every time the Democrats push America too far to the left, the
        pendulum will swing back to the right. Do you honestly that Donald
        Trump would have been elected if not for the eight years of Ubangi?
        2016 was a voter rebellion.


  6. I’m no faggot poetry fan, but I kinda like this. It seems to ring true.

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the American began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the American began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the American began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the American began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the American began to hate.


    • Kipling was no fag when he wrote “When the Saxon Hate” which this is sort of a parody of and no one is a fag if they read poetry, it is about the manlyist (sp) thing you can do. A lot of thing man is, is spiritual and words speak to him.


  7. The question for me has always been, Why do the good folks have such a patient and forgiving long fuse? This Leftist anarchy and political graft should have been squashed moons ago, but it seems history shows that is allowed to continue unabated for far too long. That is about to change.


    • It’s salami tactics. We’ve being fed their poison piecemeal and if they’d proceeded this way we’d still just feel uncomfortable knowing something’s really wrong but we couldn’t place a finger on it pointing it out clearly and convincingly.
      But these creatures always make the same mistake:
      As soon as they think they’ve got everything under their control they’re crawling out from under their stones showing off their sickness in bright daylight for everyone to see. It then doesn’t take very long until every honorable man and woman has had enough of their shit and starts collecting their chopped-off heads. After a short whining they all of a sudden disappear only to come bach two or three decades later – and the “game” starts anew.
      But maybe not this time – if we do it right.


  8. Because WRS will not allow non vetted, socially correct PPL to post on their venue out of FEAR that they will somehow become ‘compromised’ I am here to say that anyone that believes/supports such BS is a coward. I am a private citizen my e-mail is kenkan@gorge.net and I do not live in fear.


    • Oh hogwash.
      Pete let anyone post, until he got tired of taking out the trash 24/7/365.
      It devolved to all fucktards, all the time, and he killed the posting for the same everyones, all at once.
      Less work, no headaches for a busy bloghost.
      And no more platform for fucktards.

      You don’t like that? Boo hoo.
      Run your own site, on your own dime, and see how long you last.
      Cheapskate whiners never do anything.

      The fact is the site is still up, and on it you’ve got a plethora of no cost worth-their-weight-in-gold resources if you’re serious about what’s coming.
      Stop bitching about free ice cream.
      Things aren’t going to be won online anyways.
      This ain’t a video game.

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  9. What Phil is saying is right. They are clutching at straws now. The old elite order is collapsing, it is beginning to panic. They are losing the power to control events. Vast power they easily held in an iron fist of control and extortion through a regime of organized corruption spanning the earth is collapsing.
    It was said Mr. “Trump is our murder weapon”, “The election of Trump is The Great Fuck You”. A plurality of 64 million Deplorable’s is not wrong. A clearer peaceful lawful rejection of the statist-quo could not be any more legitimate nor manifest. This legitimacy has cancelled the illegitimate power of these deep state actors in ways they thought could never happen, just as they thought she could never lose. Surprise motherfuckers!

    Plainly there is no legitimacy of government as it exists with these elites with their hands gripping the levers of power. It is all an illusion of power, power tacitly granted by tacit consent, that only had an appearance of power. This black corrupt magic spell was destroyed on 11-8-2016.
    64 million people saying BFYTW tends to do that.
    Soon, their entire reason to exist as a politikal power will be consumed by desperate need to survive their illegitimacy. It is the tipping point. The illusion of legitimacy is central, it is everything, without it, all they are are corrupt political thugs running extortion and racketeering schemes, organized crime syndicates, such as the clintons.

    As more Americans each day figure this out, the power of this illegitimacy infesting our government will become increasingly desperate to stop this flow of withdrawal of consent, as it is evident with the non-stop coup against Mr. Trump by any means. They are down to creating de-facto diktat out of whole cloth, writing fake anonymous 2nd hand whistleblower reports, changing rules and regs on the fly, if it were’nt for their fellow fake media ilk it would be all over.
    The recent scalawag edict that we Deplorable’s are the greatest threat to the continuity of their power represents further evidence they are desperate, for if they possessed full, legitimate power, there would be no need to fear our retribution for what they are doing to us, omnipotent power does that. Conversely this is their problem with pulling this palace coup, Trump is legitimate, they are not, and it shows. Living in a fantasy world where you and your pals are the masters of the universe doesn’t help them one bit.
    As foul as their actions now, these scumbags aren’t near the bottom of the depravity they will commit to remain relevant. They have a cannon fodder army of proxies and useful idiots. They got a lot of money backing them too.

    Thing here is not to loose your nerve. They can’t win when we keep our cool. Don’t worry, keep banking up your cold anger, it is the best weapon we have, for it is the weapon between our ears and how we use it that matters.

    Personally I see the scope of their lawless disregard for The Rule of Law expanding by the day by the very nature of corruption of these “elites” lust to retain absolute power.
    Let none of us beat around the bush here. Ultimately this All about guns. Everything these scumbags do revolves ultimately about guns. It is guns that give these pieces of shit their power. It is guns that they fear. Ultimately it is guns and their use against all who resist and defy them, this threat, in the hands of their fellows in government, is the root of their power, in truth it is the only real power they have. There simply are not enough of them to actually stop an armed determined plurality of people, that includes the military. What force of mortal man can stop 64 million American’s armed with every kind of weapon, from the moral righteous weapons of the heart & mind, to the finest infantry combat weapons ever devised?

