A Question For You

You have known deep inside for a very long time that the America you grew up in is long dead and gone.

You have also known for a very long time that the Deep State and The New World Order crowd are very much real and that the laws in this country are just for little people.

If you are reading this then the odds are that you voted for Donald Trump in 2016 to be the President of the United States of America.

At the same time, you probably also absolutely despise Hillary Clinton.

I know all of the above is certainly true in my case.

By now you have also known for quite some time that Hillary, the Democrats, using the CIA, the FBI, British MI6 and some Italian Security agencies and the MSM tried desperately to rig that election, thus attempting to nullify your and my votes in the process.

We all watched the Russia Russia fiasco drag on for two years, doing nothing but wasting time and money and we are now watching this phony Impeachment bullshit which is odds on going to wind up doing exactly the same thing.

We have watched as the Left, along with the corrupt media in this country, has demonized White people, especially White men, urged illegal aliens to cross our Southern Border by the millions to dilute our voices and our votes at the same time.

We have been called Deplorables to our faces.

Our Tax money has been stolen and hidden away by career politicians and their cohorts.

We have bailed out the corrupt Banking and Automotive industries at our own expense without our permission.

This list could go on and on.


My question to you is, when are you finally going to get pissed off?

22 thoughts on “A Question For You

  1. I’ve been beyond pissed off for decades. This sort of explains it: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/09/27/kavanaugh-cold-anger-and-the-reckoning/

    I sense that a restoration of the Supreme Law of the Land and the Rule of Law is about to make a triumphant return. When it does, a huge number of people who think they above the law are going to learn the hard way that they are sadly mistaken. When the world sees the full measure of depravity and evil these scumbags are involved in, not even prison will be safe for them.


  2. The problem is not being pissed off. It’s not having enough organized, hard hearted friends to effect a cleansing that would right the ship of state forever.


  3. Unfortunately, the solution to the problem is better off not being typed onto the reply section although everyone is already thinking it. I’ve been on low boil since that kook from GA was inaugurated.


  4. Think bigger, Phil!
    All of Western Europe as we knew it has been gone and what’s left of it is being devoured by worms and cockroaches calling themselves Antifa, Climate Saviors, Ecologists, Neoliberals, LGBTQ Activists and Refugees.
    Aided by the Green Parties, the Socialists, the Conservatives and clerics they see to it that there isn’t a “too white” spot left on the map for Whites are the cancer of the earth as they say.. It will end with mankind living on a global plantation Aldous Huxley style. And no quarter given to heterosexual old white males.
    It’s all of us no matter where we live.


  5. Pissed off? Yes, very much. 100% spot on with you Phil. I’ve got two words for you that you can take to the bank who is behind ALL of this: george Fucking soros. He’s made it known what he wants to do to our counrtry. What really pisses me off the most about all of this is the mother fuckers who couldn’t even care and go about their business as usual because they can’t be bothered taking an interest in the direction our country was headed prior to the arrival of the Donald. I stopped watching fox because they are now betraying us. I listen to Breitbart almost primarily. However, I did watch the Rudy interview with Martha today. She’s hot but for some reason she seemed to be hostile toward what Rudy was exposing. Anyway, my 2 cents….


  6. Superb question Phil. Your unique critical thinking skills is my favorite part of your blog.
    Truly appreciate you as the Man you are.
    Like the other guys are saying, I’m not mad now for awhiles, I’m beyond mad.
    I petitioned peacefully and lawfully my government, in spite of the criminals running it, too many times too many ways to remember all of them, and to this very second they spit on us and have nothing but contempt for us Freemen.
    I have cold anger. Cold anger never forgets and it never forgives.
    Cold anger is an octane booster for the mind. I find it inspires my creative destruction, as in BFYTW. Creative destruction is total insurgent, it undermines tyranny, erodes it’s foundation, destroys it’s illusion of power and legitimacy, like death by a thousand paper cuts.
    Andrew Breitbart said “culture is upstream of all politics”. Indeed resistance to tyranny, our Liberty, our primal natural liberties is upstream of all that.

    Don’t get mad get even. I figure 100%, and know by practicing that preach, that resistance born of my cold anger begins with myself. It all really begins with each of us. This is a war for hearts and minds before anything. Who do you think win’s this war? Because we are fighting for something elemental, it is also our legacy we must fight for. We weren’t handed a Republic, we where gifted with a legacy, it’s survival depends on us in no uncertain terms.
    I think there are absolute signs of that understood all over. Every day The Honorable Resistance. Because that, is exactly what it is, honorable, it grows, and that only comes from each of us.
    This open source grass roots resistance beginning on the personal level is the most powerful weapon against evil that has ever been devised. This is insurgent by nature, by nature of our naturally defiant American nature that runs through our blood.
    We are the descendants of those who fought, and won the only successful revolution for freedom, self determination, and liberty in all of human history. That win was not an end in itself, it was only a beginning, and we have the opportunity that comes to freemen once in an age, to do things thought not possible, to go to the next stage, the next level, to realize wealth creation and prosperity on a scale unimagined. The only thing stopping us is ourselves.

