6 thoughts on “Gramma’s Got A Little Surprise For You Pete

  1. I sure wish Trump would act on this Meme I have.

    Picture is him on the phone.

    Words say “No, you don’t understand Nancy. One tweet, and patriots will descend on DC like a biblical plague!”

    The time is now! Two years and the ONLY arrests and prosecutions have been process crimes of Trump associates. And they are STILL crying about Trump-Russia collusion.

    How much are we going to take folks? When is enough enough?

    Sometimes, patriots just need to spit in their hands, raise the black flag and begin slitting throats!

    Our law enforcement agencies have been breaking the law, and are even now breaking the law to cover it up!

    “When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law, just the fight for survival”


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