Gentlemen, Is Your Bench Vise A POS And You Don’t Know It?

You might be very surprised to learn that the Brand Name bench vise you think so highly of really isn’t that much better than the El Cheapo Harbor Freight sells.

Before we go any farther though, in the interest of transparency and disclosure, the Youtube video below was made by a gentleman who makes and sells tools for a living,  Fireball Tools right up the road in Spokane Washington. Some very innovative and dead on accurate fabrication squares among them.

The vise he is testing all of these brand names against is one that he made in his shop from materials he had on hand and it is a beast that opens up to an incredible SIXTEEN INCHES.

He also has a video of himself building this vise that I highly recommend watching later and the one below is kind of a follow up of that. He currently does not sell the vise he made commercially. It is very, very impressive for something he designed and built from basically scrap materials.

Now that we have that out of the way, if you area real guy, you are going to love this half hour video because he beats the living daylights out of a dozen different vises and then torques them to failure while measuring the amount of force it requires to do so.


You will be surprised at some of the results, I guarantee it.



10 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Is Your Bench Vise A POS And You Don’t Know It?

      • Yeah, not something you are going to do with a hack saw or an angle grinder. To all of the people asking to buy a kit, stop and ask yourself what it would cost to have just that swivel base assembly water jetted out of 1 1/8 plate steel.
        Shit, just the plate steel alone to build this thing would be way over a hundred bucks to buy.Probably closer to two hundred. Then have it cut at those angles?


        • I was thinking that, I have used vices most of my life and I can never remember using such punishing treatment of a vice. I don’t ever remembered I had to crank it down to hold a Mack truck frame down. Just small pieces of metal or a part I needed to drill or grind or bang on to loosen a nut or weld on. I have never bent or broke a vice except the cheap assed little ones made out of Phil’s chineseium.


          • I have fucked up a couple of them in my day.
            The one I have had for the last 25 years is one I got from Harbor Freight. It was made by Olympia, has a five inch spread and jaws, has pipe jaws, swivels and rotates. I have beat the fucking shit out of that thing with no ill effects. I even put a 30 inch long handle on it to get more squeeze out of the sonofabtch.
            It was the same price as they sell for now, the same style but much bigger. The shaft that goes through it is two inches in diameter compared to the inch and a quarter one they sell now and the whole body of the thing is at least 25% bigger.
            Absolutely one of the best uses of $59 that I have ever done.


        • I wanted to add, it is a tool like any other in your tool box, you have to respect and take care of it and not abuse it. I have seen many who have. A good strong vice has it’s limitations.


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