    The absence of open armed resistance, insurgency, is not a fault here, it is actually a most excellent commentary on who we are in The Honorable Resistance, that we have our wits about us, very critically we are Prudent men, and do not take lightly resistance to this tyranny breathing down our throats. It actually the brave and indomitable thing about us, and in no way infers we are sheep to the wolves. It is exactly the opposite.
    “TINVOWOOT”, there never was, voting was intended in the republican form of government and the blessings of Liberty we enjoy, to help us to not get ourselves into a pickle where we had to vote our way out of anything to begin with.

    The honorable resistance is the existential thing to our lovely tyrant/criminal class of elitists. THR is first legion, then it becomes a Legion of Men who defy, who resist, who will not be denied, we possess immense motive power, we are men of great audacity. Most of all, we persevere, as the great man said, nothing gets you there like perseverance, nothing substitutes perseverance, on that score, it is pretty clear we have only yet begun to fight. And if there is a coined phrase that sums up us Deplorable’s, is “Git er done”, our ethos has always been nothing is impossible, that is the spirit of honorably resisting.
    Should we not wave our rifles in the tyrants faces? No. But as the greatest document ever written states in the DOI, we do not go lightly into such, and we are the kind of Men who endure much trespass and violation before we rise up and destroy our enemy. And when we do, we do not stop, we give no quarter, we have no mercy, we do not care about you, we gave you every erg of our tolerance, we turned all the cheeks, we don’t give a care, Because Fuck You Thats Why. And we stop when we choose to.
    Personally, you ask me the deep scum has no idea truly of who they are fucking with here. Frankly, the scalawags have had it easy, it has been a cake walk, we open that can of whoopass they will be hunted down to a man to the corners of God’s green Earth.
    But who in his right and careful heart desires such above all else?
    That is part and parcel of our sublime notions of prudence that makes us who we are as men, as a culture, and a civilization, and unlike our enemies, we are the civilized Men in this equation. Never doubt, never forget, we wear our dirt people Deplorable’s stigmata as a badge of honor.

    Another valuable observation is revolution is not a light switch, and we have been out of the revolution business for a while, lot of things you have to re-learn, figure out, understand how insurgency works, how to know how to fight, and live to fight another day. And we all have interests and valuable precious things we must defend and protect and look after, our families, our property, our culture, communities, tribes, and simply our way of life, never mind our great civilization.
    All this simply takes time.
    We must re-learn to drink from the skulls of our enemies.
    Join The Honorable Resistance if you haven’t already.

    The deep scum make a big mistake, they believe they have special privilege to shape the cultural battlefield, it is the way of how they rule people, they have robbed our culture of everything visible and symbolic, the unintended consequence here is we Freemen are no longer in their power – we is free again. “Our cause we leave to God and our Rifles”


    “Nothing in the world is so necessary for man as to be constantly assailed; for in fighting he learns to know himself. As grace is necessary to a man, so also is fighting. Virtue begins in fighting, and is developed in fighting. In every state to which a man is called, inward and outward, he must of necessity be assailed. A high Master said: As little as meat can remain without salt and yet not become corrupt, so little can a man remain without fighting.”
    – Meister Eckhart

    This is The Honorable Resistance


    The fundamental human right to self-defense and its tools does not stem from any piece of parchment or other act of man.

    It is much more elemental than that.

    I have more principled reasons for my stand on owning firearms, and I don’t care one whit in the world for the Second Amendment. It means nothing to me. My rights have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution, and when it dawns on people that it has finally been erased — the principal danger of all political premises posed as “social contracts” — my rights will still validly exist, even if I die defending them. I own firearms because I have a right to private property. That is the First Thing.

    …As the Regime takes off the gloves, every day it creates tens of thousands more American Patriots who realize yes, it really probably is going to get that bad, so really, they may not have that much to lose after all.

    So why not stop being afraid and stand up to the Regime?

    Join the honorable Resistance, or make your own. Garden, cook at home, teach your children, and get right with the Lord. Cut expenses, avoid taxes, learn new skills, and build savings of tangible real assets. Train, stockpile, recruit, prepare, guard, protect, and defend.

    Make this your finest hour.

