Things Will Be Coming To A Head Soon

Now the Republicans have really dropped a turd in the Impeach Trump 24/7 Democrat Punchbowl. One Republican in particular.

They want Horowitz to testify in front of a Congressional panel.

Jim Jordan wants Horowitz to testify about ‘scathing’ report on Comey

Rep. Jim Jordan wants Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify about his blistering reports on former FBI Director James Comey.

Just back from August recess, Democrats in control of the House Judiciary Committee are gearing up for a vote on informal impeachment investigation rules.

Jordan, an Ohio Republican who is a member of the committee, said his Democratic colleagues are wasting their time and should instead focus on Comey, who he argued is “solely responsible” for putting the country through three years of Trump-Russia hysteria.

“Why aren’t we having Michael Horowitz in for a hearing? I mean, he just issued a scathing report about Jim Comey, the former FBI director, and nothing has been scheduled to bring in Mr. Horowitz to answer our questions,” Jordan said Monday on Fox & Friends.


Trump fired Comey in May 2017. On the Senate side, Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham has already expressed interest in having Horowitz appear before Congress to testify about his investigation into potential abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act once the report is public. Last month, the South Carolina Republican said he expected Horowitz to give “chilling testimony” in front of the committee.

Jordan said the question he is most asked is, “When is somebody going to jail for wrongdoing that took place in the Trump-Russia investigation or even the Clinton investigation?”

In order to “get to the bottom of that,” Jordan reasoned that “all” the information needs to be aired out. “And what better opportunity then to bring in the inspector general to answer our questions?” he said.

This would be a sneak preview of the Big Show.

That is going to start when Horowitz releases the OIG report.

The one thing you need to remember in the coming weeks is that Comey signed off on all 4 of the FISA warrant applications the Democrats and the FBI used to spy on Trumps people and what ultimately ended up being the bullshit Muh Russia Mueller witch hunt.

Lots of people were pissed off that Comey got a pass here recently.

Remember this if nothing else, Comey signed off on all of those FISA warrant applications using bullshit evidence and basically lying to the FISA court judges.

This is important because this FISAGATE investigation is the fuse that is going to ignite the shit storm that exposes every bit of all of it.


Th illegal spying is just a part of it but it is going to go straight from the DNC through the FBI, the DOJ, CIA and eventually wind up implicating Barack Obama.

Ultimately it will also expose the Clinton Foundation, all of Bill and Hillary’s criminal escapades, Uranium 1, Pizzagate and every single thing in between. It is going to ignite another shit storm over in England when their fecklessness and involvement in the Steele Dossier and FISAGATE gets uncovered too.

Comey first, then Declass, then popcorn by the rail car load.

When everything has been drug into the light for close inspection, these people will be afraid to walk down the street.

5 thoughts on “Things Will Be Coming To A Head Soon

  1. Regardless of comeuppance loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong overdue the scalawags, they got nothing but more of what they are about.
    I’m not being defeatist here. Not in the least. Being realist.
    They will try to 911 us again or something worse, they will need to, in order to distract enough of us us from the truth of them in order to hold onto their illusion of power and legitimacy.
    Maybe they jump the mother of all sharks, JFK Mr. Trump, or use some musloids to detonate one of the stolen backpack dial a nook’s that disappeared during the Kona lightbringer’s reign as usurper.
    The details aren’t critical, it is the act. These fuckers are good at this crap, they are generational scum, they got them some pretty sly cunning nasty pieces of work setting up contingenciy plans and prepositioning the material and manpower. It is The Long March for a reason, it is our rifle’s, in our hands, always has been, from the day on Concord bridge it has been one thing after another that has thwarted their precious one world order. That day really fucked them up, they been trying to outflank the dialectic set into granite when a bunch of flyover country mouthbreathers chased the armed branch of the long march back to Boston. Nobody in all of human history ever seen anything like this, no king, mandarin, potentate, dicktator, emperor, the whole lot of them, a few hundred Deplorable’s said fuck this shit and went full BFYTW.
    Hard to stop this thing.
    Once it starts, it only ends when it decides to.
    Very dangerous. And highly unpredictable, which is the worst thing for the fuckers trying to rule us with the jackboot. They do not know nor understand how BFYTW works, what triggers BFYTW.
    Total withdrawal of ones consent is like that. It begins with each of us, before it is a lot of us.
    They do not understand such a thing. We are objects to them, pieces on a board, something to be milked for all it’s worth and cast aside, things to be sacrificed to their higher calling, or order. Whatever.
    Like pedo-elite child sex slave trafficking. Is there a victim that could be more a victim, to be controlled with the most ultimate raw naked power, as a slave in the most ultimate meaning?
    This pizzagate shit is the perfect analogy for these scum. Suits them perfect. They prey on the most defenseless, profit hideously from not only the sexial depravity, not just the ritual satanic sacrificing and blood drinking from freshly killed, but the systematic organlegging in baby body parts and organs.
    Is this not the most depraved hideous acts of humans who are fucking insane beyond noirmal understanding? Name something that is more depraved.

