3 thoughts on “Crotch Crickets?

  1. LOL, so reminds me years and years back when just out of HS, a friends younger brother made a stupid decision to do stuff with a girl in town that “got around”.

    Since I was a Vol. Fireman at the time and just freshly minted EMT and he was too embarrassed to go elsewhere, he asked me what to do about the case of crabs he just picked up.

    I told him flat out you need to see a professional and have it dealt with, but if he was that embarrassed just get a can of RAID, spray down your crotch, and let it all air out.

    Figured he would know i was serious about the pro, not to spray insecticide on his junk…

    Did not think anymore about it till her found me a few weeks later and I had kinda forgot about it.

    His first words were, “it worked”
    I said “What?”
    “The RAID, it burnt like hell but no crabs”

    At that moment I realized my twisted sense of Coyote humor could be a bad thing. I grew up a bit that day, do not think he did, ever.


    • I was working at a boat company in the early 80s ,we had a bunch of mexicans working there . When they got the crabs the crazy fucks would pour acetone on them. You could always tell when one was being treated by the screams.


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