It’s Gonna Be Ugly

Thought of work

I had two Mondays in a row, yesterday I felt something coming on all day and had to work my ass off anyway and right now both of the lymph nodes in my throat are as hard as rocks, my ears have been plugged up and now it hurts to swallow. Oh fucking boy. I caught some kind of crud just in time to fuck my weekend. Ya gotta fuckin’ love it.



4 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be Ugly

  1. Honey in black tea, real hot, add fresh lemon juice if you can, sip it all day. Granny was from Armenia and this was one of the better nostrums. The one where she would “paint” the back of the throat with iodine on a long swab was not so well received, but was applied anyway. I survived so it must have worked 😉 Get well amigo.


  2. My go-to-friend, “The Fire Chief” (30yrs on his local Volunteer Fire Department, many years as Chief) recommends the following remedy from his own firehouse:

    1. Take 2 (two) good shots of YUKON JACK (Canadian whisky, honey).
    2. Go STRAIGHT to bed. You will wake up with NO sickness.

    They swear by it. And, you know, when the bell rings, a fireman has to answer the call …


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