    It is through guns now, that only they must possess, if they are to bring to fruition the tyrannical take over our beautiful country, in order to rule over us with an iron fist. It is guns that they must take from we the populous in order obtain this absolute power. The truth here is they are far from accomplishing this, we keep defying them, we resist them, we keep telling them to come and take them, and they can not, if they could they would have already.
    It is guns they understand like none other are the real power behind anything. As Mao stated: all politikal power grows from the barrel of the gun, and the committee should never be at the mercy of the power of the gun.
    It is thru the threat of force and application of violence this system of government now lives by, as the check of rule of law is no more, it is now rule of men which prevails among this so called deep state. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Fast & Furious, The Bundy Ranch, LeVoy Finnicum is all the proof of that kind of power to coerce and hurt. A very difficult thing to project even when nobody is shooting back.
    It is become plain and obvious to a legion of Americans the ultimate threat behind their power is guns, ultimately guns are what these usurpers rely on to enforce everything. This truth of truths can not be stated enough. For the absolute truth of all power, is the power to hurt and kill.

    At the end of the day it is guns in the hands of We The People that they fear most. Nothing else comes close to this fear. For they know they can not beat us as long as we are an armed to the teeth prepared people.
    Everything, everything else, is a cheap side show.

    The collapse of the politikal elite is a foregone conclusion, inevitable, unintended consequences have become unstoppable, it is only a matter of time before they fold. All that was required was an outside influence. 64 million influences came in from the cold, they never saw us coming. Their end is near, all that remains is how desperate they become and how low the depravity is they are willing and capable of committing.
    When it happens it will come so quickly, if we are not looking right at it we will miss it. It is the nature of such absolute power. It goes along then it is nothing. Kaput!

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    • Mr. Carson, I hated English classes with a passion and as a mediocre
      writer, I could not put it more eloquently than you did. We are seeing
      the last desperate acts of a dying political party. Nothing but abject
      fear can explain their maniacal obsession to overthrow a duly elected

      President Trump is about to expose the systemic corruption in the
      Demo☭rat party. The icing on the cake is that sooner or later, the
      perverse activities of BJ Billy and his wife (along with a large number
      Demon☭rat donors and Wall Street bankers) will also be exposed.

      The lesbian former First Lady herself (Felonia von Pantsuit) put pressure
      on the media to withhold stories about her pal Harvey Weinstein, and
      she, her lesbian lover and Muslim Brotherhood honey trap, John and
      Tony Podesta, and Huma’s pederast husband Anthony Weiner all
      hitched rides on Jeffery Epstein’s jet for a visit to his private pleasure
      palace. With mansions all over the world, some are saying that
      Epstein was running the largest child sex trafficking ring on the
      planet which catered to wealthy and powerful elites.

      President Trump was informed that his campaign headquarters
      was riddled with wiretaps and bugs that made Watergate look like
      a petty crime. After an intelligence officer informed him, he moved
      campaign HQ to another location and took countermeasures. I
      cannot believe that he has not been conducting a rat hunt shortly
      after being sworn in. Any student of spycraft knows that the best
      option is to leave the rats alone and let them incriminate themselves.

      The first rule of conspiracies is that if they involve too many people,
      they will be discovered. These idiots in the FBI and the intelligence
      community are not operational geniuses, they left a trail that Stevie
      Wonder could follow. If we know who the major deep state players
      are, any real operators loyal to the Constitution are working as I
      type this post. You can bet your ass that President Trump knows
      a lot more than we do!

      When the end comes, all hell will break loose. Think of this as
      a real-life version of Mario Puzzo’s Godfather. If you turn a foot-
      soldier, you get a button man. Turn a button man, and you get
      a Capo. If you turn a Capo, you get the Capo di tutti Capi. If
      you get him, you get the Don. We already know that Peter
      Strzoker and Comey are button men so we are a lot closer
      to the upper ranks. Brennen and Clapper are Cappos. If you
      think that any of these deep state rats will not piss their pants
      and turn on their masters rather than spend decades in a
      federal prison, you would be mistaken.

      PS President Trump is not a stupid man. This crap with
      whistleblower 1 and whistleblower 2 is an accident waiting to
      happen. You can bet that any White House meeting includes
      someone taking notes and minutes. No matter how many
      “whistleblowers” the Demo☭rats yank out of their rectal orifices,
      if they were not present at the time of the call, they are lying.
      At worst, someone who was present leaked the information
      to one or more of the “whistleblowers.” A simple cross-check
      can be conducted to discover the identity of any leaker against
      past leaks. These incompetent morons do not have a clue
      as to what is going to happen to them!


