Besides The Impeachment Circus,The Dems Are Accusing Trump Of Treason And Calling For His Execution, I Have One Word For Them.


gallows humor

All of this Impeachment hysteria coming from The Left and their lackey’s in the Media is just the biggest distraction they can think of, at the moment.

Trust me when I say that The Deep State probably has emergency contingency plans to try and divert EVERYONE’S attention if necessary but it is all going to be for naught.

In the end everything that happened, who did what and when, is going to come out. Trump secured the NSA as soon as he got into office and they have it all.

Trump has known since shortly after he got into office who did what and when and has been taking his time ever since setting them up for the big fall.

You don’t take down a corrupt global dynasty that has had a couple of thousand years of perfecting it’s strangle hold on power overnight.

Because FISAGATE is just one small aspect of a much larger and far deadlier pit of snakes.

FISAGATE is not just about some dirty FBI agents, some illegal spying on Trump and his election team members, it is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY.

Foreign governments are also neck deep in it.

The fact that this evil cabal had grown so powerful over the course of time that they had convinced themselves that they were unstoppable caused them to make a series of fatal mistakes. They got over confident and they got sloppy.

She Couldn’t Lose.

Except she did.

Hillary Clinton’s assured Presidency was to be the Grand Finale that put all of their plans into the final phase

And when she did lose, the entire syndicate got caught with their pant down.

The biggest BFYTW in history that they were utterly unprepared for.

FISAGATE is going to open the biggest can of worms this world has ever seen.

They thought they were clever, they thought they had it in the bag.

Now they are going to be holding the bag.

There were so many plots, schemes, blackmailings, horrific crimes and scams going even they couldn’t keep track of all of it.

The Great Unraveling is going to start with FISAGATE.

It is going to take a long time but it is going to be exquisite to watch it all unfold.

The best part?



19 thoughts on “Besides The Impeachment Circus,The Dems Are Accusing Trump Of Treason And Calling For His Execution, I Have One Word For Them.

  1. FISAgate is why the Left s**ting a brick. Remove Trump and RINO Pense makes it all go away, never to see the cockroaches scurrying away from the light. Trump made one comment yesterday that aught to scare the pants off of these leakers. Something about the way we used to treat spies.


  2. It’s jumping the shark using the ultimate fear to manipulate us to control us, control what we think, how we perceive the truth, it is double speak writ large.

    Use fear to make all you can afraid, those who are victim of this flase fear will do anything to feel “safe”, go along with anything to keep themselves out of harms way, those who are not afraid, who fear none of this false narratives, lies and ultimate form of perjorative attack on the god emperor, then stick out like a sore thumb and at the tyrants pleasure can be gone after piecemeal destroyed in detail, because what this all is is the tyrants standard of divide and conquer. As old as humanity itself.
    Fear Weaponized.

    But whats going down is the table’s been turned, it is they who are afraid. Of us. Because waaaaaay too many of us are not afraid. We do not fall for the ruse. We do not take council of our fears, nor let fear control us.
    Thats the only power these fuckers have ever had anyways over us. When it once worked.
    MAGA and the color revolution of 11-8-16 changed the entire dialectic.
    The coming of the god emperor presaged the coming of a new America, a renaissance.
    It is their worst nightmare.
    How do you stop 64 million and counting pissed off had enough of your deep state clown world bullshit American’s, whom most if not all are full of cold quiet anger and armed to the fucking teeth.
    The only thing short of waging open violent bloody police state war on 64 million Deplorable’s with a bone in their teeth is to kill their god emperor.


  3. I created a monster. Most days I spend a shitload of time listening to talk radio.
    My lifelong developmentally disabled buddy has been getting all worked up
    over this bullshit, and I always tell him to calm down and be patient. If half
    the people in America know who the major players are, President Trump knows
    a LOT more than we do. The fact that we know about the conspiracy is proof
    that the morons in the Democrat party violated what I call the first rule of
    conspiracies: If you involve too many people, the conspiracy will be discovered.

    These idiots left a trail that Mr. Magoo could follow! I have been saying for more
    than a year, the administration is going drop the Mother Of All Bombs before
    the 2020 elections. I would guess that by now, the Trump administration has
    been conducting a rat hut since he entered the Oval Office. The first clue came
    when someone in the intelligence community told Trump that his campaign
    was riddled with bugs. After setting up a SCIF in his headquarters Trump
    got the details. He evacuated his HQ and moved everyone to a new facility.

    There are still some people in the intelligence community loyal to the
    constitution and not a political party or a president. My guess is that he not
    only knows who the major players are, he knows who the leakers are and there
    is an old spycraft technique to consider. The first time someone leaks to
    the Donks or to the press, all you have to do dig out the minutes of a
    meeting and it is easy to narrow down the rat down to 5 or 6 people. Then
    you simply feed the suspects by giving each of them a different false
    story. If the Donks or the media run with it, you know who the leaker was.
    I’m sure that some of them are left alone and they are being surveilled.
    This will uncover other players.

