I Can Afford To Lose A Little Sleep For it

I have a buddy who is pretty much a Pack Rat like I am, who’s Dad makes us both look like casual collectors.

He’s a heck of a nice guy who I have met a few times over the years. Between the three of us we have swapped all kinds of crap but normally I use my buddy as a middle man because it’s easier on all of us.

I got a special treat today, I got to go see the gentleman at his house, way out in the Pucker Brush.

That’s why it is easier to do our swaps through my buddy, because his Dad lives way out of town.

Hoo boy, it was way cool when I got there finally. He has a machine shop in his basement, a vintage John Deere bulldozer that runs like a top right outside under his upper deck and trees. Acres of big old firs, alders and everything else that grows naturally around here. There is a year round creek at the bottom of the hill his house is on too.

I also have to give him credit, all of his stuff is nice and neatly organized, unlike the general clusterfuck me and my buddy both have got going on. He is just a neat old guy and he and his 3 brothers own a quarter of a mile of this scenic property between them.

They are all Old School and tinker and build things. You know, like fully functional sawmills, log splitters, that kind of thing.

The reason I finally got to go up there with my buddy is because he knows I have been looking for a serious hunk of steel to use for an anvil.

You can’t buy a a decent anvil anymore for under at least three or four hundred dollars  and it isn’t too hard to spend $1,500 and up for a big one when they do come up for sale.

Just for shits and grins I got a price quote on a hunk of steel big enough to use as a small anvil and almost choked. There isn’t anywhere around here that sells scrap metal either. Lots of places that will buy it from you but none that will sell you any. Kind of weird but that’s how it is.

Of course you can buy the old Hunk Of Rail Road Track Turned Into An Anvil kind of crap but I was wanting something wider than that narrow shit.

My buddy mentions that I am looking for something to his dad, the Dad says I have a pair of old Forklift Forks I can’t use so bring him up here and we’ll see what he wants.


The thing is, I have this weird work schedule and don’t get to sleep until four or five in the morning. My buddy and his dad are used to getting up about the time I am going to bed. Because they are both basically Workaholics I didn’t want to make my Buddy sit around all morning waiting for my sorry ass so even though I didn’t get to sleep until five this morning, I kept reminding myself that I needed to get up early as I was falling asleep.

At 0910 I started waking up, staggered in, did my business, found my glasses, threw a cuppa in the Nukulizer and texted him that I was on my way.

We got up there about  10 and started right in wrestling this damn long, heavy and awkward hunk of steel trying to get it situated and level in a big horizontal band saw so he could hack me off a chunk. As you can imagine it took a little while but after a bit I had my prize.




Yeah, I know it’s not a real anvil but it’s thick enough, wide enough, heavy enough and tough enough that I can use it to pound things on. I just need to clean it up and find a way to mount it on some kind of stand. I’ll probably hit my buddy up for a hunk of log to embed it in the end of,  there is no shortage of those up at his dad’s place either. We’ll see

We hung around a little while swapping the shit but I needed to get back because the Wifely Unit finally made a doctors appointment to get her damn foot looked at so it’s currently out in Phil’s Temple of Tools awaiting further ministrations.

Yeah, I have no problem losing a couple hours of sleep to make a score like that. It isn’t every day you can get your hands on a hunk of quality steel like that for basically free.

That’s what naps are for anyway.


12 thoughts on “I Can Afford To Lose A Little Sleep For it

  1. Damn son, ya did good! You better keep that under wraps when I finally get back close to The World… it just might find a new home, whilst ya ain’t looking. Hey! what are friends for iffn’ they can’t drool over ya tools, toys and shit?

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      • I did and I thought it cool but, I sold the damn heavy-assed gen set as I got a good price for it from a neighbor. I have my eye on a smaller Honda 3000 or some such that will do everything I need and a little more. Thank you anyway! If I had kept it and had a place to keep it I would have bought the house of horror freight as it would have cost more then that to buy and fab the same kit.

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  2. By the way, I am stuck here in the wilds of bum fuck eastern South Dakota till at least early Spring next year. I go into surgery on the 1st of October to scrape the damn infection out of my left ankle in what is Osteomyelitis. and because it eat part of the bone to rebuild it, I then can be called the “Sixteen dollar Man” Iffn’ it ain’t one thing it is another… FUCK! The doc doesn’t want me using the foot and ankle for heavy use for at least six weeks. I ain’t driving over the Rockies with two trailers being towed in the winter with a bum foot.


  3. I found a worn out, clapped out, done for 600 lb Rail Road anvil for 2500.00 this week. It’s not fit to use, only yard decoration…. Good grief.

    See this guys vids: Scrap built anvil (This will get you started on his ideas, he has a lot of short vids on this subject) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tCY8oygI5I&t=4s

    Buidling an anvil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76V2Nf7sDWU (I plan to follow this to start)

    Good luck and get after it!!!


  4. Steel is dirt cheap right now. My BIL accumulates scrap and every few months we take a bin full ( a few ton’s worth) to the scrap dealer in town. We are currently getting 3 CENTS/LB as occasional customers. The regulars that bring in tons every day/week are getting closer to 12 to 20 cents/lb at the moment. Basically China is not buying so the price has plummeted.

    I have a big hunk like the one you just scored, use it for same purpose, but picked it up at the scrap yard for a few bucks. Next time you need steel, especially smallish chunks, check out a local scrapyard, they are usually friendly to old geezers that fix/build stuff, and let’s face it, if they charge you 40 cents/lb they are coming out way ahead on beer money.


  5. The steel we use for work is $45 a hundred weight but is of known spec, the stuff you are buying at the scrap yard is what? Chinesium? By the way, get a good 1″ thick bottom plate put some holes in the edges and weld it to your fork piece as an upside down T. Then mount to sturdy, aged rail road ties. Note taht you want enough mass to get the work energy of the hammer (think your arm muscles) into the work piece, not accelerating the anvil up and down. (1/2MV^2 = MGH) H is up and down and is wasted energy.


    PS, don’t be surprised if the fork tine flattens out quickly.


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