A Little Something For That Gun Grabber Beto And His Buddies To Consider

Private American gun ownership VS. the top ten armies in the world.
Almost, but not quite, a 2 to 1 ratio.
This does not include reserve units and the bottom statistics are hunters only and I’m sure there are thousands of cases where one hunter got multiple tags, stamps and permits along with the license. It’s still an accurate enough set of numbers to make my point here.
So, just the hunters in the United States outnumber all of the active personnel of the Top Ten Armies of the ENTIRE WORLD, two to one and this Beto clown and Joe Biden and All of THE REST these other Commie Fucking Bastards, think they are going to come take our guns.
You could easily add another HUNDRED MILLION gun owners to that statistic and then you would be pretty much in the ball park.
You wanna do that math you ignorant fucking gun grabbers?
Wait, that would wind up showing the world what a bunch of Wannabe Commies you really are.
Here, let me do it for you.
THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES MILITARY has Two Million, Three Hundred Thousand Active Members.
Most of whom are support for the actual fighting men and women.
The U.S. Public has OVER One Hundred And Twenty Five Million Gun Owners At The Very Least.
125.000.000 /  2.300.000 = 54.3
Did you catch that you fucking MORONS?
The U.S. Military is outnumbered FIFTY FOUR TO ONE.
Keep talking your shit assholes.
The only way you are getting even a small percentage of all of those privately owned guns is by Mass Murder of  Genocidal  quantities, also known as Crimes Against Humanity.
I’ll give you one guess as to what happens shortly after you attempt something like that.

9 thoughts on “A Little Something For That Gun Grabber Beto And His Buddies To Consider

  1. Also there are over 18,000 Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the United States, and it is estimated that there are between 750,000 and 850,000 sworn officers.
    Jul 23, 2018

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      • That issue might just be Democrat attempts at gun confiscation.
        Then the largest army in the world would come into play, it is
        called the militia AKA the American people. Admiral Isoroku
        Yamamoto told the military “You could never invade the American
        homeland because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

        Bring it on Beto “the mick” O’rourke!


  2. Sorry Phil, I did not read your post to the end. I thought it was simply a list of
    the numbers of military personnel. Tim added law enforcement agencies.
    Had I read it all, I would have to add former LEO’s, and military veterans
    as well as the biker community. Nobody loves liberty more than bikers.

    My shop is a 10×12 shed. I was forced to put my FSXT in the shed and my
    problems are worse than yours. One day I am going to have to get that broke
    dick bike restored so that I can ride it but I have no space for parts.


  3. This Beto guy is mick Irish, so that explains the DUI,
    and being a petty burglar. What a piece of shit.
    MOLON Labe, don’t be drunk, but bring a body bag.


  4. while the numbers hold up, the reality is American gun owners are a paper tiger.
    When we start to pare down the numbers to the physically infirm, the morbidly obese, the hobby gun owner. Now how many will stand and fight when their bank accounts and credit cards are frozen. How many will willingly trade all their guns for food, how many will trade your guns for food.
    How many gangbanger will steal and lie and trade your guns for food?
    now once we get down to the truly hardcore among us I think you are left with about a couple million truly nasty no holds barred warriors, that would turn this country upside down in a truly epic guerrilla war that would make the Balkans, and Afghanistan seem positively civilized.
    If that is the path we will see blue helmets in our streets and we will see millions die, of war, pestilence, and starvation.
    this is not a thing to wish for or be flippant about.
    It is a cup I beg the good lord to let pass from us.


  5. Who the fuck do these people think they are gods or something?
    Get a load of this shit:

    “In some regards, this horse is out of the barn,” said David Chipman, a retired agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and now the senior policy adviser for the Giffords group. “For years we’ve allowed these to be sold.”

    “We” have allowed?
    Fuck You

    It’s from this piece of double speak commie diarrhea of the pie hole:

    Lets go a bit further here:

    “…Cory Booker has proposed a similar program that would involve civil penalties for those who fail to comply and hand in their AR-15s…”

    “Fail” to comply?
    No fail about is motherfucker.
    Refusing to comply with your dictator bullshit is the most legitimate thing imaginable. Never mind you can kiss my ass regardless.

    Come and take them.


  6. US population: (not including the 40 million invaders here illegally)
    1% of 242 million equals 3,420,000

    I’m being conservative, say round it off to 3 million American’s, 3,000,000 pissed off American’s.

    Three million, armed with the finest infantry combat weapons ever devised.

    Math doesn’t lie.
    No one has 3 million self armed military of any kind. A self supplied, self supported, natural, grass roots, open source insurgency, people, who regardless of the lies, agitprop and false narratives, in spite of all those who presume to have some kind of divine right of special powers to tell us all what we can or can not do, 3 million cold angry dirt people who are plank owners, and by every imaginable right and legitimate cause, who own their sovereignty, own the ground below their feet, read it is Their Republic and none others.

    But the best part here is the not spoken much of, is support of “The Countryside”.
    This is larger than any of the aspects here.
    This is everything to everything else.
    Remember who it is here who will in a myriad of ways uniquely American who will support those who will be on the sharp end.
    The ageless military dictum an army travels and fights on its stomach.
    By support that means everything from beans to boolits, gathering intelligence to boots.
    American’s love an underdog, we really love an underdog that prevails against supposed insurmountable odds, for a just and rightful cause.

    The inviolate military axiom, that in order to control a place, you must put “boots on the ground”, that means you must put a solder with a rifle on every street corner, at every bridge, sitting on every electrical substation, critical distribution node of food water and energy, and you must hold it all absolutely. Or your army of occupation is toast, because all those armies, except the dirt people army, create nothing, grow nothing, manufacture and maintain, NOTHING.

