What Goes Up, Must Come Down

And it’s a loooooooooooong way to the bottom this time.

everything-bubble4-19 (1)_1

Notice where it bottomed out during the Great Recession of 2008 and then compare that to where it is now.

When this bubble finally bursts, it’s going to be a genuine SHTF moment.

Of course, I swiped this chart from the notorious  Economic Doom Porn site known as Zero Hedge while reading an article exhorting Trump to crash the economy now and get it over with to save his chances of winning the Presidency again.

The logic being that it is going to crash anyway before the next election but if he tries to keep propping it up it will ruin any chances of working to get it fixed somewhat right before the election so why not force the issue now?

As far as I am concerned the Middle and Lower Classes never really recovered from the 2008 crash and from what I am seeing, this next one is likely to kill them both off.

Of course you could fit my total knowledge of Economics in a thimble and still have room for an elephant.

So there is that.

What I do know is that the real estate market is completely over priced all up and down the West Coast, gas prices are higher here than most states, food prices keep creeping up and just about everything else is too. Even the Garbage service companies are finding new ways to throw a fuck into us.

Everything is up.

Except the wages.

Something is going to give. The laws of physics demands it and those jerk offs playing with the stock market are the ones I have been keeping an eye on.

That is where it’s going to start and once it does no one and I mean NO ONE, knows how far it is going to slide.


Them fucking Bankers took our bail out money and bought a bunch of Magic beans with it but this time the bean stock has rotten roots. It is literally twice as bad up front now as it was right before 2008 and like I said, quite a few of us never really saw much recovery from that to begin with.

I have been waiting and waiting for a correction and it hasn’t happened.


Eventually it will happen.

More than likely in my lifetime, the whole rat piss soaked house of cards is going to blow over.

Then we are going to see some serious Triggering boys and girls.


The generations behind me have absolutely no clue as to what is potentially coming and even less capability to deal with it.

can opener

11 thoughts on “What Goes Up, Must Come Down

  1. It’s looking more and more all the time that the bad juju is going to hit harder and faster than most can comprehend.
    Hell…they’ve cut me to 40hrs out of the clear blue.
    Something wicked this way comes.
    ’08-’14 was bad enough, I’ve only really come out of that and here we go again.
    Oh well, who ever said life was supposed to be easy?


  2. “The generations behind me have absolutely no clue as to what is potentially coming and even less capability to deal with it.” True dat. Have been trying to explain this to clueless young fools who plan to vote for free shit. They’re not only going to get stuck paying the 23 trillion we ran up but they’re going to pay dearly for all the free shit they voted for.


  3. Even back when I was Cub Scout I carried an old P38 can opener. The video
    is not a joke. There was a video of 30 or so Millennials in which a young
    female who spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out how to use a crank handle
    type can opener. When she finally figured it out, the people in the room applauded
    her. If these AOC level morons cannot even open a tin can, what chance will they
    have in setting animal traps, and since most of these idiots have never used a
    firearm, all they can do is starve!

    I am about 15 miles North of the San Andreas fault line. I am still waiting for
    the big one in the hopes of seeing the left coast slide off into the ocean, but
    I know that is pure fantasy. This close to the fault line, I like to keep a good
    stock of canned goods, dry goods, water, etc.

    In Marxifornia, forced blackouts are a possibility so earthquakes are not the
    only thing I am preparing for. It also pays to have a good gas grill!

    How do you think people like Alexandria Empty Cortex and her generation
    are going to fare in the very dystopian future they wish to force on us
    Proles? At Mad Medic where I found this, the Blogger’s headline was:
    “Who ties her shoes?” As Albert Einstein once said, “The difference
    between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limit.”

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    • This should drive home the obvious fact that this woman was hand picked and backed by the Democratic Party.
      Otherwise there is no way someone that fucking stupid could be elected to office. Oh wait, I forgot about Inhoffe from Kansas. The Flat Earther that got appointed to the Space and Science committee at one point.


      • Corrinne Brown in Florida. The dems had control of districts and made one for her, goes from Jacksonville down to almost Orlando, swerving around white residences. And she was a dumb bunny.

