Oh Please God Let It Be True, Trump To Revoke California’s Ability To Set Emissions Standards!

This is long overdue in my opinion.

California has cost consumers in the rest of this country Billions of dollars, Automakers even more than that and has caused so many headaches for mechanics and parts suppliers it is beyond measure with their California Air Resources Board emissions standards.

The same make and model of car could possibly have several different combinations of parts on them because of it causing confusion and extra costs over decades of their economic terrorism. Cars built in California had completely different emissions equipment on them and most states having the same quality of weasel lawmakers would follow suit using their standards.

It’s been a very long nightmare for the entire automotive industry from the manufacturers all the way down to the back yard mechanic, even wrecking yards had to headache with it.

Pull that trigger Trump.

You can tell just from this L.A. Times headline that the butt hurt this is going to cause is going to be intense.

Even better.

Keep reading because there is something else at the bottom of this post you need to see.

Trump plans to revoke key California environmental power after getting spurned over auto deal


President Trump is expected on Wednesday to revoke a decades-old rule that empowers California to set tougher car pollution standards than those required by the federal government — putting the state and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on a path to years of fighting in court.

The move, which has been in the works for much of the last three years, seeks to erase the authority that has provided the foundation for California’s role as an environmental leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. By revoking a special waiver the state has relied on for years, the administration will be saying that no state can set more ambitious pollution controls than those adopted by the federal government.

The EPA had no official comment on the plan, which is expected to be announced while Trump is in California for a campaign fundraising trip.

The administration’s plan to revoke the waiver is likely to set off years of legal battles that could eventually land at the U.S. Supreme Court. The move affects not only California, but also 13 other states and the District of Columbia that follow its emissions regulations have vowed to defend their tougher rules.

Hanging in the balance is whether California will continue to serve as a laboratory for tough new car pollution rules and whether its regulations requiring automakers to sell more zero-emission vehicles and plug-in hybrids will survive. The state’s goal is to have more than 1 million of these cars on the road by 2025.

The rule change is expected to be finalized a few months after California spurned the White House by secretly negotiating a deal with four major automakers. As part of the pact, the car manufacturers — Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW — agreed to voluntarily increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, essentially ignoring the Trump administration’s plans to roll back car pollution standards.

“Crazy!” the president tweeted in response. “The Founders of Ford Motor Company and General Motors, are ‘rolling over’ at the weakness of current car company executives,” he wrote.

Other automakers, such as General Motors, have reportedly been interested in joining the agreement. The administration’s move to strip California of its unique authority under the Clean Air Act to set its own tailpipe emissions standards has been viewed by some of the president’s critics as retaliatory.

“It’s clearly a big slap at California,” said Ann Carlson, a professor of environmental law at UCLA. “It does make you wonder whether there’s a motivation here that’s political rather than legal.”

California has embraced its role as chief antagonist to Trump on environmental policies, suing the administration repeatedly over its agenda of dismantling Obama-era environmental and public health regulations. Federal judges have sided with California and environmental groups in cases concerning air pollution, pesticides and the royalties that the government receives from companies that extract oil, gas and coal from public land.

Further escalating tensions between the state and the Trump administration, the Department of Justice has launched an antitrust investigation into whether the automakers violated federal competition law by reaching an agreement with California to reduce emissions.

The EPA and the Department of Transportation also sent a letter to California regulators warning of “legal consequences” if the state did not abandon its agreement with automakers. The letter reiterated the administration’s long-held belief that only these agencies have the authority to set fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards for cars.

California’s special authority to regulate car pollution dates back to the 1960s, when Los Angeles was enveloped in a thick layer of smog that state officials came to see as a public health crisis. By the time the 1970 Clean Air Act took effect, the state had already enacted its own tailpipe emission controls.

There is more at the link.

Those bureaucratic power brokers down South of me have been trying to flank Trump and that was a mistake.

Personal, political or just plain being a dick,  I don’t care, I just hope Trump does go after those fuckers, hard.

There is another reason I am so happy to see this happen.

Everyone reading this will also now start celebrating this move whole heartedly , I guarantee it.

Remember these?




Those three handed miserable sonofabitch gas can spouts?

You can thank those miserable tree hugging cocksuckers at CARB for those too.

 “The EPA banned normal gas cans in 2009, following the pioneers at the California Air Resources Board, which intones:

The Portable Fuel Container (PFC) regulations are an important concept in our efforts to improve California’s air quality.”

Good fucking riddance and God Speed President Trump.

If people knew where those damn spout rules originated from and could connect it with Trump shit canning CARB it would be worth forty million votes alone.

20 thoughts on “Oh Please God Let It Be True, Trump To Revoke California’s Ability To Set Emissions Standards!