    The idea is you got to be prepared for everything if your gonna get these cocksuckers. Most ritical is to be prepared on the personal level. Everything. Everything begins with each of us. For each of us who are prepared it is one more they can’t rule over. Pretty soon that plurality, goes from being legion, to becoming A Legion, armed to the teeth, not just with rifles, but motive power, audacity.
    Why do you think the entire North East has been converged with these fucking dirty stinking commies and thier crazy dictatorial diktat that inhibits every form of freedom and liberty?
    Because they bremember where BFYTW began.
    They are scared of BFYTW. Institutionally, generationally, they fear it rising again from where it first showed up.
    They been at this game generationally, buried in deep as ticks on a hound dog. they remember. Got to know, they where robbed of the new worlds unlimited wealth and resources, they thought it was theirs for the taking.
    Some deplorables with assault rifles denied them. This is no shit it is the underlying history. They called themselves the Fabian’s.
    I know, I lived next town over up near Brettonwoods NH. The Fabian’s crotch droppings infest the place. They own the world far as they are concerned.

    Never Give Up Your Guns.
    Do so and you fuck yourself and make yourself a subject, nothing but defenseless chopped liver and cannon fodder. It don’t get more basic than this.

    You got to think like these scumbags.
    They are afraid of us White American’s with guns.
    They are right to be scared of what American’s will do to them for what they do to us.
    It is why they call our Rifles “assault rifles”, because they know our rifles will be used to assault them and their bases of power and influence if we aren’t liquidated.
    It is why they call us Deplorable’s and white extremists of every flavor.
    It is all they got.
    They are and always have been, as illegitimate as it can be in every sense imaginable.
    What has them really concerned is far too many have withdrawn their personal consent. Their power was effective long as just enough useful dupes and ignorant seen them as legitimate power/government/corporate/banking etc.
    A plurality of American’s in what form they be who are invested and believe in the precepts of our foundational origins is a power unlike any on Earth ever seen. I think this may be one reason why it is seen that the good Lord bestowed upon us our natural liberty in all its forms, from speech to unfettered economic activity, to arms and the power to defend oneself, tribe and beliefs, property, this last very critical, for what is the first thing about your musket? It belongs to you, like your house, your car. Come and take em.

    But all the fancy talk aside, there is only power.
    The power to hurt.
    The power to kill.
    The power to say BFYTW…
    and I Won’t!, MYOB!, kiss my ass.

    This all is inevitable.
    We have passed the inflection point.

    The coup scumbags, the Clinton’s, their pedo-elite pizzagate network which underlies their globalist crime syndicate, all associated, they are gonna get whats coming to em’ one way or another. They went too far.
    They are messing with us, they can’t just leave us be, no, now they are coming for our white arses, and that is declaration of genocidal war.


  2. I am wondering if the Demo☭rats (especially the clown car candidates) are
    purposefully attempting to lose the 2020 elections. They are promising to
    steal all our firearms (say goodbye to the votes of American gun owners.)
    All of them are promising to kill off the coal, natural gas, and nuclear power
    generations. They are also promising to kill off all internal combustion
    vehicles. Adios energy and industrial worker votes.

