Gotta Love The Balls On This Guy

Trump remembers who elected him to office.

In the face of this Impeachment bullshit he throws down right back.

From his Twitter page,

Pinned Tweet

Donald J. Trump





This is just a warm up to the fun and games coming in this election year.

15 thoughts on “Gotta Love The Balls On This Guy

  1. I was just listening to a guest host for Larry Elder a few moments ago. I was
    betting that the impeachment would never happen based on the fact that
    Granny McBotox did not take a formal vote at the beginning of the process.
    My theory was that she did not want to put the Demo☭rat House members
    on record. That may be one reason but there is another that I never considered.

    I did not get the name of the guy, but a formal vote would allow the minority to
    subpoena witnesses of their own. That would include Slow Joe Biden and his
    son, the so-called “whistleblower,” Felonia von Pantsuit, and anyone else
    involved in the Russian collusion hoax.

    PS Another hoax has popped up. Before becoming president, The Donald did
    a lot of business with Deutsche Bank. An executive with the bank offed himself
    and his drug-addicted musician son claims to have dirt on President Trump.
    The executive involved (title not mentioned) might have committed suicide for
    any number of reasons; personal financial reasons, a nagging wife, or he may
    have got caught embezzling funds, etc. Adam Schitt dug up this info and
    by all appearances, it looks like another load of second-hand hearsay.

    This shit is turning into a freaking soap opera except that the writers could
    not come up with a theory this unbelievable!

    This bit of news confirms that the Demo☭rats will never pull the trigger on
    an official impeachment proceeding.


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  3. Trump should be selling t-shirts with that meme printed on them. I looked on-line yesterday to see if it was being offered for sale, but couldn’t come up with a source. That would really put Auntie Botox’s panties in a bunch.

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  4. Watching the “newz” this morning, fox had donna brazier on, and she said “no one is above the law or the constitution”, i would laugh if this wasn’t so serious, that the Pres is dealing with a full court press to remove him from office because of the endemic corruption that is deecee, and these congresscritters don’t want to go to jail, and they are willing to cause a civil war, even though that would be anything but civil, to avoid going to prison. And mad maxine said yesterday the Pres should be locked up in solitary confinement, she is the one who should be locked up, with several dozens of others that are just as corrupt.

    The rest of the year will be rough, and next year will be worse, these vultures will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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  5. Grog reminded me of something. This is a still image of the kind of shit I used
    work on that I want to share with Phil. There is nothing in the world like lying
    on my back like a whore, inserting 100-pound valve assemblies up into 16
    valve ports. The real fun was using a 3/4″ torque wrench to tighten up 192
    nuts to tighten the valve covers to 750 foot-pounds. That was for a two-cylinder
    machine. It was brutal work, but I really miss it!

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    • Lol. my skinny ass would just bounce up and down off the end of that torque wrench
      I would love to share some of the stuff I see but I can’t due to company policy, not to mention the Feds.
      ITARR is a very real concern and I know for a fact the Feds have programs that search to match images that shouldn’t be put on the internet when it comes to that shit.


      • We would hate to have you post from prison… I can see it now, you describing how not bend over in front of Big Tyrone to get the soap that was slapped out of your hand. Or, your typical day of not doing shit except staying away from ethnic gangs.


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