    A perfect example here, their ideology notwithstanding, ISIS, only became a political legitimate entity when it captured and then held territory. The standard perception ISIS is a “terrorist” entity is not true in the essential. It did not flood into it’s various areas of operations because it’s intent is to terrorize and eliminate everything in it’s path or murder all in it’s way, ISIS required territory, a place where it’s boots could stand on ground and hold that territory, because without territory it could never be legitimate as a functioning viable political system of control, regardless of it’s politics or intentions. When it holds territory, the rest of the world has to recognize it as a viable institution.
    We Deplorable’s, us who live in dirt land, dirt people, of flyover nation, what the New World order globohomo refers to as “The Unsecured Spaces”, an actual Agenda 21 technical term documented in their written “manifesto’s and working papers.
    The ultimate goal being the ordered de-population of the vast “Unsecured Spaces”, which happen to be the places of vast resources, from lumber to oil and gold, for themselves, get rid of the mathematically and politically scientific determined number of human’s, eliminate, kill them off in the proscribed strategic methods of mass liquidations and pogroms, ie systematic genocide. hen all those riches, all that wealth is yours, you control those resources absolutely, thus you control the world, or at least the western hemisphere.

    Weaponize everything. By weaponizing the essentials, water, food, energy, you obtain absolute power.

    See here, part and parcel of the war on us Freemen with arms is to de-legitimize us as Men in the sp[here of public perceptions, it is the first thing, it is the ultimate in emasculation, this is the foundation, the building blocks of genocide against us.
    It is not our guns ultimately they are after, it is our total liquidation they intend.
    In order to do that, first we must become undesirables, “Deplorable’s”, in this way, we are emasculated in the public eye, stereotyped as crazy blood thirsty animals, something nasty and smelly you scrap off your shoe, this disarms us philosophically, politically, and most importantly, culturally and “legally”.
    They use our guns as props to paint a picture we are horrible despicable human’s, it is the use of fear of us as a weapon to make all who will not defy or resist afraid, it is essentially creating mob rule, the mob will relent and acquiesce to anything to save it’s own hide and feel safe.
    This is totalitarianism 101.
    Make all you can afraid, leaving all who are not fearful, all who resist, stick out like a sore thumb, left to picked off piecemeal, in detail, and nobody is left to rally to their cause and defense.

    Beto’s words are actually very well orchestrated, extremely well understood and implemented social engineering.
    This is psy-ops commie style. Beto’s purpose is to gull us. But, it is also to stick us with a hundred small swords like the bull in the ring, causing us to loose our composure, loose our cool, go off half cocked, piecemeal, keep us off balance, maybe a few of us use our guns and shoot a few fuckwads who need shooting, then the prepared narratives can be employed in mass and we are further portrayed as mouth breathers, savages, Deplorable’s.
    It is why there are so many false flag operations, because there are not enough, actually there is essentialy zero, instances of us Freemen doing the horrible things they do with false flag/crisis as a means events, they must manufacture then ascribe those awful events to us because we ain’t co-operating with the script and approved narrative.
    It is a serious problem too, us refusing to go along with being racialists and white supremecists.

    Beto is a stalking horse, nothing more, he is married to a hideously wealthy woman who is part of this self anointed ruling class who presumes to rule over the rest of us, Beto’s purpose is to seize the moment, on the national stage, under the national spotlight not possible at any other time or place, (most of the leftist candidates are radical marxist stalking horses, each with a specific purpose and specialty), and emasculate us Freemen, taking our guns as he puts it is secondary, because that is for all practical purposes impossible, his purpose is to outlaw us as human beings, thus laying the groundwork to genocide us all who are perfectly well understood and excepted as those who will never comply, thus we can be eliminated.
    It is not our guns, it is us they want.
    Beto is not a presidential candidate.
    He never was.
    It matters not.
    Notice all the democratic party “candidates” are pushing all the right buttons, say all the approved things, they all dovetail perfectly with the party’s agenda, no exception, even Tulsi Cheescake, she is a tool they let in to contrast the field, give it a level of appearance of political/social “legitimacy”.
    What does matter is Beto riles us up, it is another push, it is the dicktator’s timeless tried and true dictum of divide people so you can more easily conquer them, make them do the dirty, the ugly nasty bloody dirty work while you sit back and reap the whirlwind, another level of setting the stage of singling out American’s, free people who stand in the way of power, it is not our guns they want, it is our fingers that pull the trigger of these lethal devices of pure freedom they must get rid of.
    Think Kill The Kulak.
    Kill The Deplorable’s, present time’s Kulak’s, with their traditions bibles and guns.
    Get those you make afraid to turn against their fellow American’s.
    Or that should really be get amerikan’s to ostracize American’s. This is the path of pogrom.
    This is cultural warfare, war of hearts and minds.
    In this impossible situation, the best way to get rid of the guns is to get rid of those with the guns.
    problem solved. But…you first have to do it where you do not get the deplorable’s so angry they totally unite, pick up their rifles and do more than wave their guns in your tyrant face, and come and hang and shoot your sorry ass.


  7. A parable on Gun Control. A criminal perpetrator rapes someone, so the Government under the guise of “Penis Safety” comes to your house to register your penis. No big deal but you now have a registered number on your penis, and they promised that they would not bother you anymore. Another criminal perpetrator rapes somebody else and the Anti-Penis people convinces the Government to come to your house to buy back your registered penis. You like your registered penis, so you don’t sell. The Anti-Penis crowd convinces the Government that you should not even be able to think of hateful things you could be doing with your registered penis, so the Government comes to your house to confiscate your numbered and registered penis, so you shoot them with your gun. End of Parable.



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