A Concert I Will Never Forget V 2.0

I’m not going to miss the pair of socks I had on last night that got blown off.

Not one bit.

Holy Smokes what a show.

God Bless her, The Wifely Unit managed to snag a pair of tickets last Christmas for the Sold Out Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast show that blew into town finally.

They were almost exactly the same seats I had a couple of weeks ago when I got to see Disturbed.

Literally two rows down and two seats to the left, I got to take my boy to see a show he will never forget either.

I have seen Iron Maiden before, back in 1982 on their first world tour, they played in Portland two nights in a row, something that is unheard of. It was a double whammy for this ,at the time, young Redneck/Headbanger. They opened for The Scorpions.

That was 37 years ago and I still remember parts of that show, as loaded as I was, I had never seen anything like that in my life!

This Go Round was even better.

It opened with some new band out of London called Raven Age

Not bad at all, they can JAM pretty hard.

When they were done and the lights came on we went and took a break and got back just a couple of minutes before Iron Maiden came out.

Right before the actual concert started they blasted a full version of UFO’s Doctor Doctor and it’s super clean

That was just fucking cool to hear blasting on their sound system.

I did actually get to see those guys one time, back in the same era.

Then the lights went out.

We pretty much had Nosebleed seats so I’ll show you what it looked like to be almost right up front to give you a better idea of what a show this really was.

How about a full scale replica of a British Spitfire for openers?

They had it all.

Lights, smoke, multiple scenery changes, pyrotechnics, full size inflatables and 15,000 for real die hard fans who knew the words to every song.

It’s been a long time since I have been to a sold out show full of rabid fans and there have been many a time I felt ashamed of the people around here for not showing any enthusiasm at concerts. I mean it got pathetic more than a few times.

The Metal Heads that showed up last night  did themselves proud.

However, the best part of the whole show for me was that all they played were songs from their earliest albums. The name of the tour pretty much tells it.

The Legacy of the Beast tour.

It all started with The Number of the Beast back in ’82 and right from the start everyone started accusing them of being Satanists.

Not even close.


For crying out loud, they even have an Iron Maiden, Legacy of the Beast video game out you can play on your phone now.

Here’s a hint, their mascot Eddie?


Who has virtually been on the cover of every album in one iteration or another?

He’s the good guy fighting the Devil.

Iron Maiden has had a monster influence in the music industry for forty years now, that means they are getting up there. They can still kick ass and take names but I strongly suggest you go see them while you can.

If you can find any tickets….

9 thoughts on “A Concert I Will Never Forget V 2.0

  1. Still got Bruce in the lead spot ? He’s the pilot for the band’s 747 that takes them to shows around the world. When I was a young impressionable headbanger, his voice grabbed me by the throat ! I’ve been a maiden fan since the early eighties. I saw them a couple of times, Peace of Mind tour and Somewhere in Time. Both shows are burned into my soul and among the most memorable I’ve ever seen. A legacy indeed !!!! Thanks Phil ! It’s gonna be a Maiden weekend !


  2. I first caught them a couple years later on the Powerslave tour … They have always been a pretty goddamn hard workin’ band !! … They do indeed kick ass !!! … I’m a bass player … And in bands I’ve been in we have done a few of their tunes … I learned from using Steve’s multiple finger plucking technique to do those tunes and expanded on that since , and I can play everyone of his bass lines …

    BUT ! … Watching the video , I was disappointed with the Spitfire … The prop should have wound up full tilt once they got goin’ … I don’t know if they were thinkin’ a ‘ slow motion ‘ concept there or what … It just made the visual look chinzy to me …

    I imagine if you were at the show you wouldn’t have noticed …

    But , I agree with ya … These guys have always worked hard and are very good at what they do …


  3. Did ya come back with a head banging headache? I know I would have. I am not partial to heavy metal… I am kinda a Pat Boone kind of guy. I do like Lynard Skynard and most Southern Rock.


  4. I just saw them a week ago in Calgary. Floor seats were General Admission here, I was 2 rows from the front row. Saw them for Powerslave and Somewhere in time back in the day. They played all the old hits and new stuff as well! Also saw Slayer this summer, last time ever on tour.

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    • I went and saw Slayer last year also. As we were waiting to get inside to see the concert someone complimented my Slayer ball cap I was wearing that I picked up at that concert. They also told me Slayer was back on tour again here in Wa. state, Spokane I want to say. Either coming up or just left. I haven’t looked it up yet.
      The guy said The Final Tour Version Two Point Oh. I laughed and said it reminded me of The Who.
      I think I went and saw their first “Final Tour” clear back in 1983 or so.


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