Okay my little miscreants, I have a mission for you.

There is this fellow who I was recently introduced to via Email and after some back and forths, I have convinced him to fire up an old Blog he was writing in years ago when he was over in The Big SandBox, trying to keep from getting his head blown off.

To put it mildly, while he was there and since he got back, he has been through the fucking wringer, six ways from breakfast. Be that as it may, this guy can write.

He’s Big, He’s Bad and He’s All American baby.

Not for the faint of heart nor the spineless snowflakes, please allow me to introduce

Big Country and his resurrected Blog,

The Intrepid Reporter.

I have already added him to the Blogroll here and at the old place so I can keep  up with what he has to say. I can imagine after a several year hiatus that he might just have a few things to say.

You have your orders, now roll out and tell him Busted sent ya.


16 thoughts on “DOG PILE!!!

  1. Hey, Phil, have you noticed the Cold Fury blog is down/gone/inaccessible? Any idea if he just gave up on it or if he was censored out of existence?


  2. Yo blow! I went over to Big’gins Blog and I was mildly surprised, a mo fo in your style! I like him, now, it gonna be hard as to who I read first thing in the morning! Also, I didn’t realize you had another blog… is it posted over in your blog role? I gotz to go read it.

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    • Lemme take my shoe off here. One, two, three, four, five, yep, … wait a minute, take my other shoe off, six.
      Yep, I have six blogs all total. Two Ornery Bastards, one on Blogger and one on WordPress, Two Vulgar Curmudgeons, one on Blogger and this one that I changed the name on. If you search for The Vulgar Curmudgeon on Google comes up as the #2 result because it used to be The Vulgar Curmudgeon. Antidote To Tyranny on Blogger and BustednucklesII, the back up for this site on Blogger, just in case the bastards disappear this one out of the blue.
      Believe it or not but I started Blogging in March of 2006.
      I have been doing this a long fucking time.


  3. Oh, shit, you have a kindred spirit??? the interwebz ain’t ready for this.


    Never met you in person, Big, but good morning, I’ll visit your blog frequently, with what I just read.


  4. Hey Big! Your comment section is still not up and running, I tried to post a couple of comments and it said gongle is broke… either that or ya banned my ass already.


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