5 thoughts on “It’s Always Been Good Enough For Me

  1. What happened to getting out and visually checking your brakes, oil, other fluids, tire pressure? Fucking lazy mother fuckers. Don’t get me started on self opening car doors and trunks and fucking key fob that chirp the car doors to lock and unlock and sound the horn to give your lazy ass an auditory signal that you are a lazy assed mother fucker.


  2. Right On, Cederq!

    I pull the rims every 5,000 miles or so to visually check the pads, calipers, and suspension.

    One of the few things I do to “keep me in shape”…..


  3. Mr Kelly:

    Hey Technobrains, you get locked out of your Tesla last week when the server that routes unlock instruction from your smart phone to your car went down? My man Phil is right, if you read his blog at all, you would have read about the exploits he has had with the Bronco. Too much tech is bad for society and just makes controlling the gen pop that much easier.



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