Sheese! A Good Day To Stay Inside Around Here Today

It’s been raining cats and dogs off and on around here all day.

Gully washers blowing through about every half hour or so.

I have already had to go open the drain on the gutter on the back side of the house twice.

Got fucking drenched doing it a few minutes ago. It doesn’t matter how many times that gutter gets cleaned, every time it rains hard all the shit from the trees back there gets washed down into it and it plugs up.

After getting tired of hauling a damn ladder out there and getting drenched over and over, I finally wised the fuck up.

I went in the closet, grabbed an old wire coat hanger, cut the hook off and opened it up. Then I bent one end over far enough to get over the side of the damn gutter. I keep it hanging on one of the brackets holding the downspout to the house. Whenever it starts pouring out over flowing the gutter, I go out there and grab it, reach up and aim the tip into the hole in the gutter for the downspout and start stirring it around. Pretty soon the leaves and crap get sucked down and it will empty out. Until the next downpour. Then I have to repeat the process, while standing there with my arm stretched out, getting poured on.

It’s a pain in the fucking ass but the trees just keep dumping shit on that side of the house.

One of the many small joys of living here.

Speaking of which….

There is something going on with this place that neither the rental management place nor the owners want to tell me but the owners just spent a ton of money getting about 8 cubic yards of brush and shit cleared out and hauled off getting the front of the place all neat and tidy. The lady from the rental management place is working with them and I suspect they are wanting to clean the place up and sell it. If everything was cleaned up and fixed on this joint it’s probably worth a little North of 400 grand I suspect.

I think the owners bought it as investment property because the first time they were here and I got to go around the place with them, they acted like they had never seen the place all the way around.

They were unaware of some of the fucked up decorations like the little Mosquito factory of a tiny little water feature out back and just how many trees there are around here.

It would be just my luck that they put this place on the market and we get the boot just like the last place we lived in, during the shitty part of the year. Finding an affordable place to live in this area is damn near impossible, I don’t know how most working people around here can afford it and the thing is, the occupancy rate is sky high, like 90%.

That means there aren’t that many places on the market to begin with and it’s been like that for years.

Every available piece of ground within fifteen miles of here is either getting a new house or new apartment buildings thrown up on it. It went past Urban Sprawl into Urban Invasion a long time ago.

That means housing prices are through the roof.

The average price of a house around here is over 300K.  Doesn’t matter if it was built in 1942 or 2012.

I have been trying to find something like an older Double wide on a lot so there is no Trailer Park bullshit or Home Owners association shenanigans to deal with and it is a joke.

I found one place, about five miles from here. It’s on a secluded lot with a private driveway that goes past two other places, probably still has a septic system and the trailer looks to be straight out of the 80’s, if that new. No garage or even a car port. They want $227K for it.

Most Manufactured homes in this area are in trailer parks and are going anywhere from 70K at the bottom end to well over 300K.

In a park.

That means Teh Rulez and having to pay Space Rent, no privacy, stringent pet restrictions and NO FUCKING PARKING without fail. Maybe a little shed but no garages for the most part either. Maybe a space for one or two rigs but that’s it. I have three, the wife has one, the kid has one and any time her sisters or their kids come over there could be five or six rigs out front. The Trailer Parks are out, apartments are out too.

We gonna be fucked if they sell this place.

4 thoughts on “Sheese! A Good Day To Stay Inside Around Here Today

  1. Hi Phil, I know exactly how you feel. When my girlfriend and I tried to find a place in Okotoks (a bedroom community just south of Calgary), we had no choice but to rent there – her ex husband had an ex-parte order she couldn’t move from town (stalking and cyberstalking her for seventeen fucking years!). There were only two places to rent and only one would accept a pet. The first three months, the rent was $1680, then it was $1900, and after three years it became $2360… and I had to pay all utilities, taxes, everything. The house was formerly used as a drug operation and of ill repute. There were only two functioning doors inside, the rest were missing or had massive holes in them; holes in every single wall, trim from door frames half off. A mess beyond belief. We were promised a clean, functioning house. When we asked if the stove could be fixed (by law in Alberta it is required in a rental), we were served with an eviction notice. A quick call from me to the law office that represented the oil company I used to work for (“Don’t worry, we won’t even charge you for this. It will be fun.”) and the eviction was rescinded. Okotoks with a population of about 25000 has a rental vacancy of less than 1%, despite the ads. Now, I live in Calgary. And as much as I hate cities, I am more relaxed than before. As a fellow mechanic, I wonder where people get all the money. I do quite well for someone in my profession, yet I don’t understand how people who make less than me are able to afford all the stuff they flaunt.

    Oh wait……. all my shit is paid for.

    Take care and stay dry.


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  2. Maybe you can negotiate on the double wide down to below $200k, then build a shop and start a repair business on the side to pay down the mortgage doubly quick. Principal interest payments to reduce a 30 year mortgage down to ten. You can do it!


  3. Phil, you seem like a nice guy, so this is my two cents. Move the eff out of the state. Come to SE Alabama, JOBS are here for the mechanically skilled. TWO auto plants with the resultant part support plants mean that skilled labor is hard to find. Also a double wide in the outskirts of any town is dirt cheap. It’s hot in the summer but it can be managed. Nice people too.



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