Very Cool

No turn signal lights though.


I was looking at this and wondering how it could possibly be street legal when I remembered a little incident in the small town I used to live in.

I was standing outside of a bar on Main street smoking a cigarette when this cool old Studebaker pick up comes around the corner with a cop all lit up right behind him. The old guy pulls over about ten feet from me and this young cop jumps out. I’m talking like just graduated High School looking young and he swaggers up to the drivers window. There was an old cop still sitting in the car. The young cop starts going on about how the guy made a turn and didn’t use his turn signals as he is getting his little ticket book out.

I can hear the whole conversation as they are just a few feet away.

The old guy in the pickup says, what turn signals?

This truck didn’t come with turn signals!

Bigger than shit, as I take a closer look there aren’t any turn signals and just one stop light on the back.

It’s an OLD truck.

So now the young cop starts walking around the truck looking for turn signals. The old cop can hear all of this going on too.

The young cop goes back and starts arguing that the law requires turn signals and the old guy repeats to him that it didn’t come with them from the factory so he isn’t required to have them.
This goes on for a minute or so and pretty soon the old old cop gets out of the car with a disgusted look on his face, walks up to the side of the truck, tells the young cop to get in the car, turns to the old guy in the pickup and says, this is a neat old truck sir, you have taken very good care of it. You have a nice day sir and I will go have a talk with my fellow officer.

I could see by the look on the young cops face that he was pissed for being treated like that but when the old cop got back in the car he started chewing his ass right in front of me. I started laughing my ass off and figured I had better get back inside before they decided to come fuck with me too.

I sure do miss living in a small town.

5 thoughts on “Very Cool

  1. It needs fenders and lights to be legal in GA.A lawyer has been battling getting his Ariel Atom registered but the open wheels killed its chances.


  2. 1967 Datsun pickup. No seat belts from the factory. NO TICKET FROM YOU!
    1300 cc, 67 horsepower. It was my rolling dog house, just left the window open for her to get in out of the snow and rain.
    Used to pull forage wagons with it. In hindsight, with lack of braking power and Mass, not the safest or smartest thing to do. But what else can you do when it’s all Pa had at the time.


  3. Was watching some cop-ish show and the cop pulls someone over and starts the whole ticket for not using turn signal things. The driver said he used hand signals, so what’s the problem? Cop said you have to use turn signals. Driver says what turn signals, I used hand signals. Cop says hand signals are illegal in Missouri.

    I go to Missouri’s website, look it up, yep, hand signals are still legal as all get out, especially if the turn signals aren’t working due to mechanical failure or if the vehicle isn’t equipped with turn signals (the first will get you a warning and a fix-or-get-a-ticket-ticket, the second gets you a pass.)

    Some cops, shockingly, don’t understand the laws they’re supposed to be enforcing. I’m shocked, shocked I say…


  4. It’s INDIANA, guess what’s held every May in INDIANA, that’s right the INDY 500. Only brings in about a bazillion dollars to the local and state economy. BTW its a TWO seater. Mario gives rides the week before the race to people wearing double Depends. Oh-Rah, ride em cowboy!



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