This Could Be Huge If True

I ran into this as I was about to fall sleep early this morning after work. As a matter of fact, I nodded off twice trying to get through it.  An anonymous poster claiming to be an auditor for the Dept. of Defense just dropped a tactical nuke of a post.

This leads to a big rabbit hole that is unimaginably deep and it takes time to read it all. I will start with a screen grab of the post on 4Chan Politically Incorrect which is where it all begins. Then there is a 5 minute segment in a Youtube that will get you up to speed. Lastly I am going to give you a link to a piece that really digs into it.

Tighten your tin foil hats my friends and get ready to get really pissed off.

It looks like Billions, possibly HUNDREDS of Billions of  tax payer money has been being skimmed off in return for Bupkiss.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

buy a gun

Sounds ominous there at the end.

Now lets see if we can find out if this claim is true.

This will take you to the start of the segment of this program that covers this particular subject and skips over the stuff that isn’t related. It lasts about five minutes before they move on to another subject.

Now you should have a better idea of what is going on .

Now go read this Neon Revolt post.

This is where it really gets wild and lays out a whole bunch of information. Some of it I kind of doubt but there is a compelling thread that will keep you reading.

Fast and Furious on Steroids? #DoDAnon Exposes the Pohlad Shell Game and @AmyKlobuchar’s Missing Billions. #GreatAwakening

When you get done with all of this I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts.


16 thoughts on “This Could Be Huge If True

  1. Anonymous, says it all, just like believing Adam Shift or Nancy Pelosi. If your going to say it Put Your Freaking Name To It. Other wise its bullshit.


    • I just opened up two new tabs and got Google Maps going on each one. I put the Bishop st address in one and the Sidney Lanier address in the other. I suggest you try that. A 400.000 s.ft. warehouse is pretty big. Plenty big enough for the two different addresses I just looked up to be in the same block.


      • The Sidney Lanier address shows being in the warehouse. The Bishop st address shows being just outside of the actual warehouse off of one corner. Look it up.


        • Everything is connected
          cee-eye-a uses this type of laundering/shell game/shell companies to generate income
          The federal regime, from the Fed to the BLM is essentially a system of funneling federal dollars to everyones offshore accounts, it is a jobs welfare daycare center for the sycophants of the clowns called the deep state (calling them the deep state attributes far too much credibility to these scum of the earth crooks and traitors)
          Everything is connected
          Ukraine looks like somebodies Black Swan
          Everything is connected
          Some clowns are so disconnected they walk right into a trap eyes wide shut
          Everything is connected
          Pizzagate to Ukraine its all the same
          Everything is connected
          Same scum same extortion same racketeering same international human/arms/drugs trafficking, it is the globolist’s writ large
          Everything is connected
          They though she would’nt lose
          Everything is connected


  2. I haven’t read this yet. But I’ve read similar stuff. Here’s the deal, I own a precision machine shop and our one and only customer is the DLA. Defense Logistics Agency. Lot’s of quotes. They’re not placing shit. There’s a bunch of us out here going WTF?

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  3. Is this where we begin holding our breath, while we await the vermin to be held to the letter of the same laws they routinely bludgeon us with?…. We ain’t voting, nor litigating our way out of this and down deep, you ALL know that to be true.


    • Everything is connected
      At first ripping the hands of these scum from the levers of power is difficult.
      But when they begin to fold, a characteristic they all share in common, it will happen so quickly if your not looking right at it you will miss it.
      The old Soviet is the perfect example. Not Russia, not the motherland and it’s people, The “Soviet” that ran everything, and its managerial class that controlled every facet in the sphere of everyone’s lives. It is the only way to maintain an iron fist jackboot of power on the Deplorable’s. One thing they did which parallels the deep scum’s organized crime syndicate is using the Russian military as a conduit, for everything. This is why there are hundreds of US .mil bases and presence numbering in the hundreds all over the Earth. You can hide smuggle traffic launder funnel cross international borders with anything and everything. Including children, especially children trafficked as sex objects, and for the hideously lucrative organ legging market, just run the through planned genocide, whoops my bad, i meant planned parenthood’s slaughter/processing plants.

      Because everything is connected everything is allegory with the deep scum, they are control freaks, it is their source of power and their weakest link to their illusion of legitimacy. Plausible deniability is critical, so critical it has transformed into an unbroken line of treason. Maintaining plausible deniability takes more resources, more lies, more false flags, more war, more corruption, more influence to sustain it on an increasing scale.
      The allegory is what they have going is not very much different than the corrupt spoils system run by the old Soviet Nomenklatura class, only they dressed it up like a pig with Tiffany earrings, Hillary & Bill are Uncle Joe Stalin and good o’l Lenin, amerikan style.
      Obama refined the amerikan Nomenklatura class by hiring over a million sycophants and other socio/psyco-paths to infest every branch of the government.
      Bingo, instant Nomanklatura, who will commit treason to protect their rice-bowls, who understand ones goes, they all go so they are thick as thieves and stick together, it is an entire complete culture of elitism, till one rats and then it’s everyone for themselves.

      It is also like a Water Empire. Only an outside force can cause a Water Empire to fall. Trump is that.

      It will not be necessary to even indict these deep scum, they will fold so completely they will be politically assassinated.
      Sure it would be great a thing to hang the scumbags from lampposts. The most important thing is to cause them to be gone. They enjoy a system of organized crime and usurpations that comes from a century and a half of history. You can’t hang what that has wrought, you need to show the world how utterly corrupt, how truly evil and disgusting, how repugnant and despicable the deep scum are.
      You do that by hanging them by their own petards, by causing them to auto-delegitimize, which they will do. It only is a matter of time. The process has begun, it is on the cusp of taking on a life of it’s own.
      It is then they are exposed naked for all to see in the truth of themselves never before exposed in entirety.
      This is why they despise us Deplorable’s, because our very existance is existential to them, 64 million who not only withdrew their consent for these deep scum bags, but understood they are illegitimate actors, as Trump put it, “Stone Cold Corrupt”
      It is then you can go after them, once they have folded as a corrupt political entity. Then it is much easier than trying to take them down one at a time.


  4. Phil, read about this some place not the link you have here earlier in the week. Saved it but will have to look it up its been a busy week keeping up with clown world.
    See if I can find it and post it.

    Lot of damage control on overdrive around these days. Looks like you may have some agent provocateurs doing the troll thing to discredit what you post…just saying.

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