Even Dull Tools Have Their Uses

Like keeping you on your toes when other people use them so you don’t get caught up in the inevitable damage.


This age old tactic of using kids to do the dirty work of people with hidden agendas still seems to work on some people.

Like P.T. Barnum once famously said, “There is a sucker born every minute”.

Those of us who have been around the block a few times ignore this at our own peril.

The tactic may not achieve it’s desired result when pointed our way but we have to watch out for the FNG’s who take the bait and swallow it whole.


I mean seriously, anyone over thirty should take one look at that poor dumb girl and ask themselves exactly what qualifications could she possibly have at the age of 16 to be any kind of climate expert?

What they really should be asking is who is behind this obvious farce, who is  promoting and enabling this obvious bullshit and what can we do to throw this back in their faces like a live grenade?

Same same with that little peckerhead  from Florida and the shills for gun control who are pulling his strings.

It’s a fact that the younger generations have been purposely dumbed down and that means that they don’t have the critical thinking skills of even the generation before them, which ain’t much to brag on in it’s own right.

Combine that with the slick and relentless media presentations, the peer pressure from their fellow brain dead peers and the lack of experience and impulsiveness of youth, it soon doubles and triples the effectiveness of this sort of pysop.

Whaddaya do?

Those of us older, white conservatives have been “Othered” to the point we don’t even have a voice anymore.

All of the Social Media sites have been working overtime for years now to shut us the fuck up.

It’s been effective too.

Blogs shut down without warning, Twitter bans, Shadow Banning, Burying search result rankings on Search Engines and physically attacking anyone who stands up in a crowded public space to say their piece.

ANTIFA ring any bells?

I myself and most other Patriots have been cheering Trump on as he claims to be taking on the Deep State and Draining The Swamp.

What all of us should be demanding is that the entire Media platform be cleaned up first.

The News, discrimination by “private companies” and the people who own all of it.

If someone who owns  bakery can be sued into penury for refusing to bake a cake for some other people based on their sexuality then By God we should be able to sue the living DOG SHIT out of all of these other media businesses for blatant discrimination too.

Either way, from where I am sitting, while these crooked politicians are certainly in need of  corrective behavior modification, it is the media, in all of it’s forms, that we should really be concerning ourselves with.

Of course the micro second anyone starts putting any real pressure on these treasonous motherfuckers, the very first thing they are going to do is start screaming bloody murder about Muh First Amendment.

At which point someone should point out the rich irony of it all to them.


8 thoughts on “Even Dull Tools Have Their Uses

  1. “This age old tactic of using kids to do the dirty work of people with hidden agendas still seems to work on some people.
    Like P.T. Barnum once famously said, “There is a sucker born every minute”.

    The victim stance is a powerful one.
    As the axiom tells, communism’s ultimate purpose is to call all who will come, that is these two’s purpose, and kill all who refuse, see how many birds they are trying to kill with one stone here? Pretty sly. Vast social control, and disarmament, to name the most important features of nudging the ones who will do anything to feelz safe.
    A faustian bargain of the first order.

    What they who perpetrate such false narratives and secret agenda do not understand, regardless of the manufactured illusions portraying us American White Men as the neo-bolshiviks Kulak’s of Stalin and Lenin’s systematic genocide, Mao’s also, this is pogrom against us to set up the conditions of genocide, is they got a tiger by the tail. The tiger has no intentions of co-operating with it’s own genocide. It is armed to the fucking teeth, patiently sharpening it’s hatchets, quietly stock piling, and preparing. An element totally lacking outside this Zeitgeist is prudence. Blessedly so.

    Regardless of the complexity and true evil here, we don’t need to be rocket scientists to understand what they are trying to do to us and our great civilization.
    For the rest, not our circus not our monkeys, tough love, tough shit, for our woebegone fellow Americans to stupid to say BFYTW. Nobody forced you to be a useful idiot, you all made that choice eyes wide shut, you chose to throw prudence to the wind. What you sow in that wind you reap.

    As for the deep scum behind it all who do they really think they are fooling?
    It is plain many of us define the ‘deep state’ to essentially include a group of powerful, unelected individuals such as the Clinton crime syndicate, their various globalist elites and associates, their lickspittles of the Purlitzer yellow media, pulling strings, human trafficking children, strip mining and through various racketeering laundering the wealth of the dirt people and Deplorable’s of America, calling the shots, out for blood to depose by any means necessary the president we chose to lead our country and nullify our will as the governed, while their servants carry out their agenda at all levels of government… Sounds about right. What else does one call this despicable cabal of elitist criminals running things who have declared they despise our very existence?

    My answer goes like this:
    BFYTW, The 2nd isn’t a law, or a right, it is an unalienable duty of all Freemen writ large, an eternal sanction from the great creator of the righteous legitimacy of arms in our hands, a monolithic truth on evil, a permanent indictment of tyrants with a death penalty clause.

    “Our cause we leave to God and our Rifles”
    The only cause that matters.


  2. No worries on the MSM Phil. They are complicit in the treason that has/is taking place. For now they still have a role to play in educating the sheople with respect to just how corrupt they are. The current MSM will not survive anymore that the C_A, or Felonia Von Pantsuit will. In the meantime just enjoy their hyperventilating bullshit for what it is……..BULLSHIT.


  3. Not a dull tool


    “…It often seems that the forces of totalitarianism have all the weapons – every single television network, except for a few programs on Fox (Tucker, Laura, Sean), every newspaper, Hollywood, sports, education, woke corporations, and the powerful tech billionaires. Why not just give up? We have Rush (an army of one, bless him), and a few great bloggers. And, oh yeah, millions of the most productive, smart, useful, independent and patriotic Americans.

    We can’t give up because we owe it not just to our children and grandchildren to fight, but to the ones who came before who pledged their lives and treasure in order to bequeath us the miracle of opportunity and liberty we have inherited. Because the Education Establishment presents American history as one long bleak opportunity for icky white people to oppress everyone in sight, it is incumbent on the rest of us to set the record straight…”


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