    When the shit hits the fan, I am going to be orgasmic!

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    • Mike Rogers is the guy who talked to Trump. He was in the NSA and caught the Obama administration allowing fucking CONTRACTORS to have unfettered access to the electronic recordings they sweep up on everyone and found out that
      they were doing repeated “What About” searches on all of Trumps people. He also informed Trump that his hotel was bugged from top to bottom. Trump moved his campaign headquarters the very next day. Mike Rogers is a motherfucking HERO of the highest order.
      The minute Obama found out what he did they went after him too.
      So Trump knew what they were up to even before the election and the minute he was in office it was on baby.
      These stupid assholes are so fucked they will have to pump sunshine in for them to see the cockroaches on the floor.
      Thy know this, have known it and this is why they are pulling out all the stops.
      Even if they get Trump, at this point there is no stopping the investigations into their actions, everyone who is anyone already knows who did what and when anyway, it’s all about the public show at this point to clue the normies in. Do that before the next election and it will be over before it begins.


      • I still think that the impeachment BS is a distraction from the systemic
        corruption in the Democrat party. Granny McBotox violated the
        constitutional provision that calls for a full vote in the House at
        the beginning of any formal impeachment proceeding, as well as
        the House rules.

        I see this as both a distraction and a bluff. Check out this recent
        Monmouth poll:

        Sorry, can’t embed the image so I will have to do some typing.

        Most recent Monmouth Univ. poll on Impeachment-


        Registered voters: 35/61
        Republican voters: 2/94
        Independents: 30/64
        Democrats: 69/25
        Men: 26/70
        Women: 44/49
        Age 18-34: 44/50
        Age 35-54: 31/63
        Over 55: 32/64
        Whites: 27/67
        Non-white: 51/44
        Swing counties: 32/60

        The Donks may think the American people hate Trump as much as
        they do, but the voters don’t!


        • “Granny McBotox violated the constitutional provision that calls for a full vote in the House at
          the beginning of any formal impeachment proceeding, as well as the House rules.”

          She just “deemed it passed” like she tried to do with Obamacare.


          • Crazyeighter, but this is not just black letter law, it is black letter law
            in the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of the United States.
            She can unilaterally change House rules but not the Constitution.
            Which means she is already violating the Constitution if she does
            initiate impeachment proceedings.

            Surely, someone in the Demo☭rat party has to be whispering in her
            ear that she is fucking up. I cannot believe that everybody in the
            Demo☭rat party is this Constitutionally illiterate or that they did not
            run this latest coup attempt without consulting legal counsel.

            Fred Thompson in The Hunt For Red October famously said that
            the average Russian doesn’t take a dump without a plan. My
            version: The average Demo☭rat doesn’t take a dump without
            consulting a lawyer. The so-called “whistleblower” complaint
            was drafted by a squad of lawyers, so they do have access to
            legal counsel. The only other explanation is that they are
            so blinded by TDS that it has rendered them incapable of
            seeing the damage they are doing to themselves. Either
            way, these morons should not be anywhere near public office!


      • Got that fucking right Phil, Rogers literally saved our ass’s. We ain’t out of the woods yet, the great thing is the whole construct is so fucking corrupted and turned there wasn’t anything or anybody else within the entire system who could have done in such a critical moment in such a timely manner what Rogers did.
        Roger’s action entirely shifted the power structure, it has precipitated the collapse of the old globalist institutions. Where before in this war of good against evil, hat Roger’s effected was instead of the white hats having to react to everything globohomo-pedo-oligarchy did, the scumbags are now having to defend everything. As the stone cold military dictum states, he who defends everything defends nothing. Other thing here, they are unaccustomed and unprepared to act in existential defense protecting what they are and their human resources, which Trump is systematically eliminating from the myriad of traditional strongholds and positions of unaccountable power advantages. This consumes people and assets at an increasing logarithmic rate in direct effect to the resources required for the deep state to survive it’s total illegitimacy, which is nearing the stage where it will require everything it has to keep it’s nose above the rising tide of withdrawal of consent for it. Already the yellow media complex has become a total joke to enough American’s to be nothing but a chattering annoying side clown world show. The deep states deep assets within the weaponized Administrative State, which has brought us the regulatory and lawfare tyranny that was previously ruling every facet of the sphere of our lives and activity is itself barely capable of effecting power any longer, it is close to a toothless entity, all it’s left with is protecting it’s own rice-bowl at the table of the elites who are divvying up a tinier and tinier division of spoils.

