So Much Fail

Failure to control your weapon.

Failure to keep your fucking pants from falling off your ass.

Failure in life completely for Attempted Armed Robbery in the first place.

Dumbassery exemplified.


10 thoughts on “So Much Fail

  1. Took me some concealed combat handgun courses at Max Velocities, man, I truly humiliated myself. And I’ve had a life of experience with guns from soon as I can remember as a little kid. Even after taking small unit infantry combat for the civilian partisan courses at the same place, handling a pistol is another realm under duress and stress. Totally. It is another world.
    The basis of the combat handgun course is from Col. Jeff Cooper’s concept and training he taught till he passed. Great stuff.

    It is painful to watch this jackoff make a total fool of himself. Seriously. I’m not sympathetic for him one bit. I’m talking my own experience, and all my class mates, as we all discovered the essentials of gun handling. It was and still is a truly humbling experience, and one I appreciate on a level I can not express, something you got to see for yourself.
    They make it look so easy in the movies, and just carrying a pistol, never having to use it in anger, don’t cross over to “combat” with a handgun. It’s another critter entirely.
    The shit that can and goes wrong was the birth child of Murphy. The really cool thing is that the basis of combat handgun consists of two things, the real weapon is between your ears, and the basics upon which all else follows is 5 movements. They are so basic and common sense it’s not funny.
    The knucklehead in the giff failed to execute everyone of the 5 movements. Not using the real weapon is self explanatory, his criminal activity notwithstanding.


  2. Wait, look closely at the end. It appears that pistol didn’t even have grips on it. I swear I can see through where the mag is supposed to live. WTF, over?!


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