FBI seizes former Marine’s weapons under Oregon’s ‘red flag’ law for remarks about ANTIFA

I do believe it’s time for the Supreme Court to inform all these states that these Red Flag laws violate so many Constitutionally protected rights that these dumb bastards are going to have to take their shoes off to count them.

Remarks against Antifa prompt FBI seizure of former Marine’s weapons under Oregon’s ‘red flag’ law: reports

By Dom Calicchio | Fox News


A former Marine who said at a protest that he would “slaughter” Antifa members in self-defense, if attacked, recently had his five weapons confiscated by the FBI, according to reports.

The temporary seizure came through the use of Oregon’s “red flag” law, which allows law enforcement agencies and family members to seek a court order to have weapons taken away from an individual viewed as potentially violent. Such laws are often opposed by supporters of Second Amendment gun rights.

The former Marine, Shane Kohfield, 32, was not charged with any crime, but surrendered five guns, including an AR-15 rifle, according to Phil Lemman, Oregon’s acting deputy state court administrator, the Washington Examiner reported.


The action was reportedly prompted by remarks Kohfield made in public during a demonstration outside the home of Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler in August, the Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

“If Antifa gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next,” Kohfield told a crowd, according to the Oregonian. “I’d slaughter them, and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out Antifa.”

Kohfield previously wrote to U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, a former Navy SEAL, to share his concern about Antifa and voice his support for having the group declared a terrorist organization, a step that President Trump has considered.


Based on the court order, Kohfield – who served two tours of duty in Iraq — was committed to a veterans hospital for 20 days and was barred from participating in subsequent protests in Portland.

According to the Oregonian, Kohfield conceded that he probably appeared threatening to other people, but he never intended to cause harm.

“I looked unhinged,” he told the newspaper. “I looked dangerous and have the training to be dangerous.”

The FBI would not comment about the case, the Oregonian reported. It was unclear when Kohfield’s weapons would be returned to him.

The Oregon Legislature narrowly passed the state’s red-flag law in 2017, with no Republican support in the House and backing from only one Republican in the Senate. Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, signed the bill into law on Aug. 15 of that year and the law took effect Jan. 1, 2018.

My bold for emphasis.

I know what I think about this.

I think I have a plumbing project in my near future.


41 thoughts on “FBI seizes former Marine’s weapons under Oregon’s ‘red flag’ law for remarks about ANTIFA

  1. Here is the bottom line….If you own firearms and are any of the following:

    1. Conservative
    2. A Veteran
    3. White
    4. Male

    You and your entire family STOP USING any kind of Social media, Keep your Opinions and Personal Business to yourself.

    Big Brother is now Listening.🖕

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        • Could be the local police is one of the agencies federalized during Obama’s scandal-free administration. Several big city police departments were taken over, and I think never given back.


          • That’s good, but next year’s Sheriff/ or the Sheriff in the county you might be in may not feel that way.

            Whether or not you’re going to get busted shouldn’t be a roll of the dice depending on where you are when the “offense” occurs.


    • You must remember that one of the first official actions of
      pResident Ubangi was to commission a DHS security alert that
      called all serving and former armed forces personnel, Christians,
      conservatives, citizen militia members, etc. “potential terrorist threats.”
      This leaked memo was also the Genesis of the mental health acts
      designed to disarm veterans.

      This bullshit gave the government the right to disarm ANY veteran
      who was suffering from PTSD or mental health issues. It was
      a back door to take firearms away from veterans.

      In the 2000 election, the Democrats attempted to disenfranchise
      active-duty soldiers who were serving overseas. Any reasonable
      American would have to ask an obvious question, why all the
      animus against serving and former military members?

      The simple answer is that even a PFC has firearms experience
      and basic tactical training. If you are placing the chess pieces
      into play for an eventual revolution, the best way to win will be
      to eliminate those who might resist your communist revolution.

      In the old days, the communist new left radicals were at least
      honest about their goals. Bill Ayers (Ubangi’s) political mentor
      once stated in front of an FBI informant that there would be
      a need to exterminate the 25,000,000 Americas who would
      resist the “reeducation” camps. That would be us deplorables
      and irredeemable bitter clingers, Christians, and gun owners
      as Ubangi and Felonia von Pantsuit called them.

