September 22, 2019 And The Christmas Bullshit Is Already In Full Swing

Not only is it not Thanksgiving yet, it’s not Halloween yet, it’s not even FUCKING OCTOBER YET!

I swear it gets worse every fucking year.

It’s no wonder I hate the Christmas season, it is now officially ONE ENTIRE QUARTER OF A YEAR LONG!!!

Miserable fucking shit.

You better watch your fucking ass Fat Man.

Maybe the last thing you hear will be HO HO HO This Motherfucker!


9 thoughts on “September 22, 2019 And The Christmas Bullshit Is Already In Full Swing

  1. I try to ignore Christmas until the last week when I read “A Christmas Carol” and used to watch “White Christmas” until i read that Donald O’Connor was originally supposed to have the Danny Kaye part.


  2. I would propose Christmas come only every five years. No decorations, no trees, no presents, no damn irritating as fuck christmas music blasted out of every radio and public address system. On the fifth year celebrate like it is 1999… I think Jesus would approve. A corollary, you can celebrate Jesus’s Birth every year, just do it quietly and in a church of your choosing on December 25th.


    • I consider it a successful holiday season if I don’t hear Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad” at all.

      Three year tour in Spain and fucking AFRTS played it every fucking hour on the hour from the end of September till after New Year’s.


      • I call on Spain and raise you Presidio of San Francisco. headquarters, 7th Army and they played Feliz Navidad every other song and the damn barking dog one in between… At least you could pick up radio station from around the bay area that wasn’t playing fucking christmas music 24/8 for two months. I swear the ossifers (there were a lot of high ranking mo fos too.)were so brain dead they never complained, I think the 800 pound head gorilla liked fucking christmas music.


  3. Try working retail, did that crap for 5 years. Before that it was movie usher, try Christmas movies for 8 weeks. Wanna put a bullet in your head, work “checkout counter” the day after for the special sale on wrapping paper, bows and cards (50% off). Kinda humorous when the old bitties dropped gloves to duke it out for the Gingerbread man.



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