    – John Mosby’s take on Billy Beck’s original dictum


  7. I truly believe everyone is past pissed off, but WE THE PEOPLE can’t and wont trust anyone. Too many pussies are now., and stool pigeons..He did it, she did it, they did it.


  8. Wrong question, however i grok the sentiment, and concur 110%. Pissed off went by for me about the time the progs won a super majority in Kalifornia. I knew then that it was over. Only a matter of time in that state.

    I might re-state your question–When are enough VOTERS going to get pissed off? It may be happening now. Thank you AOC. She demonstrates our message far better than we could ever hope to. Hard to tell sometimes because the major media is just one big Communist News Network.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the story about little Sally running for third grade class president. She steps up and declares her platform–“Free ice cream for everyone!” and wins by a landslide. How do you compete with that? Or how about saturating sparsely populated states with immigrants, who then become a voting majority, and we get the likes of Ilhan omar.

    They are using are own laws and system against us. We have the tools. Boxes. Soap box.
    Ballot box. Jury box. Cartridge box. Would that we use the first three to avoid the last. If it comes to the last box, would that enough of us have the sand.


    • if it should come to the last box, and I truly hope it won’t, we have failed to hold our Republic.
      If that is the case, Katie bar the door because we need to clean house. the expression “Katie bar the door” is a useful expression. it means the door gets locked so none of the bad guys get away from their just deserts. there would be a lot of that reckoning. I doubt any amount of armed protection would help.
      As to having enough sand. realized some time ago that I am an old man. doesn’t mean the knowledge and skills learned as a young man are gone. We live this long thinking we have dotted the I’s and crossed the tee’s; but wait. there may be one more thing we need to do. Oh. there would be surprising amounts of sand.

      Have you ever thought out what the world would be like to have a nuclear power in armed civil war? did you ever think what was going on behind the curtains of other countries during the latest Russian Revolution when tanks rolled around in Moscow and everything was in play? I lived thru the Cuban Missile crisis and had the same feelings and emotions then also. Wouldn’t expect other countries to just stand by and wait it out. and that would be a big problem. Imagine Canadians moving down here to calm things down. Canadian peacekeepers. Or the UN moving foreign national troops in here to do whatever. that would be bad. Or the Mexican government making a grab for California and New Mexico? there’s 150,000,000 armed citizens with ammo and some training in the USA. what could go wrong?

      I am a great proponent of the ballot box and the jury box. there are those who see futility in the ballot box because the jury box sits unused.

      the greatest failure we have is the “two party system”. with only two power structures, we get a lot of “my way or no way” political thinking. we need more political parties than just two opposites.
      We need politicians who can talk to each other without acting like children. If politicians don’t get their way it usually means their idea sucked for a majority of the people and we won’t stand for it.
      we need bureaucrats to understand that their shit stinks too. act like it.
      we need a justice department to jump down the throat of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. don’t ever say we don’t have any, just ask one, they’re everywhere.
      we need judges to adhere to the constitution and not give us their “interpretation” of what the constitution means to them today.
      the constitution tells ALL government-Federal, States and local- what it CANNOT DO under any circumstances. When the constitution says “Congress shall make no law” it doesn’t mean it can on odd numbered thursdays when elephants are falling out of trees. Not adhering to that one idea negates the entire constitution in toto and eventually sends this republic into civil war.

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  9. I suspect nothing is going to happen till they lose control and the economy collapses. Until Joe Sleepy Sixpack cannot go to work or grab a beer and zone watching NFL, I just don’t see anything happening. When things collapse it certainly could go Mad Max in a heartbeat, and the violence will be everywhere at once, not organized toward our dear leaders (think Joe Sleepy Sixpack wanting what you have to feed his kids. He won’t be looking for payback for his Senator). We now live in a very complex society. Most people are not educated to think for themselves (thanks, gov schools) and cannot be self supporting (unlike the 1920s/30s- where most people grew a garden, had a milk cow and raised chickens). The loss of life if it does collapse is going to make Comrade Stalin blush with envy.
    What I would like to see is about 10 million patriots, all getting into their cars with a AR 15 and a sack lunch and driving to Washington DC. Timed to arrive all at once, surrounding the place. Then they all get out of their cars and walk until the place just comes to a standstill. Let the fuckers know they have a VERY short period of time to GTFO and don’t come back unless they want to be the guest of honor at a neck tie party. One issue- the fedfuckers are only the head. We have the same sort of fuckers in every state capitol and every county courthouse and every city/town hall. We gonna need a LOT of rope. Alas, I don’t think this is gonna happen.


    • What happens when Joe Sixpack learns that the NFL, NBA and MLB are all rigged shows just like “professional wrestling” that are simply designed to distract him further from reality and separate him from even more of his money? What if those players salaries are just actors wages?

