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I can’t speak for anyone else but I know for a fact that they are putting up houses, apartment buildings and warehouses around this area faster than I can keep up with them. I also remember when we last went to Seattle that there was so much construction and new buildings going up downtown that I literally didn’t recognize the same view from the same hotel parking lot that we stayed in last Summer.

I went to my Brothers place yesterday and took a little side trip down some old neighborhoods back in the hills and it was the same thing. I hadn’t been down some of those old country roads for years and there had been so much build up that I almost got lost.

Everyone reading this post should take a little time to wheel around your AO and see if anything has changed over the past year.

Using that picture above, you should be at least generally familiar where downtown is, where the Industrial Area is, where the major transportation and shipping hubs are and how the entire area is laid out.

Literally all of the expansion in this area can only go in so many directions because of the local geography and the already existing city limits of the neighboring towns.

With the Columbia River directly to the South and then curving North, that effectively cuts off two ways to build. There is another city to the East so basically they are going North until they get past that city’s limits and then they are spreading North and East.

Like wildfire.

2 and 3 THOUSAND houses at a a time in some of these new developments.

Of course they aren’t doing a damn thing about new roads or expanding what they have so traffic is going to be a MAJOR concern around here after the next year.

Something else you should be keeping up on is how to get around in your area to avoid as much traffic as possible.

Know the little side roads, the short cuts and that one road that will get you the hell out of town that has the least amount of traffic, using side streets if necessary.

That is one advantage I may have over all of these new comers.

I have been around here so long that I can remember when there was literally NOTHING around here and when some of the now major arteries were still two lane gravel roads.

Shit, I can remember when there wasn’t even a huge bridge and complete freeway going across the Columbia where the I-205 bridge is now.

The population around Portland/Vancouver has exploded over the last 40 years.

As in quadrupling in some places.

Yer damn right I want to know how to get out of this Hell Hole as quickly as possible.

15 thoughts on “File Under Things You Should Know Well

  1. We moved to Camas when I was 4, and I can remember when the “Old” highway to Vancouver was THE highway to Vancouver.

    The area bound by Mill Plain and 164th (both 2-lane roads then) was open pasture until after I graduated high school. My physics teacher bought one of the first houses in Cascade Park, and he had no neighbors. That was a prime mushroom hunting area, too.

    There was pasture surrounding the Auto-Vue drive-in on Prune Hill.

    It was a lot easier to get around, though.


    • Damn that brings back memories! I remember as a small boy mom taking us up around Mill Plain to go pick mushrooms from where we lived in Canby, Oregon over the old two lane bridge that use to go from Portland to Vancouver before and during when the I5 bridge was being built.


  2. My wife and i lived in an area that started to expand like that. Traffic got worse because the roads weren’t designed for it, but the underlying infrastructure, things like plumbing became an issue; the original water and sanitation that had been put in the area wasn’t upgraded with all of the new construction so it smelled like shit constantly. These people lived in 4-5 hundred thousand dollar houses or expensive apartments and couldn’t step outside of their front doors without being overwhelmed with the smell of an outhouse. I’m sure they’ve fixed it by now. The wife and I got the hell outta dodge but the growth followed us. Seems like a time will come when there won’t be any country left because of so much “progress”.


  3. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but the best way to escape the city in an emergency, is to have moved out to the country 5-10 years ago. “But the city is where the jobs are,” you say. Or “my wife doesn’t believe” or “She won’t leave her mother”
    It is really very simple: if you truly believe that bad times are coming, then convince them and get out now, or resign yourself and your loved ones to a violent end *when you knew it was coming and chose not to do anything because it was too hard*.
    So, what’s it going to be?


  4. Wifey made same comment yesterday. Portland area in a building frenzy. Portland mayor trying to turn us into a 3rd world shit hole. Blue tarp subdivisions going up everywhere. Bums crapping on the sidewalks downtown with the mayor’s blessing. Multi story complexes, with no parking, going up all over, number of driving lanes being reduced to make room for bicycle lanes. Freeways jammed earlier every day and miles longer. State tried to clear an I-5 bottle neck by coliseum, Trail Blazers objected. Bleeding hearts encouraging the importing of inbred, uneducated, welfare dependent muslims. Metro is working on expanding the MAX system so Obama sons can raise hell in the suburbs instead of destroying Portland.

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      • I saw that last weekend when I had to go over to Glendoveer golf course to the bar they have for a birthday party. That is some stupid shit right there.
        I went down 122nd to Glisan from Sandy Blvd and hardly recognized that area either.
        I used to drive all the way around that golf course in a loop as my test track after fixing cars at the Lincoln dealership.
        Sometimes several times a day.


    • I won’t go across the bridge anymore unless I have to and most certainly avoid downtown Portland at all costs if possible. About the only reason I will go down there for is a concert.
      This is why I didn’t hardly recognize some of the neighborhoods I haunted every day for years anymore.