      • It’s not a matter of eloquence, but I sure appreciate you and your flattery, but what you just said is even better for something else, it is we are all seeing things in similar light, long have we all been divided, no longer, and that is the great thing here indeed.
        Even better it is grass roots to the bone, in modern parlance it is open source, it is insurgent. Impossible to stop, it runs under the radar so to speak.
        We have always been a legion of free men, watching and reading commentary across the Alt-Media Alt-Platform blog-sphere over the years has been a wonderful enlightenment, what is so great about this is this legion of Deplorable’s is it is a Zeitgeist, it is the single greatest plurality that exists, and it is a plurality that is beginning to realize it is such a plurality, what history proves, in particular our American history, is this legion of free thinking and acting, and “It is the act that counts” to use a great German Infantry Combat Officers observation, the plurality becomes A Legion in it’s own right.

        Simple math: 64 million Deplorable’s, I suspect it is a lot more now, out of 345 million, is a tad over 20%, gave the statist-quo the finger on 11-8-16.
        The White Male population of this here Republic constitutes 36% of the entire population.
        Hardly the non existent plurality the false yellow media and their fake narratives expound 24/7/265, (ever think what it is, they are scared shitless this plurality comes for them with a bone in it’s teeth for what they have done to us, why they put such exhaustive effort into making White Men dissapear in the false dialectic they have constructed?).

        So, 1% of that 345,000,000 =equals= 3,450,000 very toxic white guys armed to the teeth with nasty ass-alt rifles.
        This don’t count the support of three and a half million Patriots. Which is orders of magnitude larger Auxiliary than any army exists today.

        It surely seems to me though those with their greasy meathooks on the levers of power are disconnected from the dirt people, their minions and sycophants behave similar, but what they do connect with is threat to their power and riches, like all politikal animals, they are highly attuned to threats, they could never rise to the levels of power otherwise, nor remain there. Yet their hubris blinds them from things beyond their sphere of activity, hence an outsider got in, won against she who they thought would never lose, because 54 million of those contemptuous bitter clingers kept their powder dry and their cards close, in an act of absolutely incredible similar thinking without any conscious exchange between them, BS the pollsters and pundents, because we where all catching on something was rotten in Denmark with all that polling and question-neering, (they where squaring up their numbers with their algorithms and social engineering, to estimate the 3% of vote fraud required to provide the false narrative the 4th estate pronounced as this close nail biter of a presidential election, when all along they thought it was in the bag. See what this plurality of bitter clingers did. This legion did? They pulled off the greatest color revolution of all time), it is what they can not see, can not imagine, they are disconnected from such acts, of people becoming united and manifest, as TINVOWOOT provides to free men, that it is possible for a god-emperor to be elected outside the oligarchy, to re-coin what a famous Roman Empire character said.

        And to think, this is just a start. We are people of great motive power and audacity. Those who proclaim we have no organized insurgency, or resistance, no resources, no entity, are as blind as the statists-quo.
        We don’t need no steenkin’ movement, we are an open source movement of people. We require no grand leadership or nexus. It is a very unique feature of our character and the legacy of us. We are by nature 4th G warriors, small unit infantry insurgents. We are legion. In not too long we will become A Legion.
        Many can not fathom this about us. They poo poo and wave such perpostrous drivel away with a swipe of their hand and say Pah! Such things are impossible. Resistance is not fertile. America is toast. Kaput!
        Funny. I look around the sphere of my life and I see life, and happiness, I see people creating wealth, tangible things. They do this on their own. Free Will. Choice. Self Reliance. Sustainable activity. Looking towards the future while becoming manifest in the here and now.
        All you have to do is extrapolate this out into motive power and audacity and how people will do great things to preserve this all they have, not just in one big enormous effort of resistance, but every day. This is the legion of people everyone has forgot or forsook. We never went anywhere. We are still here. And we are not afraid.
        11-8-2016 stares them all right in the face, and they don’t see it. Thats fine. It works most excellently in The Legion’s favor.

        So yeah man, what you said too. The Zeitgeist. Give you the same hats off.

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  12. The Bolsheviks play for keeps while the republicants hope for a positive review and a repeal of Roe vs. Wade.
    None of it will matter when we are standing around 55 gallon drums roasting rat kebabs while wearing sandals made from old tires.
    The glorious people’s collective utopia will be just another man made heaping pile of steaming dung.


  13. I for one feel like running down the street firing full mag dumps in the air celebrating the beginning of the collapse of the administrative tyranny of the FUSA.
    As a natural born and proud Deplorable, for my entire life I have never been a willing part of what the oligarchy created, there is nothing to morn about the demise of the FUSA, their Amerikan Empire, pax amerikana, is falling is a great and glorious thing, to think it has long abused it’s ultimate threat of force and use of violence against us to cause us dirt people to pay the bills for our very own oppression, that this is existentially threatened with extinction in my time, WooHoo! you fuckin’ bet your arse I’m happy.
    To know I’m in the great company of a legion of armed to the fucking teeth Freemen ready to continue the legacy passed to us from our founding as a civilization of Men of The West, that this plurality grows by the day, you bet your arse that is a great and noble cause. The rest we leave to God and our Rifles, oh yeah, you bet, is even sweeter.


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