  1. In ’73 I bought a ’71 Firebird in Vancouver.
    I didn’t realize that it had been built for California until I wanted to change the air filter.

    The radiator and hoses weren’t “normal”, either.

    The spark plugs were a different heat range.


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    • I had a 73? Datsun wagon once that was a complete POS with no title that came out of California. Someone had put some kind of gas tank sealer in it at one point and the shit kept flaking off and plugging the fuel filters. Everything on that rig from the gas tank to the carb was completely different than other ones in the area so parts were impossible to find. This was in the early 90’s btw.
      I wound up pulling the tank, filling it with gravel and shaking it around to knock that shit loose and had toput three fuel filters in line with two in the glove box. I didn’t take it too far from home for a long time until that shit finally quit coming loose. I paid for tags on it for a couple of years with no title and they finally sent me one.


  2. About time. I never like that a state that is as backward as kommiefornica can dictate to the rest of the nation. I also hope Trump’s DOJ slams a hard one the auto makers real good and they have to start building cars we will buy, not the shit they are putting out.


  3. Yeah Man!
    You fukin’ know it.
    Quote. Of. The. Year.:

    “…Good fucking riddance and God Speed President Trump.

    If people knew where those damn spout rules originated from and could connect it with Trump shit canning CARB it would be worth forty million votes alone.”


  4. Trump has been talking about this for at least a year now, and I’m sure Trump’s people have been busy writing new laws to rescind the CARB’s authority.

    And they probably are writing them so it can’t happen again.


  5. Riddle me this: If the car manufacturers want to build cars with better mileage, better emissions, more hybrid or electric features, why must there be a government mandate, California, Federal, or otherwise, that they must meet??? If they can do it, they should. Tree-huggers should be lining up around the block to make it happen.
    However, if there’s a mandate that they must meet more stringent requirements, then they have to spend money, make different parts, and can now charge the customer (you and I) more money for the same car that they could have build from their own free will without a mandate for improvements.
    All Trump is doing is pointing out that the car manufacturers are a bunch of whiny bastards, screaming how the world will end if they don’t have stricter standards (thanks to Obama) to meet. Sounds kind-of bass-ackwards to me…


    • it is not that tree huggers want to buy the cars mandated to be built to such standards, it is that they want YOU to buy them instead.
      how much cleaner would city air be if everyone lived less than two miles from where they work every day. driving fifty miles each way to work then home every day is not my idea of a good day.
      chauffeured politicians never worry about such things. its only for us proles.


  6. I’m in Occupied Territory, and Trump needs to do this.

    CARB killed Blitz fuel cans, and fuel spouts that work.
    And chickenshits in other states won’t send them.
    I have to sneak them in under the radar from AZ and NV just to have working spouts.

    Among 50 other things where it’s past time to rein in the communists at the Excremento state house.


  7. I certainly see the logic behind Trump’s actions. But…theoretically, it’s the United States of America; the founders considered the states the premier political, social and economic units, who would work in concert. So, if California decreed that all cars must be purple and have 7 wheels, theoretically that’s within their purview, and automakers can decide if they want to build purple 7-wheeled cars for the California market. What California doesn’t have the authority to do is dictate that the other 49 states also require purple 7-wheeled cars. What seems to be the problem is that Cali is such a large market, and federal bureaucrats are so incompetent and spineless, that What Happens In Cali Happens Everywhere.

    Which brings us back to the concept that the federal government has become way too large, way too powerful and way too intrusive; that’s what seems to be the problem.


    • Normally, I am a states right guy, but the federal government
      may have authority in this case under the Interstate Commerce
      Clause in the Constitution. If each state can set their own vehicle
      emission, fuel efficiency, and even fuel formulations the effects
      can be staggering. All 14 states that adopted Californias CARB
      rules (Democrat governed states by the way,) have cost the
      automakers and the consumers trillions of dollars.

      The concept of states rights might extend to cars made in those
      states, but to give each state the right to set emission standards,
      fuel efficiency standards and fuel formulations is insane. It
      literally gives each state the right to impose regulations on
      companies in other states.

      If a person buys a car made in the South or Michigan where
      those standards do not exist, no state should have the right
      to dictate Interstate Commerce.


      • It’s not just IC itself, it’s all those funds for the National Defense Interstate Highway System paid out since the 1950s.

        If/when CA wants to refund Uncle Sugar all those billion$ of dollar$ used to build I-5, I-10, etc., with interest, then they can jabber about “states’ rights”.
        CA doesn’t get to make their own flight rules, or have their own railroad regulations. This is also laying groundwork to undo the nanny-state weapons laws.
        When someone takes Heller and MacDonald to their logical conclusions (as Mr. Justice Scalia hinted at in those rulings), states will not be able to set any laws on weapons more stringent than the fedgov, and everybody has to abide by constitutional carry.
        But, one battle with my state’s morons at a time.