    This is significant because if you cut conventional fuels and IC vehicles,
    where the fiddlers fuck is the power to charge all those electric cars
    they want to foist on us Proles? This is not even about bringing about
    some socialist utopia, the goal is the total destruction of civilization as
    we know it. Their goal is to bring about the last chapter of Atlas Shrugged.
    Here in the dysfunctional state of Marxifornia, we have not seen a single
    net watt of new generating capacity in 50 years and the transmission lines
    and other infrastructure is crumbling. When the shit hits the fan, the first
    cities to go dark will be Lost Angeles, New York Shitty, and San

    All the while the 20 horsemen of the apocalypse are promising to destroy
    America in their Cloward Piven Nocturnal Penile Tumescence, the rest of
    the Democrat party is attempting to impeach a president because he “hurt
    their feelings.” This is pure mental retardation considering the very low
    unemployment rates among blacks and Hispanics, which are the lowest
    on record. The black poverty rate is the lowest on record. Female
    unemployment is the lowest in 50 or 60 years.

    I made a prediction back in the 1992 election season. The party of
    warring and often competing factions would implode if they lost 5-10
    percent of their victim class votes. Trump hit 30+ percent with Hispanics
    in 2016. I do not remember the percentage of blacks, but it was more
    than double the usual 6 percent. The big fucking deal in the 2016
    elections were exactly as I predicted in 1992.

    Private sector union members voted for Trump by almost 40 percent.
    I used to work in paper mills. There were more than 2,000 mill closures
    or curtailments between 1996 and 2007. These jobs went to China.
    The percentage of private-sector union members was 33+ percent in
    1946 and by 2007, it was less than 8 percent.

    Trump won the coal and Rust Belt states because these people wanted
    their fucking jobs back! They finally came to realize that the same
    political party that they backed all their lives was more interested in
    sucking the dicks of the environmental lobby than they were in protecting
    their jobs. My prediction was that the union member would be the first
    bail on the Demo☭rats. I joked that after the Spotted Owl hoax, that the
    tens of thousands of loggers who lost their jobs would be roasting
    Spotted Owls and Demo☭rats on spits if they ever made the connection!


  3. This is a good thing. Our law enforcement agencies have been breaking the law. Therefore, there isn’t any law, only the fight for survival. We all know what has to be done. The founding fathers would have been stacking bodies a long time ago. I would blame my old party, the democrats, but, name the republican who actually tried to stop them in the last 30 years. Which republican came out screaming about their secret slush fund to pay off victims of their sexual abuses? Or any of their other multitudes of abuses for that matter. If we hung every politician in the country today, I would feel kind of sorry for the one or two who did not deserve it completely.

    The death toll in this war they have foisted upon us goes up every day. They have the country split into every sub group you can name and that is why they hate Trump so badly. He is the first president in modern times that they cannot control, or buy.

    They lost the ability to rule over us by way of the political process and how did they react? They turned to the legal process to rule by fiat and in an attempt to overturn our votes and then put good people in prison for process crimes. And also perpetrated a coup attempt on a duly elected president. There has been no reason to NOT do what we know we will have to, for a lot of years. The only question is, will we do it before it is too late to help?

    God help me, I love my country more than I loathe taking out those Americans who abuse their rights, by using them to assault and curtail my own. How much is enough? How much is TOO MUCH to take? What will it take to raise the 2% of the population who actually fought in the revolution against the crown all those many years ago to create the country I love? That’s roughly 7,200,000 people today.

    Every day that goes by raises the count of those who will die in the push to take back our country and reclaim our freedom and rights. More than 10 million will die if it starts today. And that is just direct battle casualties. Another like number will die of the consequences of war. Starvation, lack of water, electricity, other resources, medicine, medical care, infrastructure…. The list is long.

    I do not want my great grand child to one day innocently ask me, “What was freedom like?”

    Nobody loves the warrior, till the enemy is at the gates.

    Well folks, they are inside the gates and walk among us today.


  4. Don’t count on Graham 2.Zero to do anything except express “interest”. This RINO hack has been aiding and abetting the left since arriving in the Senate nearly 20 years ago. Aside from his not so secret love of amnesty he’s leading the charge on gun confiscation through bogus red flag gun laws now with new found lefty pal, Dick Blumenthal.


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