8 thoughts on “Tsk Tsk, No Safety Glasses?

  1. I have no fucking sympathy for asswipes that get hurt or shit torn because they know better. Should have had that scraggy-assed beard in a tight hair net or damn assed short working around machinery.


  2. He’s lucky it’s not half his face in that thing.
    I remember when new guys would come to start working in the shop and might come in wearing long sleeves… bad idea near a gear-driven lathe.


  3. Whatever he is on, (look at the eyes) it almost cost him his face! Funny thing about machines, they do not care. As pointed out above, they do not have shop class anymore, which is a crime in my book. Of course they don’t have history or social studies anymore either. I guess the kids don’t need to know those things to function as an NPC huh?


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