Sticking My Toe In The Water

This could prove to be interesting.

I just posted my first item for sale on the local Craigslist and even though I have bought a ton of shit off of it , I have never tried to sell anything using it.

I bought this Harbor Freight metal chop saw a few years ago and used it 3 or 4 times and it has just been collecting dust ever since.


They are $100 new anymore so I am asking half of that.

It still has the original cut off wheel on it and as you can see, the paint has barely been scraped off the bed.

After I got the horizontal band saw I can’t see the need to hold onto it anymore.

I came to this realization about a week ago but didn’t actually do anything about it.

After just getting back in the house from trying to re-arrange a bunch of crap out in that garage the reality that I flat out have too much shit hit home like a pile driver.

It’s time.

I should just have a massive yard sale but it’s too late in the season now. It was beautiful outside today but it is supposed to start raining like the proverbial cow on a flat rock tomorrow and who knows when it will stop again. Maybe next June at this point.

If selling crap on Craigslist doesn’t turn into a giant hassle I may just hit it hard and get rid of a bunch of shit.

We shall see.



6 thoughts on “Sticking My Toe In The Water

  1. I bought the upgrade axle for the work trailer on craigslist, it was no hassle, because i paid what he was asking. If you list something, I’d suggest using words like no spammers or low bidders, negotiation can happen in meatspace.


  2. Don’t know how it is in the PNW, but back in Long Beach, a for sale ad on craigslist for some computer stuff I had brought nothing but freaks, weirdos, tire-kickers, and low-ball artists to our door.

    I’d always posted what I knew to be fair prices on my stuff, and it’s all clean and fully functional. I was stunned when half the people offered me $25 for an item listed at $150, and worth $200.

    Nooooooo thanks!


  3. Stand by for the inevitable ‘I’m out of the country but my agent will pick it up and pay you with a Cashier’s Check’ attempted scam.

    Tell them ‘Dead Presidents or no deal’.


  4. Was selling a big canvas outfitter’s tent on Craigslist. It was a $1,000 tent that I’d only used 3 times and never had any weather in those times. Asked $750 on the ad. Guy calls me up and asks if I will take $650. Okay. He shows up and says he’d like it, but only has $500.

    Screw that noise.


  5. Craigs does work, better in populous areas, but generally you have to deal with 5-10 potential buyers, most of them a$$holes before you make a sale. Other comments by your fans about lowballers and tirekickers is true as well. Preferable that they do not know where you live, and that you be armed when meeting customers.


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