        Letting them dick around with cars and emission standards was stupid and short-sighted at the time. Time to rectify that error in America’s favor.


  8. This be some eerie shit, Phil. I spent a few hours in the afternoon doing some
    mechanic work for the neighboorhood saint. A week earlier, despite a total lack of
    reference materials, I got her shitbox, Ford Ranger, running without a fusebox
    diagram. Not a single map of the fusebox could be found on the Intertubes, and
    I took note of all the crap that was not working and came back to work the problems
    one by one. She had already found some local mechanic with the correct diagram
    and he fixed most of the issues gratis, leaving the little shit for me. That meant
    some bulb replacements. I popped them out and gave her the samples to take
    to the auto parts store.

    She mentioned that the truck was Marxifornia compliant otherwise, this vehicle,
    brought up by her from Texas would have been a bitch pass smog tests and
    whatever else this fucked up state mandates. She was thankful for that. That
    is where I went on a rant about CARB regulations, mandated seasonal fuel
    formulations, insane Cal OSHA standards and the like. I told her that if
    President Trump did nothing else but limit the standards to existing federal
    regulations, the people of this state would be happier than pigs in shit!
    The price of gasoline, diesel fuel, and automobiles would drop like a rock.
    It would cost the taxpayers nothing as the burden would be on fucked
    up socialist states like California. It would also be good for a shitload of
    votes in 2020.

    It was like Trump read my mind. Later, I hit your Blog and read this post
    and it made me smile. If he sells this the right way, he might win the state.
    There are a lot of people in this state that are not too happy with the assholes
    who are running it.

    All hail Youtube! Popping the dome light lens, and the license plate lamp
    was like working a Chinese puzzle box. The upper brake and bed lights
    was a piece of cake, but I found videos for the rest. I discovered Youtube
    how-to videos when I needed to adjust throttle cables for my Harley, which
    beats the shit out buying a 100 dollar service manual. If you need it,
    there are videos like this for just about anything.


  9. Two days ago I was trying to vent one of those “ventless” plastic cans that was bloated by the heat. Got a few ounces of hot gasoline that was trapped in the spout jetted into my eyes for my trouble. Right under the safety glasses. They spill more fuel (even when working as designed) than I ever spilled with conventional spouts. Now I spend my days searching estate sales for old metal gas cans I can refurbish. Or racing fuel cans (expensive). Please, GEOTUS, hear my plea: strip CA of the ability to foist off those stupid spouts on the rest of us. I swear they were invented by Canadians. Eh?


  10. I mentioned the insane CARB fuel formulation mandates in my last post.
    There are winter and summer formulations, both of which make fuel
    expensive as hell, and no other formulation is allowed in the state. It
    is illegal to import standard formulations from other states.

    I missed out on the chance to soil my skivvies, but a lot of my coworkers
    were working on jobs at TLAP (Texaco Los Angeles Plant) back in the 90s.
    There was a massive Hydrogen explosion at the refinery. It was so bad
    that pumps were blown off their foundation and ended up in overhead
    pipe and conduit runs. Some poor chick at the guard shack was standing
    outside and got her ass blown out onto PCH and the blast blew her
    clothes off. She was not badly injured and nobody was killed but the
    explosion forced a 6+ month shutdown.

    In any sane state, a disruption like this would trigger an exemption that
    would allow imports from other states, in Marxifornia, that is illegal.
    Prices went up and stayed up long past the refinery resumed operation.

    Here is an economics lesson: Why is it that when the price of oil goes
    up, the price increase is immediate, but when the price of oil comes
    down it takes a while to lower prices at the pump? The immediate
    hike is necessary to make up for higher oil prices. When oil prices
    drop, they have to sell-off the existing supply that was bought at the
    higher price before lower prices are seen at the pump.


  11. PS As to those cans, someone should fill them with high octane aviation fuel,
    shove them up the asses of the morons who passed these regulations and
    pour five gallons up their asses!


  12. I’ve always questioned the logic of expecting those that build major cities on fault lines to determine regulations. A less polite society would have publicly flogged the idiots that decided this was the best option.


  13. Remember they voted to exclude Trump from being on the Californication POTUS election ballet if he refused to give them his tax returns?
    Think of the dirty money they loose if that treehumper power is denied them.

    And…drum roll please, they are trying to con the feds out of disaster funds for the homeless disaster they created.
    Trump said no way hose, you made that mess, your not getting federal dollars, you fix it.


  14. one of the big three needs to build a super muscle car, one that is sure to be a big seller, at an affordable price…..then label it “NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA”…. just to make a point


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