This One Got Me

Think what you would like of me but I am human like everyone else.

I watched this and memories of having to make pancakes and eggs for my little brother when I was eight years old every morning because my parents had split and my Dad was at work came flooding back.

Even if you had a “normal” childhood this will tug at your heart strings.

I am also quite impressed at the little dude’s mad skills at such a tender age.

8 thoughts on “This One Got Me

  1. I beat you by two years, Phil. When I was 5, I was cooking one-eyed-jacks at
    age 5. A one-eyed-jack is made by using a cup to cut a circle out of a piece of
    bread and toasting it in a pan with some butter. You crack an egg and pour it
    into the hole, and flipping it to toast the other side. I was independent at that
    age, and my mom had no reservations about my safety.

    Way off-topic, but on the subject of the CARB issue governor Gaysome told
    President Trump to fuck off. A day or two later, Trump threatened to go after
    Sanfranfagshow using EPA regulations to get them to do something about
    their shit, trash, and diseased skid row areas. Gaysome and the mayor of
    Los Angeles told Trump to fuck off. Predictably, they both started begging
    for federal money to clean up the mess. Then Trump got the chance to
    tell them to fuck off, saying you created the mess so clean it up yourself!
    You gotta love this guy!

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  2. My wife got that “education” as well. She was cooking for her family when she was 5 or so. Dad and 2 brothers in a TB sanitorium for a year, mom working, 3 or 4 little kids at home. She can whip up tortillas faster than a machine. The skill is amazing, her graceful method is something to see…..

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