5 thoughts on “Oh, You Are On Vacation From Out Of Town You Say?

  1. “Er, yeah … i see yer trouble. It needs da Spark Plugs changed”.
    “But it’s a diesel. I never had to change the Spark Plugs before!”.
    “Well, den, we found yer trouble”.

    I heard a conversation on the CB alot like this – between a newbie trucker and an ol’timer driver – while in traffic backed-up on I-80 heading into the Delaware Water gap …


  2. Then again, spending a whole day on vacation, getting both tires on the boat trailer replaced in
    La Pine. Apparently, the tires weren’t rated to carry half of your camping gear in the boat with. Who knew? I got a photo around somewhere of my boat trailer near the edge of Wickiup, with no wheels on it. But I was a Boy Scout, I took my big floor jack and jack stands on the trip just because.I could.

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