Anti-White Racist Sarah Jeong Quietly Leaves NYT Editorial Board

Here’s  little blurb most folks missed and I thought I would post about it to brighten your Monday just a bit. I know mine improved at seeing this.

Yeah, the name might not be real familiar to you but you will remember this little wench real quick here in a moment.


Remember her now?

Yeah, this one,

Last year, several derogatory tweets aimed at white people that Jeong sent in 2014 were unearthed when the Gray Lady announced she was joining the paper.

“Oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men,” Jeong wrote in July 2014 in one of several old messages went viral.

Jeong’s Twitter feed was filled with a host of messages that could be construed as racist and offensive. She compared “dumbass f—–g white people” to dogs, said that “old white men” were “lemmings,” opined that white people would “go extinct soon,” and used the hashtag #CancelWhitePeople.

“Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins,” she wrote in 2014 before adding a paragraph claiming that “whiteness” resulted in being “awful.”

Despite widespread outrage, The Times issued a statement declaring that it had reviewed her social media history during the hiring process and was standing by the decision to bring her aboard.

Well it seems as though she actually supported a boycott of the very institution she worked for. They aren’t saying but I’m sure that rubbed someone the wrong way and the next thing we know, she quietly resigned from the editorial board this last August and is now working as a contracted contributor.

When asked about this abrupt change, she had this to say,

“I made the change so I can work on what I want to work on in the immediate moment,” Jeong told CNN on Friday.

Sure honey, whatever you say.

I’m sure scrambling day to day to make a paycheck as a contracted contributor is so much more liberating than say, being on the editorial board of a major newspaper.


Bye now.


5 thoughts on “Anti-White Racist Sarah Jeong Quietly Leaves NYT Editorial Board

  1. Total Scum
    The face of the White Genocide cult
    A festering zit of the hemisphere encompassing epidemic of insanity
    Hopefully it crawls back under whatever slimy rock it originally crawled out from under, probably the same one the hilderbeast is from. Probably the same marxist/alynski indoctrination too.
    More likely George Soros or his equally deranged one world order madness sycophants running his myriad of red diaper baby “NGO” cover operations hired it for other equally useless shit-stirring duties

    Just saying, history proves out what not many want to face the truth of, these things in a human skinsuit, truth being, killing every one of them is the only effective means of redress, the alternative is they will never stop until enough are taking the dirt nap.
    It, is a member of the hive mind, the alien invasion being foisted upon the West.
    In every instance thru history, with no exception, alien invasion has lead to war. The Greeks, Roman’s, every great civilization of the West has faced these dire circumstances, that history is replete with documented truth of this history.
    This particular slimy it, is a pitch perfect example of the pogrom, how it is organized, brought to fruition, waged, creating the process of Genocide.

    Don’t give up your guns no matter what.
    Disarming us is absolutely key, the penultimate element of “progressing”, from pogrom under way for decades, to the endgame of total genocide of the White Western Christian Race of Men of The West.

    This scum’s purpose in the agenda is to collectively emasculate us Men of The West, it was her purpose at the NY Slimes, she was deliberately, with malice and foresight put on the editorial staff to introduce the methods indoctrination, the approved system of false narratives designed to push “Forward” the next stages of this strategy of eliminating the race of Men of The West.

    Believe you me, these scumbags know their history very well, they have to, in order to censor history, and memory hole those parts that give rise and hope, example of individual sovereignty, liberty, and self determination, of the incredible leap of liberty itself that totally changed the world in positive effect. Not to mention create double speak, and what is proscribed and what is the approved messaging. To deny the ultimate weapon’s of The Truth and just the idea of Withdrawal of Consent as your unalienable primal right you are born with. That without this knowledge, and history, ones weapons are not near as effective protection and defense from this scum of the Earth. Thats why our emasculation has been so vital, why we as Men are inundated with the systematic demeaning of us 24/7365 from every quadrant. You can only dis-arm men who are conned into thinking resistance is futile.

    BFYTW bitchz. Learn To Code.
    Don’t let the door hit you in your arse on they way out.
    We are learning again the art of drinking from our enemies skulls. And it drives little ms barren vag and it’s ilk insane that their NPC diarrhea of the pie-hole falls on ears that don’t give a shit what it and it’s ilk think or say about us.


  2. Bucketheaded little slampig will land on its feet at some slightly further left propaganda shithole. And really, who gives a fuck? I don’t. She’s nothing more than a potential reactive target, too fuckin stupid to keep her head down. Think “whack-a-hoe”….


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