So Let Me Get This Straight

The Democrats have launched official Impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump because he asked a foreign government leader to investigate a Democrat Presidential Candidate who admitted on video tape to extortion and interfering in a criminal investigation of his son?

That sound about what everyone else with two functional synapses seeing too?

Bread and circuses.

Trump is speaking on the television as I type.

Loads and loads of great things that have been accomplished and not a word about it in the media.

I really can’t wait to see how the Dems are going to try and steal this next election because that is really their only hope at this point


14 thoughts on “So Let Me Get This Straight

  1. That is the entire reason the Donks are getting desperate Phil. They know that
    whoever they put up against Trump will be shredded like a cabbage. This move
    will end up like every other attempt to destroy President Trump. This time the
    shit they are slinging will be debunked within a week or two. The so-called
    whistleblower was not privy to the phone call, and he or she began backpedaling
    a millisecond after the story went public.

    President Trump already gave up the transcripts of the call to the Ukranian president.
    The so-called whistleblower is already scheduled to be interviewed under oath on
    the House floor. Several legal Beagles have already pointed out that Granny
    McBotox has violated the constitutional requirement by unilaterally calling for
    impeachment proceedings instead of taking it to the House floor for a vote.
    The same legal experts have theorized that Nasty Pelousy is scared to put
    Democrat House members on the record with a vote. The logical conclusion
    (in my mind) is that this is a massive bluff.

    In recent polling, a yes/no question was asked: Are you for or against the
    impeachment of President Trump. The categories were Democrat, Republican,
    Independent, male, female, three age groups, white and non-white. The
    results were stunning: The only groups with a solid majority yes, were
    non-white, female, and Democrat. Non-white and female were overwhelmingy
    yes, but in the Democrat category, it was 75 percent for and 25 percent no.
    All the rest of the categories were 2-1 against.

    If they go down this path, the damage to the Democrat party will be inestimable!


    • Several legal Beagles have already pointed out that Granny McBotox has violated the constitutional requirement by unilaterally calling for impeachment proceedings instead of taking it to the House floor for a vote.

      Not to worry; she simply “Deemed it passed” and went straight to the proceedings. And you’r right about the vote; Dems in red states do not want to go on record with a vote on this.

      If they go down this path, the damage to the Democrat party will be inestimable!

      I’m looking for a down side to this, but I’m just not finding it.


  2. Three US senators signed a letter to the AG of Ukraine asking him to investigate Trump in 2016 or 2017 .Letter was written on U.S. Senate letterhead.All demorats.


  3. “I really can’t wait to see how the Dems are going to try and steal this next election because that is really their only hope at this point”.
    Voter fraud!


  4. Reminds me of a NASCAR race..Oh look another left turn. What will happen next?? Look another left turn. My apologizes to all race fans for this comment


  5. I note this morning, that the efforts have doubled down, with this story.

    So “someone” was told that our Pres broke the law by having a conversation with another Pres discussing shady financial goings-on that someone and his son who actually did break the law by interfering with another gov’t for money to not have the son investigated for an ass load of cash that the son didn’t have a lot of experience regarding the gov’t or the business that he was getting the cash for and now “orange man guilty”!!!!!!!

    Yeah, right. Time to do some more reloading, I already have a lot of popcorn and beef jerky.


  6. Please note the Cui Bono effects of this: 1) Gun control is pushed into the background 2) Evidence that needs to be in the public domain can now be presented into the record. i.e. the Crowdstrike Server HRC used as Secretary of State that contained SAP information. The Biden Investigation will sideways into discovering this link and the selling of state secrets by HRC to the Chinese. (How do the Chinese discover 20 US CIA assets in less than a week unless they were told, this is in the mainstream press and points right back to HRC. She got 20 US patriots killed, add that to her body count.) This was arranged to get the evidence to be uncovered and then used to finally convict the perps. This also galvanizes the base to realize that the other side is playing underhanded and for keeps. Future proves past and the more you know as you have it all. WWG1WGA


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  7. Can’t say how glad my big dumb ass made it this long is still alive to see it

    It is delicious to see it finally dawn on them that yes there are American’s in this world who are not corrupt and don’t give a rats ass what you think of them

    MAGA is killing them

    Anything to divert attention from the truth of their “cold stone corrupt” (to quote the god emperor himself), foul shriveled pedo-elite pizzagate hearts

