Merry September To Me

The little vintage test indicator I ordered off of Ebay  four days ago was sitting on top of the junk pile next to my recliner when I got home tonight.


It was actually in better condition than what was advertised but I did have to give it a couple of shots of the old Panther Piss to get the little knurled nut loose at the bottom and  to loosen up the mechanism a bit.

I found this cool GIF of a very similar one made by the same company. Mine goes from 0 to 10 instead of 0 to 4 like this one but is otherwise identical.


Pretty freakin’ amazing they could come up with a mechanical indicator so accurate 100 years ago and yet as delicate as it is, it still works to this day.

When I get a chance I am going to test it against a newer dial indicator and see if it is still  semi-accurate.

I absolutely love old tools like this.

Sure, a new digital indicator is more accurate and all sexy and shit but they just don’t have the magic for me like this thing does.

There is just something about vintage mechanical objects that touches my soul.

Even when I was very young I loved old things.

They have substance and you can usually sense the human touch in their design and appearance.

Plus they weren’t made out of cheap fucking plastic and there isn’t any God Damn computer chip in them nor any motherfucking batteries to go dead.

That’s why they are still around and are still functional.

6 thoughts on “Merry September To Me

  1. That baby is a beauty. I, too like old stuff. Especially, but not confined to electrical apparatus. I also love old tools, cars and firearms. Maybe that’s why my garage is kind of filled to the gills like yours. And my basement and shed and gameroom and anywhere else that I can stash stuff………….

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  2. Who said that Stephen King‘s „Needful Things“ was just made up by the author?
    Phil, did you happen buying your stuff from an individual by the name of Leland Gaunt?

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  3. Digital gauges are useful when absolute accuracy is necessary, but sometimes an analog gauge that allows one to see a relative reading or a trend at a glance is better.

    Engine vitals – oil pressure, water temp, system voltage – I don’t need to know to the exact psi, degree or volt – just that things are within normal operating ranges.

    Runout on a rotating assembly? Sometimes I need to know the exact measurement…sometimes just a visual indication is enough.

    Anyway…that’s my $0.02…

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    • Yer gonna make me blush…
      Thank you .
      I can’t even remember about half of the crazy things I did when I was younger but what I don’t remember a whole bunch of my family probably does. If I wrote a book I would be afraid most people would think I was bullshitting them even though it would all be true and I do have some doozies I haven’t spilled my guts about yet.

      I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations has run out on most of it by now. Most but most certainly not all though.

      Some of the crazy things I did back in the day will get you shot by the cops nowadays. I know this for a fact because I had a buddy who was even crazier than I was get shot in the neck and killed from three feet away while pulling one of his usual crazy stunts in a dune buggy down town by a local cop who knew him in the little town we grew up in.
      That was almost twenty years ago now that I think about it.

      Maybe someday I will take some time and gather a bunch of it up before my mind goes completely.


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