      The new left radicals I hung out with in the early 70s have morphed
      into a bunch of man bun wearing pussies who have to lock them-
      selves into a closet every time they hear an opposing viewpoint.
      Newsflash, it is not a man bun you sexually androgynous Eunuchs,
      it is a saddle horn for your fucking boyfriend! These morons know
      less than nothing about firearms or tactics. When the shit hits
      the fan, if the revolution starts on a Friday night, it will be over in
      time for the rest of us to return to work on Monday.

      In addition to serving and retired military and police, My bros
      will be on the barricades. The biker community is all about
      liberty and even the outlaws will be on our side! The radical
      left is at best 6 or so percent of society. Do the math, 60 or 70
      million gun owners and billions of rounds of ammo. They will
      get their asses stomped like fucking Narc at a biker rally.

      Phil, a self-portrait:

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    • If we do as you propose. we will have lost our ability to communicate and congregate with like minded which is even more important than if we are individually disarmed. I used to feel the same way you do then I realized I would be isolating myself and setting myself up for easy pickings. A quiet person can be quietly disappeared. Who will miss him?.


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  3. This is how they’ll do it. One at a time for a long time. All the while with little fan fare, as they continuously indoctrinate and propagandize the children. A generation or two and the populace will turn in grandpa’s dangerous .22 that he had hidden away.
    It’s all part and parcel of their long march, and they’re already 3/4 of the way there.

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      • Like you?…. I notice you failed to list all the many and effective “actions” you’ve engaged the .GOV in. Pure oversight on your part, right, hero?….


  4. Cache Cache Cache-YES it is time. And if you can”t figure out why, I ain’t gonna post it.

    “ STOP USING any kind of Social media, Keep your Opinions and Personal Business to yourself.” -FACT!!

    The Con-stee-2shun means Zero Now.
    ZERO. “This is The Reality.”

    Yes, I realize it has meant zero far longer to Politicians, Courts and LE far longer, but we have entered a New Phase.
    Similar to US being called Racists, it means zero to us, and some of us wear it with pride.
    The Communists, Politicians , Courts and LE are Now Proud of simply Ignoring it, openly and blatantly.

    Accept it.
    Plan, Think and Act Accordingly.
    Fight as a Unit, not ad a Individual. You stand No Chance.

    “We” can preach to the choir all we want.
    If it makes you feel good, go ahead, but it doesn’t change what is Happening and will continue to Happen.
    These Facts can be read everyday, nationwide.

    FACT-because of todays reality, which this jar head ignored,,…for whatever reason.
    He is a Story and He IS FUCKED!
    Most likely Fucked till his demise by either ANTIFA(they now know) , Suicide or just bad luck.

    80% while you still can

    It is a New World Think, Plan, Speak, and Act Accordingly. Please.

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  5. The best tactic in the short run is STFU. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why any free white heterosexual male would run at the mouth IN PUBLIC about what he “planned to do”. Yes, I know. “First Amendment rights” blah, blah, blah, etc. Now what did that get this young man? Even if he wins in court, it will take years, cost oodles of cash, and he will always be a target in the Leviathan’s sights.
    It is painfully obvious to many the culture, society, mores and mindset of the population is slowly but surely shifting against liberty, self-sufficiency, morality, honor, and integrity. So have a plan, people! Go gray and stay gray. Keep up the struggle but work smarter. Read some of Mr. Bracken’s essays on effective tactics. Read Mr. Martino’s: RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY. Stay away from crowds and keep your own counsel. The dark times are here.

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  6. “I do believe it’s time for the Supreme Court to inform all these states that these Red Flag laws violate so many Constitutionally protected rights…….”

    Wrong, you cucking faggot.
    It is the sole responsibility of us, the CITIZENS, and we alone. The Supreme Court is not the arbiter of the God given birthright of the individual to protect themselves by any and all means.


  7. “Pansies, Trolls and Liberals are urged to flee this place.”
    Ah, yes, the mating call and rallying cry of statist turds the world over.
    Censorship is the cucking god you bend knee for, sucking and swallowing all the livelong day.


  8. It seems that everyone forgot to read, understand and include the words “IN SELF-DEFENSE, IF ATACKED,” . I guess he should have said “I’ll wait for the Portland police to help me”, and would likely be hospitalized or dead. What would they do if he had said “Be safe, but if you can’t be violent”! ? Time to sue the city and State for disregarding the individual Constitution Bill of Rights. There is NO right not to be afraid or to demand someone else’s RIGHTS be removed for some claimed NON-RIGHT feeling. I would go on, but with ignorance running amuck it is a waste of time and energy.