    They are truly fucked as an entity and they know they are kaput but keeping you from knowing it overrides everything because that illusion of legitimacy they project is all that is keeping their lies from doing themselves in

    Oh yeah…elections do have consequences, Trump has a phone and a pen, and the last thing the god emperor would ever do is put his feet up on the oval office SS Resolute desk

    They are very good at destroying what makes America great, so good, so single minded about that that they are helpless to keep MAGA from happening

    Every good and positive thing Trump and us Deplorable’s effect creates a compound roll on order effect which sets their stupid agenda back years if not decades, some thing a century or more

    And we got guns, lots of guns, we are a people numerous and armed, all that that implies and for the first time in a very long time we are coming to the understanding there is a legion of us who are thinking along similar lines in these respects

    It really is killing them

    If they don’t cut the crap soon it will literally end up killing them


  8. This is from Vox Day. Thats just it as he says, the tip of the iceberg. The old institutional order of systemic corruption is falling. Incredible. They thought she would never lose:

    “The Tip of The Iceberg”

    “It is increasingly apparent that these bizarre “impeachment” theatrics are an attempt to distract from the gathering Storm. From 4chan:
    Hunter Biden is placed on the board of Ukraine’s most corrupt energy company, owned by (((them))), he has no knowledge nor experience for the position, one of the last acts of the Obama presidency was to send $1billion in aid to Ukraine, the entire deal was Joe Biden’s idea, the money was used to buy aid related things for the people of Ukraine, but the money went to fake corporations registered in Cyprus, the people never got any aid, the fake corporations were created by the energy company Hunter Biden is a board member of.

    The US taxpayer money disappears, no aid is delivered to Ukraine, Trump becomes president, no one asks any questions where the money went nor why until now.

    Before Hunter’s position as board member for the Ukraine company, he was one of the top guys at a company called Rosemont Seneca. The entire company was a scam, a front for legalized bribery. Chinese corporations that were fronts for the Chinese government invested heavily multiple times into Rosemont Seneca, hundreds of millions of dollars, and in return Joe Biden, along with John Kerry whose step son was in the company too, negotiated softball deals over US-China relations. Biden basically sold out the US, the American people, and the American military by allowing Chinese corporate expansion all over the world via sea routes, the interesting thing about Chinese corporation sea routes and ports is that their placements don’t make logical sense, unless you look at from a military point of view.

    If Trump is actually going after Biden for his billion dollar scam, that may be the tip of the iceberg. The reason why politicians are beginning to call for Trump’s execution is because the Obama administration has done things that warrant that exact thing.
    There are probably dozens, if not hundreds of similar scams to be uncovered. No wonder they are beyond desperate to delay the day of reckoning. Although “desperate” may be an understatement.
    MSNBC cut from President Trump’s press conference on Wednesday, claiming the president was repeating lies about his political rival Joe Biden as a “deflection” from the impeachment inquiry. “We hate to do this, really, but the president isn’t telling the truth,” MSNBC host Nicole Wallace said as the network cut from Trump’s speech.
    Remember the third law of social justice. What is it that SJWs always do, besides lie and double down? Exactly. The fact that they connected “Joe Biden” and “deflection” tells you everything you need to know about the rationale for their actions.

    Did every previous US President always tell the truth? Of course not. And did the media organizations covering them ever cut away from the broadcast on the basis claimed? There you have it.”



      • Yes…Spygate Much?
        Weaponize All The Things!
        Seeing Clown World in that light everything becomes clear and simple
        It’s not what and who is corrupt and what is corrupted
        It is almost nothing in the over all view IS NOT corrupt or corrupted
        It is everything is corrupt and corrupted for all intents and purposes

        Defines why Mr. Trump not only sticks out and inspires a vast plurality to believe in and trust in him, why he is the great populous leader of men that is held in such utter contempt by our “intellectual betters and superiors”, it makes all the common sense in the world why MAGA is such a creative destructive force against this evil that infests everything these clowns touch, why he makes what he does look so easy and the most natural thing going.

        It begs the question just how much we been fucked with, socially engineered, programed, nudged, manipulated using fear as a weapon to not only con and grift us into doing and seeing things they need us to do but doing things, accomplishing things they could never do otherwise under any other circumstances.

