Lindsey Graham Just Let Slip The Fix Is In On Spygate

Words matter and I don’t like this one word Lindsey used in a letter asking AG Barr to Declassify everything not related to National Security that he has on the events that happened when the Obama administrations lackeys in the intelligence community when they tried to frame then candidate Donald Trump.

These people used agents in foreign governments to try and frame Trump and rig a National Election for the highest office in the land.

Graham calls on AG to declassify trove of documents tied to FBI surveillance during Trump-Russia probe


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham on Tuesday formally asked Attorney General William Barr to declassify a huge cache of documents that could shed light on the FBI’s use of surveillance warrants during its Russia and Trump investigations – saying it could help “provide a complete picture of what went on.”

In a letter released Tuesday, the South Carolina Republican requested that Barr work with DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to declassify documents, saying Horowitz’s probe of these warrants is nearing completion.


President Donald Trump earlier this year gave Barr the authority to declassify documentsrelated to his campaign surveillance.


In his letter, Graham detailed a wide range of documents he’d like to see, related to nine areas. Among them are documents shared with congressional leaders in 2018 about the Russia probe; the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants for Page or anyone else associated with the Trump campaign; a chart that shows the FBI’s attempts to verify the allegations in the Steele dossier; and documents related to so-called defensive briefings given to the Trump and Clinton presidential campaigns in 2016

“I write to urge you to declassify all documents the Inspector General identifies as appropriate for declassification as much as possible, without harming national security,” Graham said.


Now take a close look at what he says here.

“This is the first of what I expect will be several more ugly and damning rebukes of senior DOJ and FBI officials regarding their actions and biases toward the Trump campaign of 2016,” Graham said.

My bold.

“Damning rebukes”?

Are you fucking kidding me?

You and I both know Lindsey Graham is keenly aware that this is an official document subject to historical storage and review so he is also keenly aware the verbiage he uses needs to be parsed and every word in this letter has to be specific.

Using the word rebuke instead of indicted, jailed, prosecuted or any other myriad words to reflect the seriousness of the criminal activity that occurred during this period tells me all I need to know about what to expect when this is all said and done.

The fix is in.

You can kiss the rule of law goodbye in this country and start stockpiling the means to defend yourself against full blown tyranny.

17 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham Just Let Slip The Fix Is In On Spygate

  1. Oh and by the way you should always be ready, not get ready so I have that covered too.
    Be nice to everyone in the room just make sure you have a plan to kill them all if necessary.


  2. The FISA revealitions alone will send many of these seditious louts off to the rope, or to a dark, deep hole. And, they still have many, many other sources of info and investigations continuing. All it takes is one, and the whole house of cards will fall. Just. One.

    I’m waiting on 8chan to resurface, since, the insider has been silent, and not out on any other platform 9/9, it seems. I’m not ready to throw in the towel, but I’m more long-game, than short term joys.


    • I agree! If you get a Button Man like Comey or Strzok, you are half
      way up the chain to nail the Don. The Donald is going to drop some
      Earth-shattering bombs between now and the 2020 elections. This
      is going to kneecap the Donks to the point they will be forced to
      play wheelchair basketball!


  3. I heard on the Savage radio show Friday night the the Attorney general Barr was the defender of Lon Horiuchi when we murdered Vicky Weaver. I would say the fix is in. Who advises Trump anyway?


  4. First of all, I wanna apologize for twits like Graham (2.Zero) who has been nothing more than a RINO hack for nearly 2 decades in the Senate. His ENTIRE record has been built on “going along to get along”, as he puts it. Sure, he had a couple of nice (scripted) outbursts in defense of a squishy SCOTUS nominee but never forget this slug voted to confirm Eric Holder as AG and helped install Sotomayor and Kagan to the Supreme Court. Graham is the epitome of a swamp dweller and what is wrong in our government. Another notable denizen of SC is the guy known as “The Eviscerator”. Trey friggin Gowdy. For all Gowdy’s thunderous bluster, what became of the destined to fail Benghazi Hearings? Zip, Zero, Nada. The fallout from this coup attempt will end the same way. Same sh*t, different day.

    btw, you do realize the Grahamster is running for re-election, right?


  5. I would not write off the possibility that some heads will fall in this matter. Comey
    may have been given a pass because the leaked data was not classified but
    privileged. His tit may still be in a wringer over the fraudulent FISA court applications.
    The ones to watch out for are Peter Strzoker, Lisa Page, Bruce, and Nellie Ohr. We
    know Page ratted out whoever it was that wanted to wear a wire in order to get Trump
    to say something that would result in his removal under the 25th Amendment. I
    think it was either McCabe or Rosenstain.

    The problem with this conspiracy is that if violated the first rule of conspiracies, it
    involved too many people. Face it, these dumb fucks left a trail that Mr. Magoo
    could follow. We know the names of all the principal players. This is one of the
    reasons I did a U-turn on the various JFK conspiracy theories. If you have a
    dozen police and governmental agencies involving hundreds of people, sooner or
    later, someone is going to blab!

    In my mind, the two most vulnerable people would be Comey and Strzok. These
    smug, self-righteous narcissistic assholes will sing like birds if they are facing
    a few decades in a federal pen. You have to look at the modern Democrat
    party as you would with the Mafia. We know that Ubangi was the Don, and
    Felonia von Pantsuit was his Capo de tutti capi. The other players were
    mid to upper level FBI and Justice Department officials. Even if there were
    a few hundred young idealistic Democratic Socialist staffers, Ubangi could
    not corrupt entire agencies.

    There are enough people in these executive branches that are loyal not to
    a president or a party, but the Constitution. Even at the beginning of the
    Russian collusion hoax, I predicted that President Trump was going to go
    into the 2020 election armed with the motherfucker of all October Surprises.
    Look forward to a scandal that will rock the Democrat party, their donors,
    the Hollywood left and Wall Street. It is not all political. An Epstein bomb
    is going to detonate as well!


  6. Comeys memos were supposedly review by Strzok and Page the FBI Lovebirds. I think they are all going to walk away with nothing or a slap on the Wrist like McCabe and Comey. They including Obama and his advisers especially Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett need to be charged with sedition and treason and suffer the fate of ALL TRAITORS


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