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  9. The Antifa actions are not aimed to harm the conservatives directly although if any of us are injured it is a bonus. They are aimed at provoking a response pretty much in the manner of this unfortunate veteran. They will use a verbal threat against them just as they have done to confiscate weapons and incarcerate the person who made the threats. Being locked up for a mandatory 20 days is no different that being in jail; for all it matters.

    What you have to recognize is that the main goal of Antifa is to get a violent reaction from the right. This why Antifa has been ramping up their rhetoric and activities. They want a violent confrontation and bloodshed if possible. They will suffer the loss of their members in order to advance the overall objective.

    They know that if there is deadly force used by the right in response to their, Antifa’s, activities you can trust the liberal government officials and agencies will use that reaction to justify taking rights away from us and labeling us as being a ‘terrorist group’. This is why any gathering of conservative groups in Portland will be faced with Antifa actions. While it is wrong that Antifa gets a pass by the city of Portland for the violence they cause, we must be wise enough to not fall for the bait.

    We need to smarten up and start fighting the battle in front of us. Namely, that the left is disarming and destroying the nation. We need to get politicians from the right to stop being mealy mouthed about the agenda of the left and state the truth that the left seeks to dismantle the United States by rewriting the laws and constitution and revoking our rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Our nation will either survive as founded or fall in disgrace into a socialist trash heap like Venezuela. Better to fight it head on in the press and public debate on than to mince words and watch the rinos keep selling us out. As long as we play the game in the manner the rinos have for all these decades the ;left will keep gaining on their agenda to install a socialist and highly controlled society in our country.

    We have an opportunity with President Trump in the White House to push back against this socialist communistic agenda and have his support. The clearer we can articulate our fundamental beliefs in freedom and self determination the more we can sway people who do not understand what is at stake.

    If or when a democrat ever gets in the White House in the future along with a democrat lead congress it will be the equivalent of game over. You will see the corruption and illegal activities of the various agencies of the government go into high gear to prevent any possible election of a true conservative ever again. Also we can expect an amendment proposed to revoke the 2nd Amendment and alter the first as well to prohibit ‘hate speech’ whose definition will be that which is best suited to the political agenda of the left.

    I am old enough and tired enough to know I am sick of what has been going on and I think it better if we confront the evil that is assailing our nation instead of playing games over words, political correctness and supposed micro-aggressions. One of the prices for liberty is that you can and will be offended at times and that is just how it is. Another is that you must defend liberty too.

    If you take away a persons freedom of speech you do not have liberty. If a person cannot speak freely then it is easy to take away their second amendment rights as well because you can stop them from saying anything to stop the government.

    This red flag incident will be the model for the left in their desire to remove all guns from society. You will see it perpetrated all over the nation either until there is an injunction against the red flag laws or a decision via SCOTUS that enjoins such laws.

    Remember, you cannot resist an armed government if you are a disarmed citizen……If the government wants absolute control, they need to remove the possibility of a substantial resistance to the policies of the government. You can look at Hong Kong today and see the results of a tyrannical government suppressing the disarmed citizens of that city. We are well on our way to being a entire nation very similar to that situation.

    Sorry to drone on. I am sick of the word play and the lack of truth in the national debate as to what is really going on.

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  10. Halloween will be here soon.

    Let’s say that I put on a police “costume”, except that it is a real uniform and a realistic looking badge. I come to your house and attempt to forcibly arrest you and put you in cuffs. Your are perfectly justified in center punching me right between the running lights with the caliber of your choice. Why? Because I am ACTING UNDER COLOR OF AUTHORITY. Remember that phrase, because when that happens, it’s not a uniform, it’s just a costume.

    What “B” said.


  11. I reckon that settles the question (as if it wasn’t already abundantly clear) of exactly which side the tyrants of the fbi land on…. Oh well, at least we know who the enemies are.

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  12. Never talk to the press. If you say stupid things, stupid things will happen to you. Kohfield didn’t do himself any favors by playing into this ambush tactic. Dumb.


  13. Anyone who believes any court in this country INCLUDING the SCOTUS is going to rule “red flag laws” as the Unconstitutional abuses they are is delusional. You can count on two hands the number of judges in. America who truly support the Second Amendment.


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