3 thoughts on “Our Two Political Parties

  1. We no longer have two political parties. Both are pushing us to the same fate. They work in concert. One playing the part of the “progressive” the other playing the part of….. well, they PRETEND to oppose the progressives, but they never actually resist in any substantial way. They are but two roles in the Kabuki theater of the day. On the “resist the progressives” side, there are plenty of progressives pretending to be otherwise.

    And all of them spend the vast majority of their time and effort in trying to get reelected. They vote themselves pay raises, they exempt themselves from the horrible laws they foist upon us and they work for the citizens of every country except the one that elected them, pays them and whom they are supposed to be representing. They complain about the law and break the law because it is “Unjust” though THEY are the only ones who can change and or repair the law. They play us for fools at every turn. They have forgotten that they are our employees and fancy themselves our rulers.

    Democrats and Republicans, working together the screw America.


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