  5. Our little town in southern Utah has monster with the square asshole-itis. They are throwing up houses on farmland as fast as they frickin’ can. The idiots move in, drive like frickin’ monkeys on crack, and wonder why there are more accidents. They complain about flies in a sheep/cattle town. How frickin stupid.
    I still remember riding in the back of my Dad’s pickup truck through miles of orchards in the Santa Clara Valley. Frickin’ Square Asshole Monster screwed that all to hell.
    Thank you for letting me rant a bit.

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  6. As far as I know, the politicians in Washington State are hard-core lefties. This
    is confusing because the modern Demon☭rats are into destroying cities, and
    especially the means of production. The Donks in Washington must be more
    pragmatic than the ones in Marxifornia, New York, Michigan, etc. But by
    failing to upgrade the infrastructure, the end result will be destruction.

    My home state of Marxifornia will be the first to go through the final chapter
    of Atlas Shrugged because we have not added a single net watt of new
    generating capacity for at least 50 years. They have been trying to “conserve”
    their way out of the crisis they created by mandating CFL’s, and even solar
    PV panels on all new home construction, and all sorts of other useless
    bullshit. They are even bribing megawatt users like paper mills with tax
    dollars to reimburse them for lost production. Oh no, I do not see a total
    economic collapse in my state!


  7. Good advice on knowing your AO intimately, especially at night. It is remarkable how well you can move discreetly and quickly with a little bit of foreknowledge of the physical terrain around your base.
    Since I live in about as rural mountain woodland as exists east of the Mississippi, it’s almost all having knowledge of the bush and the folds of the terrain, and how to use them to get quickly and quietly to my neighbors or observe and bushwhack somebody who has no business in my AO. As they say, it is a force multiplier.
    I found it is pretty simple to do. In the heaviest brush and undergrowth I carved out paths, removing the heaviest growth, let the lighter grow up, once a year I do a quick trim job, try to make it as un-obvious a path as possible. The deer will use them and browse on the newer growth which helps, some of the deer paths are pretty handy too. I put discreet gates in mine and my neighbors livestock fencing too, that is good for not having to climb over wiggly fencing in the dark say carrying a rifle and being in a hurry. At night there are all sorts of landmarks to guide you too, like a street light or a yard light off in the distance, barking dogs, major land features. For light if I need it, got a 3 lumen green color filter for a small AA cell led flashlight. I found green works best for my eyes, zero night blindness from it, and it is very very difficult to see from a distance among all the green undergrowth. And I only use it as little as possible. Have a green filter for my weapons light also. When the moon is up, if its at least half a moon, in the woods you can see an amazing amount of detail, enough for hoofing it and moving carefully, especially if you have the familiarity from previously moving days and nights.
    I can travel about 4 miles hand railing our ridge line, and picked out the best spots to cross the road in a given area, like dips and on blind turns, to limit being spotted. It was far easier to do than I first figured, and using them on occasion both night and day them, (visiting the neighbors and hunting), is a real blessing regards having this knowledge burnt into the ol gray matter ready to use. Of course, having good neighbor relations is a big essential, neighbors who understand the idea of mutual support and such, so you have their blessings to cross their land. Trust is a big thing. This was the most difficult aspect, and most rewarding in the larger scope of things.
    If things get real sporty around these parts it is a sure advantage to have in place. I think I am the only person up on the ridge that I know of who has mapped out preplanned routes and movement. USGS Quadrangle maps are particularly practical, even for suburban/urban use. You will be amazed how many terrain features there are you don’t know about, and for creating reference points, they can not be beat. I use them for everything, from hunting and trapping to digging ginseng. We have a lot of paper company forrest land around us, millions of primitive acres, they permit you to use their land for outdoor sport related things, on foot, and for ATV’s also long as you stay on established access and woods roads.

    Can’t agree more with Phil’s assessment about knowing your AO.
    Way things are heading, could come a day when it means the diff between being alive or dead.
    I would think in some respects, moving discreetly in heavily built up areas, there are a many aspects and features that provide excellent cover and concealment for those who take the time to establish an intimate knowledge of the terrain and how to use it to advantage.
    I know from life experience, most people never go off the so called beaten path, or far from it, many are terrified of the woods, or less frequented paths say around and between industrial parks, the back areas of shopping plaza’s, the little green spots or bushy areas, say along a town or city brook or creek.


  8. You were talking about the growth (houses & apartments) over the last 40 years.
    40 years ago (1979) the US had 225.1 million people, today there are 327.2 million people.

    That’s 102 million more people who need housing over the last 40 years. That will do it!

    I was in the Coast Guard from ’76 to ’97 and I could see the growth everywhere i was stationed during that 20+ years.


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