        Then there’s the one that loves cowboy hats… total moron.

        Debbie whatsername Schultz, definitely a 10 watt bulb in a 100 watt world.

        And these people make the rules the rest of us (but not them) are supposed to follow.


  4. “Of course you could fit my total knowledge of Economics in a thimble and still have room for an elephant.” Said Phil… Don’t sell your self short! If you have 3 cooperating brain cells and know how to balance a checkbook then you know every thing there is to know about economics. It is not brain surgery. Humans have a refined ability to spot patterns and trends and tease information out. All one has to see is smaller portions in items we buy, costs rising and wages remain the same. People instinctively know when they are getting a raw deal, even if it isn’t apparent to them at the time. When people see the janitor making this much and the CEO making 1500% more know the upper management is screwing them and the company. Phil you ,are astute about things around you, keep it up. I believe you know how to adjust and that is how you survive and thrive.

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  5. OK, so what does this all mean to me….not being snarky. just trying to come up with a plan. Should I bust up my retirement accounts (how ever small that they are) and pay off the mortgage? Or should I just shift my accounts into some other recession safe accounts.
    The prepper part is a given; just curious what y’all think would be a secondary level of preparation would look like.


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    • Let me say this so that there is no misunderstanding it.
      I will IN NO WAY, ever give financial advice to anyone on this blog.
      If you do not have a trusted financial adviser this would be a good time to find one.
      Protect your investments as if your life depends on it.


  6. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but the 2007-08 subprime mortgage crisis was deliberately engineered by the Democrats to get Republicans out of office.

    Barney Frank–remember him?–is rumored to have been the big brain behind the idea. In 2006, he helped ramrod through a new set of federal regulations making significant alterations to the Carter-era “Community Reinvestment Act of 1977” banking regulations. Barney & Friends rewrote the law and essentially declared credit to be a civil right. Then they held the US banking system at gunpoint and forced them to make over a trillion dollars in home mortgage loans to unemployable crackheads who did not even in anyone’s wildest dreams have the means to repay the loans, because “diversity” and “civil rights” and “discrimination.” Remember all those radio mortgage commercials from 2006-07? “Call now and get your free money and your free house! We can hook you up, brotha man!”

    Remember, when the banks won’t loan Shitavious (IQ: 55, 20+ violent felony convictions going back to before puberty, net income: zero, net worth: one pair of Air Jordans, a little glass pipe, and a pack of blunt wrappers) a million bazillion dollars so that he can have a house of his own, that’s “redlining.” And when they do, and Shitavious (to no one’s great surprise) fails to pay it back, that’s “predatory lending.” (“Sheeyit muhfugga, where muh free money at? Whatchoo mean, I gots to pay it back? Dass beez ‘scriminations ‘n’ shit!”) It is ALWAYS Whitey’s fault.

    The results were predictable. The results were predicted at the time. Normally banks foreclose and take the collateral and resell it to recoup the lost money. So much real estate hit the market so quickly across the money that the market price of real estate fell significantly across a large part of the country for the first time since the Revolution. And so many hedge fund managers had assumed that real estate pricing could never, ever, ever go down, that when their real-estate-heavy hedge funds followed the real estate market into the toilet, it started a recession. All predictable. All predicted at the time. All planned.

    And this wasn’t the first time. Remember when registered Democrat Alan Greenspan strangled the money supply in 1992 in order to lengthen the recession and get Bush out of office?

    The markets do what they do. The economy is less something modelable or measurable with the tidy equations taught in Econ 101 than random chaotic herd behavior on a scale of hundreds of millions. I do not claim to be able to measure or quantify, much less predict, a single person’s moods or fears about the future, much less three hundred million, and I am highly skeptical of those who claim that they have particular power. That having been said, the last several times this has happened, the economy didn’t wander off a cliff. It was tripped and pushed over the edge by Democrats, whose public boasts and celebration are always dropped down the Memory Hole by MINITRU.


  7. “The generations behind me have absolutely no clue as to what is potentially coming and even less capability to deal with it.”

    And yet those are the young’ins that most paytriots are convinced will bring the country back to the blissfull ignorance of the 50s – often refered to as the good ol days.


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