This is one of the best Fuck You’s I have seen in a long time.


The only thing that could have been even better would have been to randomly mix them all up.

7 thoughts on “BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  1. Um…. no. You either unplug all the cables (their origin and the terminus), wipe the router”s routing table (pretty easy – there’s a factory reset button on the back, by the power supply), or, if you’re a total bastard – call AT&T\Comcast\ect (whomever the data link provider is) and put in an immediate cancel\terminate order on the D-MARK and its far-side connection.

    I’ve seen each, and by far, the loss of a D-MARK is a mark of pure ‘bastard’, and can drive a biz to a dead stand-still… seen one guy go to the router, force the IOS (operating system) for a password change, and enable the memory address to refuse any attempt to over-write the IOS to clear all the settings. Cisco loves those – usually means a new router, and sale – they’re not covered in the purchase agreements…


    • You either unplug all the cables (their origin and the terminus), wipe the router‚ÄĚs routing table

      I think for the guy who has to run the cables around the building that’s an “easy for you to say”. That guy will be pissed at the guy who cut all the cables.

      The problem is the guy who cut the cables isn’t saying “Fuck you” to the company. He’s saying it to the guy who has run the cables.


  2. Not at a bad idea, at all. Bit of work, though.

    I know of a pair of patch panels, however, where half the lines coming in are no longer in use, and nothing is marked.
    45 seconds with a pair of snips on the backs of the panels would be crippling.


    • IT and Phone guys NEVER mark the cables. Even when I worked at DirecTV and Boeing, where they’re absolutely paranoid about documentation and cable marking, the cables weren’t marked.


  3. By cutting the cabling the company must now pay someone to run NEW cables from the switch to all the network drops said switch served. A VERY labor intensive process. Much more of. Problem than just plugging the cables back into the switch and reconfiguring. One takes time. The other takes time and material.


  4. Those are patch cables. (nice clean factory installed plug ends) Just run new cables from the demarc to the switch, probably 10′ at most and you’re done. 10-15min if you don’t care, 30 if you like to route them all nice and pretty. We used to cut them like that when demo’ing a rack that wasn’t being reused if we were running new equip anyway. It’s all going into the dumpster, just easier than tripping over all the cables tossing it.
    If you’re really going to hose something out, the other side of the patch panel…where they’re all punched down…THAT is where you cut it. Or, to be even worse, where they enter the telco room They’re already pulled tight, that would require all new cables pulled from the jack to the punch down on the back of the patch.


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