This Is Why I Check The Blogroll At My Old Site Every Day

It has one feature that I miss terribly, that WordPress does not have.

A constantly updating Blogroll.

It automatically updates every site that I have on both sides of the main body of the Blog, provides a short blurb of the headline or what the latest post is about and I have Alternative News Sites on there for this very reason.

Did you see any mention of this very newsworthy story on any Mainstream News Site?

Because I didn’t and I just went and checked several just to make sure.

AntiMedia had it, that’s why it’s on my Blogroll.

Yemen’s Houthis Rout Saudis: Hundreds Killed, Thousands Captured

(ANTIWAR.COM— A 72 hour military operation in southern Najran Province of Saudi Arabia was carried out with very little coverage by Yemen’s Houthi movement. Starting on early Thursday, a major operation raged, and by early Saturday the Houthis reported a major victory.

Three entire Saudi brigades in Najran were effectively wiped out. The reports suggest between 200 and 500 Saudi soldiers were killed, and thousands more captured. Saudi arms and armored vehicles were also taken in the fighting.

Offensives against the Saudis are rare, and usually much smaller. On Sunday, the Houthis released video footage related to the operation. They described the operation as involving a number of ambushes set up around the area, and luring the brigades into a track.

The Houthis are bragging about this, and unsurprisingly so as this is a military victory they haven’t seen in quite some time. The Saudis, interestingly, have not made any comments at all about the fight.


The lack of comments from the Saudis speaks volumes, however, as they aren’t even trying to spin this at all. US officials quoted Saturday tried to present the loss as a sign of desperation by the Houthis, an attempt to push advancing Saudis away from the border.

Perhaps the most interesting fact that hasn’t been addressed is that this fight was going on since at least early Thursday, so when the Saudis announced they were joining a partial ceasefire on Friday (of which Najran was not a part), they did so in the middle of this huge battle.

Apparently ABCNBCMSNCBSCNN Et Al didn’t think this was important enough to bother informing the American public about.

This was a major ass kicking militarily in this day and age.

Kinda makes one wonder why they didn’t feel it was newsworthy.

Maybe because we have been kissing Saudi ass for decades now?

Naw, that couldn’t possibly be the reason, right?

I mean just because American has been subsidizing their defence and the fact that even the article above notes that the official U.S. policy is backing the Saudi’s against the Yemeni’s.

Maybe because the Houthis aren’t the popular political flavor of the day?

Most Americans couldn’t even find Yemen on a map with a blazing neon sign over it.

Seems to me I saw some small little blurb about Trump sending some of our Military over to the Saudi Sandbox the other day.

I’m sure that’s just a coincidence too.

You know what?

I was just thinking yesterday afternoon that if Trump is really serious about shutting the Deep State down that maybe he ought to find a legal way to go after these news corporations who promote the Deep State’s agenda and propaganda. He is constantly whining about them and calling them Fake News.

He is right too, actually.

They are supposed to report the actual news in an unbiased manner because they use the very public airwaves to disseminate their lies and biases.

Revoke the broadcast license of just one of these propaganda machines and see just how fast the rest of them wise the fuck up.


7 thoughts on “This Is Why I Check The Blogroll At My Old Site Every Day

  1. OT, but check out EtS – ref:, several links ago – his twatter page has an odd comment “My role in this is all but done”.

    Could the Storm be near?


  2. “…Revoke the broadcast license of just one of these propaganda machines and see just how fast the rest of them wise the fuck up…”

    Go Phil!


    • Nothing says “You F*cked up” like ones head on a pike, for all to see, and as a sterling example.

      There’s plenty of space along Pennsylvania Avenue, and approaching Congress…


  3. Phil, great minds think alike.
    I believe, when you have millions thinking along similar lines of rejecting the corruptocratic elites, thats the stuff of real grass roots revolution.
    Just saying.
    Figure you might appreciate this below.

    From Vox Day today:

    “…with a serious commitment to an anti-corruption campaign that has taken many by surprise. It may astonish Western readers to know that the Chinese government is now extremely popular with the people. Unlike the Western countries, in which various corporations and other organizations are reliably deemed to big to fail – which really means they are too corrupt to be permitted to fail – Xi has led a magnificently ruthless campaign against corruption in China on a scale that is absolutely unthinkable in the West.

    To put it in perspective, imagine if President Trump had had both Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton arrested and jailed, as well as two Supreme Court justices, two-thirds of the DNC, half the RNC, and numerous FBI, CIA, and IRS employees. That’s effectively what Xi has already done since 2012.

    [ “Upon taking office, Xi vowed to crack down on “tigers and flies”, that is, high-level officials and local civil servants alike. Most of the officials investigated were removed from office and faced accusations of bribery and abuse of power, although the range of alleged abuses varied widely. As of 2016, the campaign has ‘netted’ over 120 high-ranking officials, including about a dozen high-ranking military officers, several senior executives of state-owned companies, and four national leaders. More than 100,000 people have been indicted for corruption. The campaign is part of a much wider drive to clean up malfeasance within party ranks and shore up party unity. It has become an emblematic feature of Xi Jinping’s political brand” ]

    …Now THAT is what actually draining the swamp looks like…”


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