You Are Over The Hill Now

Read this and let it sink in.


Face it, when you have to explain to some young douchenozzle who the fuck Ozzie is you should stop and realize that time has marched on and is leaving you behind.

In the mean time you can practice yelling at punks to get off your lawn and enjoy what the younger generations won’t ever be able to experience for themselves.

It’s a big club and they ain’t in it.

8 thoughts on “You Are Over The Hill Now

  1. I remember hearing them for the first time on our original album oriented station back in 1970 when I was 16. Scared the shit out of me when the three intro notes to “Black Sabbath” were played. Literally made my hair stand on end. Ran out the next day and searched for the album. Still have it in the collection. That song still gives me chills. I always used it for my intro when I would dee jay Halloween parties. Nothing like the rain and thunder sounds at the beginning of the song to set the mood………….


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