Dang I Could Use One Of These Out In The Garage!

I had no idea someone actually made something this utilitarian. I wish I had known about these twenty years ago!

Build a little stand over the top for a Microwave and you would be In Like Flynn!

I wonder if this is in a RV?


I already went and bought one of those Mini Fridges a couple of years ago but I couldn’t tell you how many times I wish I had a sink out there and more than once wished I had a little Hot Plate too for weird shit like heating up some oil for small bearings instead of having to use a gas torch.

This little jewel would take care of all of those issues in the same amount of space as the little fridge I bought.


Hmm, might have to look around locally. That would be a handy little unit.

Of course there isn’t any water or a drain out there but these things can be made to happen. On second thought, the water heater is out there so there is water, just no drain.

Nothing a bucket wouldn’t take care of.


10 thoughts on “Dang I Could Use One Of These Out In The Garage!

  1. A buddy of mine had one of those in his little bachelor pad in Redondo Beach. The problem he had was that he enjoyed cooking, and not only couldn’t store enough perishables, he didn’t have enough room on the “stove top” to cook with.


  2. The downside is failure of one component results in the lack of all functions; just how reliable is the fridge/freezer?

    We had a DIY version in the beach cottage we used to rent for a couple weeks each summer: small undercabinet fridge with a 2-ice cube tray-sized freezer, a 2-burner electric stovetop built into the counter above it and a small rectangular stainless bar sink in the adjacent countertop; everything fit in a space about 26-28″ wide and not more than 20″ deep. The property owner eventually added a shelf with a small microwave.

    If I were going to do it in a garage I think I’d figure a way to do everything fold-down so I could get it out of the way when not in use (take a look at the folding sinks on WWII submarines), although the fridge footprint will be fixed in size. 1 and 2 burner 120V electric burner gizmos are available, small fridges are everywhere, and there’s got to be an easy way to make a flexible drain line for the sink; flexible water lines are easy, use clothes washer hoses.


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