      I know guys who spend thousands each year on big league sports merchandise alone while living paycheck to paycheck. Will they just accept it being fake like those who enjoy wrestling theater or will they break bad?

      Interesting lies we live in.


      • “Most people are not educated to think for themselves (thanks, gov schools) ” No different than Joe Sixpack understanding the political crap going on today. People just believe what they are told. Even the media lapdogs shilling garbage are just dumb stooges, happy to have fame for themselves without a thought about the country. No critical thinking skills on display by the average Joe or the media tools used by those in charge. Even if they lose NFL and beer, will Joe Sixpack be able to understand what is going on? What will be be told? It’s those darn Republicans fault! I am not….optimistic. I think Joe will believe whatever he is told. I don’t know at what point the average guy will wake up, or even if he ever will. I wonder if this conversation happened in Germany in the 1930’s? Indeed, interesting times.


      • Diversity is dress rehearsal for class/race (probably gender too) war.
        Just wait for the SJW’s to converge the NFL, NBA and MLB, and everything else that us White Christian Men of the West partake in. They have finally destroyed NASCAR this last week, the rest you mentioned is all but converged already.

        Vox Day maintains it is the imperative to build Alt-Platforms, which he has done with millions taking part, quite successfully. This is part of the importance of the war of hearts and minds, up-armor in the cultural sense, and is adaptable across our culture. You have to fight on all fronts.

        There is the great military dictum about “not interrupting the enemy when they are making a mistake”, rightfully so, we are all gonna find we all need each-other before the things go kinetic, and if some are late to the party, so what, when we all stick together we become a Legion.
        Nobody stands against us Men of The west when we put our war face on.

        Things seem like nothing happens much in that last regards, in relative terms, in the fast news cycle of todays fake/false false news media programming we all been subject to over the last few decades, and more actually, we are constantly availed that resistance is futile, that White men are finished, this desperately clinging bitter minority, our male white public image narrative has been totally emasculated, it is marxist psy-ops 101, and if you believe resistance is futile, well you have fallen for the grift hook line and sinker, because to win in war, first you have to believe in winning before you even begin to fight or your toast.
        Thing is, this shit takes a long time to turn into something to be reckoned with, it is the nature of resistance to tyranny, shit, the Colonial’s took all about 75 years to start going at it with English tyranny, it wasn’t this sanitary historical light switch where all of a sudden in a couple years we waged the only successful, and very excellent revolution against tyranny.

        It simply takes time.
        Cool heads prevail.
        This war will be full of seeming setbacks and obstacles that first appear insurmountable. It is an emotional rollercoaster, every day. It is the nature of such struggles.
        But nothing is really lost. We are still here. We know what we are about, what we come from, what matters most, and none of us are fools, we are men who know what is right and wrong, and some things truly are worth fighting for.
        The thing is not to loose your nerve.


  10. When will Trump Call on us to come an Help him to take back Washington An than the rest of the country. That’s what its going to take sad to say but we all know that’s what its going to take.


  11. In my weak sinful capacity I am furious, I want blood. I have to return to my Bible, judgment rests with God almighty. I do not fear satan or his ilk, but I fear God. He will use me or not but He shall prevail, Here and in the Kingdom!


  12. Furious doesn’t cover it. But as other posters pointed out, there are levels of action. This is a situation where, as much as it would be satisfying to start shooting – and I’ve “got a little list” as do, I suspect, most of us – we still find ourselves in Claire Wolf’s “awkward time”.

    IMHO start local. Even if you don’t have a prayer, run for office. Start feeling people out. (E.g., at my Synagogue a fellow Right-leaning Jew said he’d casually talked with others at some meetings… more of us than either of us would have suspected.)

    The real problem is the information flow (ok, shameless, I just posted about that). People are tired. Busy. Lazy. And operant-conditioned to believe what they see at face value. I was just listening to a financial show but they were interviewing Dr. Tim Ball (climate skeptic) who said that out of the last 10,000 years since the last ice age, 9000 were warmer than now. I – and I try to be informed! – did not know that.

    I think little tidbits like that could start getting people to understand they’re being consistently lied to. And when people grasp that, they get pissed.

    G-d bless America, for there is still hope.
    G-d bless President Trump – KAG 2020.


  13. Lets get this straight, I Love Donald Trump for what he is trying to do. You can blame the libtards all you want. I think more blame should be put on the lets get along to go along Republicans. Plus the Rino’s like Mitt the asshole Romney, and a few others. They worry about image more than getting things done. Get rid of the ball-less Fake Republicans.
    One thing you have to say about the Libtards is they Stick Together no wavering.
    Need the repubs to grow a pair and stick together, fat chance.


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