In A Nutshell

Michael Z. Williamson over at The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse has a new piece up that I think nails the Commie Socialist Democrats pretty well. I highly recommend going and reading it. Bonus, he coins the term “Demorrhoid”. and I am going to be using that so Fair Warning Mike.

Rhetorical Question At The End

On Medium (so called because its contents are neither rare nor well done) last year, some clown bleats that Paw Patrol, the kids’ show, is an authoritarian metaphor for the Trump administration!
It was created by a CANADIAN in 2013.  And in fact, the authoritarian statism and eco-fascism within are more typical of the so-called “left.”

This type of Demorrhoid is a hypocritical shithead.

Oh yes, this is just for starts.

Go read the rest here.

Pansies, Trolls and Liberals are urged to flee this place.

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