        In a nut shell their MO is the use of fear for everything.
        Give a good think for a moment, in all things that transpire outside the sphere of our natural every day year to year activities, what goes down is NOT something that involves elements of fear of one thing or another. Looking at every event, in every instance, across the political construct, the economic front, the social, scientific, religious, food, into the most intimate and private aspects of our lives, even the ecological expanse of “news”, even what happens in outer space, an element of fear is injected and underlies everything, it is the standard premise running through all and sundry, it is the weaponization of every facet in the sphere of our civilization, our cultures activities.

        That use and imposition of fear, injected into every facet of activities in our lives is a non-stop 24-7 intrusion upon our wellbeing, upon everything we do as people, how we think and comport ourselves, fear is deliberately, with satan’s own malice, intentionally designed to permeate everything, nothing is sacred, it is a tool, a social engineering device that literally causes million and millions react in ways that are absolutely impossible in an open source grass roots healthy social, cultural and economic environment.

        Spygate in the aggregate is the perfect use of fear. What does a republic fear more than anything?
        Treason, betrayal, from within and from the top down.
        Ironically exactly what those who foisted this whole construct upon Trump and us are themselves, in no uncertain terms, under the previous illusion of legitimacy they constructed to hide themselves and what they are from us.

        Spygate to me is the ultimate form of weaponizing the things to create fear among the people. Certainly a fantastic effective form of divide and conquer, no self respecting tyrant class would do without. It embodies every element to a T what these scumbags of the earrth are, what they are, it defines how far gone off the reservation, how full fucking retard they go, exactly how omnipotent and arrogant they are, that like a knitting circle they so cavalierly went about their daily activities within our government like it was an every day event, that they would never possibly be caught out, never mind held accountable, for dicktating the course of the events of this entire nation, as if they consider themselves gods or something. That they are the highest power in the land.

        …”Hubris Before The Fall”

        Funny thing this coup is not a feature of their usurpation of power
        Spygate is a feature of their fear.
        11-8-2016 was a color revolution, it was BFYTW writ huge, The Great Fuck You, that for all their inestimable value and worth, using our rifles against the tyrants would not be as effective and creatively destructive as 64 Million Deplorable’s giving these fucking cocksuckers the finger and saying “I WON’T!”, the most powerful weapon ever devised, the withdrawal of consent of almost the entire plurality of the productive, intellegent, creative, motivated, industrious, inherently honest and rule if law abiding people that really are who make America great.
        MAGA: Trump is by every conceivable measure a genius.
        Those words, dollars to donuts my left nut, Make America Great Again made the fuckers blood run cold. How in the world where they going to use fear as a weapon to change this paradigm?

        These fucking assholes are scared of us. truly scared shitless. MAGA turned the tables on them, for once they received a full dose of their own medicine, but the cherry on top of the Fuck You Sunday here, is it isn’t the use of fear against them, but the use of not fear, the unmistakable message of MAGA is after 2 centuries of these generational one world order scum who think they are masters of the universe, for all the terror and misery they have employed to rule over us we are still here as people who started this great experiment of Liberty, who embody and live that spirit, we are America, and we are not afraid.

        Fear, fear is what has driven them to do the things they do, us dirt people, We The Deplorable’s, we are all that they fear in this whole world, we are all that stand, and always have stood, in their way.
        Fear rules them now, not us, they have that power no more, except for their useful dupes and those too brainwashed to see, all they got now is a demoralized cult of sorry assed spoiled no good ungrateful selfish one way all for me Bob sycophants who once ruled the roosts across the regulatory and judicial branches. Pathetic. We see you. We know you are false, to the core, your power to torment us, spit on us, steal from us that which is not yours, your petty power to bully us, is no longer.

        In a Republic of Will of The Governed use of fear is a two way street, one is by ultimate commission, the other by natural omission, one is the most illegitimate thing imaginable, one is naturally as legitimate as is our natural primal rights and the gift of the blessings of Liberty, something nothing can assail.

        They got to be pretty desperate, what with the control and corruption they held, to attempt a full blown all hands on deck, with the assistance and support of the prior regime president and his clinton crime syndicate associates, plan, implement and foment coup from the inside out in broad daylight against us.
        Think about it. If they are so all powerful and omnipotent, if they had such an iron grip on things, absolute power that is, all they had to do was wait out Trump and us Deplorable’s. Right?
        What would they have to fear that they would totally risk The Long March of globalism on some half baked half assed scheme Trump was in bed with the Russian’s.
        Thats all they had?
        That is truly pathetic.


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