You Didn’t Know His Name But You Will Recognize Him Instantly

I certainly don’t remember ever hearing his name but his shocked face was captured forever in this iconic and historic photograph.


Former Dallas Texas Detective Jim Leavelle, who was handcuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shot by Jack Ruby, in this famous photograph, has passed away at age 99.

It’s funny the things you remember as you are growing up and as you get older. I was only 3 years old when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated but to this day I can still remember parts of his funeral procession.

I don’t think anyone who was alive back then doesn’t have some kind of memory of that nation rending event.

Mr. Leavelle must have relived that exact moment ten thousand times as he grew older.

God Speed sir.

7 thoughts on “You Didn’t Know His Name But You Will Recognize Him Instantly

  1. I was twenty-one and had been working at Western Electric for a couple of months. Someone’s wife called and we were kept current by wives playing the radio into telephones. This was ’63, remember. My other most prominent memory was tearing up when the coffin was being carried up the Capitol steps to the music of “The Navy Hymn”. The most beautiful and touching pieces of music ever composed. Well, ” The Lost Chord”, maybe. Boy, where are all the Democrats like him?


  2. Talk about specific memories, I remember our teacher in kindergarten class and how utterly shocked she was when the principle came into our classroom to tell us about Kennedy’s assassination, all of our teachers acted stunned. You could tell it really effected adult people.

    The Cuban missile crisis was really spooky to me, I was terrified about this big mean evil BOMB the adults where talking about that was going to come out of the sky and burn us to ashes.
    The Bomb was a true boogeyman to us little kids 5 and 6 years old.
    Being of that lost generation of the non-baby boom parents these things really effected many of us still to this day. Everyone talks about the crazed neo-bolsheviks and other deranged hive mind insanity going on, but if you grew up at this age in the 60’s, in many ways things where alot more radical, very very violent, the upheaval of our society was in full roar. There where all sorts of violent crazies, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dhorn, (they are husband & wife, both still violent comintern agents still shit stirring to this day), who later help get obama installed, ran the Weather Underground, I can’t recall all they murdered with bombs and armored car robberies, the race riots they fomented, and their manifesto, which declared at least 25 million American’s had to be liquidated to bring the US population down to a level that Ayers and their ilk could manage, Malcolm, RFK and MLK assassinations, the red menace of the Soviet’s, the Cuban based comintern agents infiltrating American, both north, central, and south America’s, Venezuela is a pitch perfect example of that commie infiltration and subversion of healthy happy Western prosperous Christian people and their countries.

    Most of this history is highly revised or shoved down the memory hole. Even our national archives have and still are systematicly tampered with, carefully, with cunning, changing a comma here, omitting a reference or phrase here, the worst is academia where the intellegentsia has eliminated all vestiges of classical thought, philosophy and history, in order to retard people so the 200 years of foundational precepts and originating ideas and culture that began the great advancement of the Christian Greco/Roman West can not be understood, thus depriving entire generations of any concept or idea of freedom, prosperity, ownership of property, creation of wealth by ones self reliance and determination, proper individualism within the bounds of rightful liberty, and most crucial, the idea of the rule of law not the rule of men, the natural power to defend oneself family tribe/precinct/community and property, are alien and racist things only white supremacy advocates.

    This dirty stinking commie shit made it’s first overt open radical violent bloody appearance in the 60’s, JFK’s murder started it off with a bang and a fog of puréed brains.

    Give you an idea of how deep bed in like a tick on a hound these commie are, here is a practical example of subversion of our prosperity in order to keep us down, broke, listless: the Space Shuttle was designed as a delivery truck, to put large payloads in orbit, the founding concept originated in the technology underway in the late 60’s of orbital power stations that beamed solar power converted to microwave transmissions to earth based receivers.
    It is “raining soup” in space, it is the next frontier, truly, no cynicism on this at all, space is the logical, next step in the advancement and security of the species, the Earth is indeed a fragile, beautiful, life system, in order to preserve our birth place it is the emperative of all impoeratives we get to, and begin to live and thrive in space. There are resources and wealth beyond comprehension out there, the technology is way past proven to do so, it also is the perfect environment for private wealth creation, industry, and new places to live and prosper, once a toe hold is established, space has everything that is required to become self sufficient, it is also the true frontier in terms of freedom and Liberty.
    Notice, the globohomo’s, Clinton’s, central banksters, big corporate etc, but I’m repeating myself, have done nothing to advance the space frontier, the incredible technology and its advantages we enjoy from the hey day of NASA, all this positive stuff, is squashed, destroyed, the blueprints shredded, the filing cabinets of ideas thrown down the memory hole, obama turns NASA into a musloid daycare center and the center for the advancement of diversity, which is nothing but dress rehearsal for civil/race/class war.

    We who are born in the late 50’s, early 60’s, we remember the incredible dynamic drive and courage of advancement of areospace technology, to go to the moon and come back, a feat not yet duplicated. With everything we know now, just exactly why it has not happened again?

    What is the endgame of the globohomo?  Obviously, it is their survival, and not yours. That means in todays civilization, the suppression of technology, inhibiting advancement of the sciences by any and all means, dumbing everyone down to the lowest common denominator, that is what is the reality of “equality”, equality in ignorance and stupidity, superstition and cult of the slave mind.

    The Chi-Coms embody this all, they embrace it with revolutionary furor, the commie tyrant intends to rule the world absolutely, and corporate/political crony central bankster Amerika is bellied up to the faustian feed trough selling us all out for pieces of silver. Wall Street with their filthy profits they strip mine our America of are the lobbyists.


  3. I was 7 when it happened. The teacher was in tears and I excused myself to
    use the crapper. I walked behind some dumpsters, sat down a cried. I was
    at one time a believer in all of the conspiracy theories that came along. As an
    adult, I took up target shooting as a hobby and realized that three shots at a
    range between <50 yards to 220 feet at a target moving directly away from
    the shooter were a breeze.

    I can even swallow Ruby's story about wanting to spare the first lady the trauma
    of a trial. It was a different time back then. We were not the same country we
    were during the turmoil of the late 60s to the 70s.


  4. The good detective probably spent the rest of his career and life feeling guilty for being responsible for Oswald but failing to keep him safe and whole for delivery to trial.


  5. I’m not trying to start a conspiracy flamefest thread here but …

    Ever notice how the ambulance backed into that basement within seconds of Oswald being shot? It’s as if his alleged murder [nobody ever saw his body] was expected …


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