A Nice Little Score

While the Wifely Unit was out watching football games earlier today I got to browsing Ebay to see if there was anything interesting in the Vintage Machinist Tool category.

It was raining outside and I didn’t much feel like doing anything strenuous today.

They have an interesting feature that I tried out for the first time today, you can pick a price range now.

So being the cheap bastard I am, I clicked on the Under $20 category and commenced to browsing.

Bow howdy, I could spend a whole lotta $20 dollar bills there I see.

Quite a few little items got my attention so I marked them for watching out for. Some of the bidding doesn’t end for anywhere from 4 to 10 days but there was this one little cutie I spotted that was ending later in the afternoon.

It was exactly what I had been searching for in the first place, only had one bid on it and it was well under what I figured I would pay for it anywhere else.

So I marked that one to watch also and went on about my business.

About 5 hours later I get an Email reminding me the bidding only had an hour left.

Back to whatever I was doing.

You see, I have been fucked over a couple of times with this getting out bid at the last minute by some asshole before. More than once in the last thirty seconds no less.

I was in no hurry.  When it got down to 5 minutes left, I started watching.

I was waiting to see if someone was going to pull that shit.

At the minute and a half mark I opened the Place Bid window, the high bid was $6.50.

At one minute left I placed a bid of $20. It will only use that much if someone else starts bidding on it, otherwise it automatically just beats the current bid by like 50 cents or so. Then I watched it count down to zero.

I was really surprised no one was just waiting to steal it at the last second. So I win the bidding at $7.00, shipping is another $7.00 something and then the damn State tax gets added on.

Grand total of $15.00 and change.

For this,


Original box included.

Single-Ideal-Test-Indictor-Lathe-tool-from-Ideal-_57 (1) These pictures are not of the one I bought, that picture was too small to see what the hell it is but is is pretty much exactly the same and in the same condition.

It looks small enough to fit right in the tool holder on the mini lathe and that is exactly what I want it for. A mechanical test indicator from before they put dials on them.

Old School.

Even at 15 bucks I figure it was a pretty good deal, there are others there that start the bidding at that price,  weren’t near as nice as the one I got appears to be and don’t even come with the box.

I also got a couple of real nice surprises in the mail today from some readers.

Terrapod snagged a vintage Craftsman tool box at an estate sale a while ago and it had some tools in it he didn’t need so he sent them to me. He just wanted the tool box.

Then Phred sent me some CD’s of an Iron Maiden concert up in Tacoma.

You guys are awesome!

It just humbles me beyond words that you go out of your way for me like that.

Thank you, very much.

12 thoughts on “A Nice Little Score

  1. Looks like 10/1000″ of travel. It is amazing when you think about it but before
    the advent of gauges, piston, and rod bearing fit, etc. were all custom fits
    and there was no uniformity. I believe it was Caddilac who came up with the
    concept of crude gauges that allowed parts interchangeability. I remember
    reading that they ran a number of cars on a long reliability test at the end of
    which they swapped out parts between cars and drove them back.

    That cemented Caddilac’s reputation as the most mechanically reliable car
    in America.

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  2. I figure out my top dollar bid, and put it in on some things. I’ve lost almost everyone by one bid above my max. Some folks want things more than me I guess….

    I bought one of those a few years ago. They seem to work pretty well. Ask Mr. Pete:

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    • Sniping is a strategy. I figure out the absolute max I’m willing to pay and submit it in the last ten seconds. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose but then it’s because someone else was willing to pay more.


    • Gotta love old Mr. Pete, God Bless him.
      I am looking forward to this thing getting here so I can check it. I see some gauge pins or blocks are also going to be a necessary acquisition.
      Thanks a ton for looking that video up for me.

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  3. Phil, I use e-snipe. It allows you to put in your max Ebay bid, set the bid time to 1 minute before end and walk away. Yes you have to buy some points with PayPal to use it but it is cheap and has won me more items than I can otherwise think of.

    The best part is you set and forget, win some, lose some but it avoids that heart pounding urge to bid things up which is what most auctions count on to go waaay over value.


    Try it and I think you will like it.

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