        As nasty and radical as it’s thrashing are in its efforts to take out Trump and undermine the resistance to tyranny our plurality of 64 million Deplorable’s created on 11-8-16, they are left with desperate hail mary’s and outright acts of political madness. Beyond desperate. It’s ruling elites Ragnorak. Brexit will presage a further collapse, on an order of magnitude when the spigot of British wealth transfer skim cash dries up, along with the loss of hundreds of billions in the tarrifs strategy of Trump’s economic counter insurgency, the accumulative effects will create a raft of absolutely insane acts and efforts on the part of the globalist cabal’s to remain relevant, never mind preserve it’s power, which is entirely dependent on an unrestricted flow of strip mining wealth transfer of the Western Hemisphere’s productive people.
        Follow the money in every sense.

        Word is the bloodthirsty vag in a Chairman Mao pantsuit is making rumblings only she can save their deep state from total demise by denying Trump and us Deplorable’s more winning in 2020.
        If that isn’t an indication of desperation what is?
        But desperate elites do desperate things. A most cautionary thing to keep in mind at all times regarding everything these scum of the earth do. Any nasty creepy fucks like these pedo-elites who weaponize everything, who are so cold blooded as to use the planned genocide of planned parenthood’s abortion pipeline as it’s source of funds, never mind it’s systematic organized syndicate of international child/human trafficking, is not a human organization, it is an organization of blood thirsty tyrants, for is there anything in all of human history more evil more repugnant more inhuman than the meat grinder of child sex and child sacrifice these motherfuckers have created for fun, profit, and power?

        It is hard to see all the forrest for the tree’s in the thick of whats going down. You put a guy like Admiral Roger’s and his act of patriotism and courage up against what these scumbags are, in my mind what the guy did is epic, a heroic act unequaled.
        I think it was an act that is made the diff between life and death of everything any decent dirt person holds dear, the very idea of Liberty itself.


  4. Treason party update:

    In the most recent coup attempt, the Democrats may have just stepped on their
    dicks. One of the Ubangi plants in the intelligence community changed the rules
    regarding hearsay evidence in whistleblower cases. They now allow the use
    of hearsay testimony. If this does not qualify as malice aforethought, nothing
    does! This latest effort involves a coordinated conspiracy between the House
    and a Ubangi partisan in the intelligence community.

    There was a recent unconfirmed story in which the CIA Officer was named.
    He or she has been out of government for quite some time and the author
    claims to have had several State Department employees pointing a finger
    at the man named. If I am wrong about this being a bluff, and the Demo☭rats
    really mean to impeach President Trump, they may have just shit in their
    mess kits!

    As a gun owner in the early 80s, I did a lot of reading on my rights as an
    American citizen. I cannot believe I still remember these two black letter
    law gems:

    Look up Title 18 USC section 242 which covers deprivation of rights under
    color of law.

    Here is a link to 16th American Jurisprudence 177:


    • clayusmcret said this (more better than me could) this morning on Diogenes’ Middle Finger ( ) (

      “The issue is deeper than the IG complaint and the silent change made to the 1st/2nd person report rule. When I read the complaint and saw the format, research and depth of references (to answer every technical question that could arise), I got the feeling that this was a serious team effort; submission of a professionally developed paper. I haven’t seen better multi-layer-staffed papers coming out of DC in quite some time.

      As to the formal (and silent) policy changes, there has to be an electronic paper trail of why the change was initiated (who initiated it?), who staffed the change (who participated in making the change draft through final form) and who signed off on the change (who did so with intentional lack of notice to the community?). These changes don’t simply happen by magic. Where does the trail lead?

      The soft-coup continues. The complaint itself and the brand new silent 1st Person-account-no-longer-required change to support it…. confirm it as still ongoing.”


      • One more thing, someone in the intelligence community also took
        a look at the complaint. The so-called “whistlebower” has been
        described as a CIA officer. The document is totally devoid of
        intelligence community jargon. Have you ever noticed that whenever
        the left tries to perpetrate a hoax, it blows up in their faces?

        When Dan Rather was pushing a forged National Guard document
        to smear George W Bush, within 3 days it was discovered that the
        document was composed on a box-stock copy of Mircosoft Word,
        something that did not even exist in 1972. The modern-day
        Demo☭rats suck at hoaxes and conspiracies!


        • Make that two more things. I forgot to mention that Granny McBotox
          “deemed it passed” because she is scared shitless about the risk
          of putting House members on record with a proper (and
          constitutionally mandated) vote. The Donks won enough red districts
          to flip the House in 2019. All of them are shaking in their boots and
          even the most hard-core socialist in the House is going to think twice
          before casting a vote on impeachment.


        • About the GWB thing: Yeah, back in my Navy days when I was doing something shady af, I made sure I documented the shit out of it in case I got caught.


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