California Takes Another Giant Leap Towards Complete Socialism.

Do you live in California?

Do you own rental properties in that state?

Boy have I got some news for you sucker.

Just like everything they do, and I do mean everything, these Commie Fucks try to frame this as a good thing and just look at how they are standing up and helping out the little guy.

Keep reading, I will be skipping over some of the shiny stuff and pointing out some of the Fine Print they want you to overlook.


Newsom and top California lawmakers strike a deal to cap rent increases

Millions of Californians would receive new protections against large rent increases under an agreement announced late Friday by Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders.

The deal, which needs the approval of the Legislature in the next two weeks, would cap rent increases statewide at 5% plus inflation per year for the next decade, according to Newsom’s office. The legislation, Assembly Bill 1482, would also include a provision to prevent some evictions without landlords first providing a reason.

“We are pleased to announce we have come to an agreement on a series of amendments to AB 1482 that would create strong renter protections,” said a statement from Newsom, Senate leader Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) and bill author Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco). “The bill will protect millions of renters from rent-gouging and evictions and build on the Legislature’s work this year to address our broader housing crisis.”


Just doing our jobs man, you know, looking out for The People.

Sure pal.

The agreement represents a dramatic shift in the debate over whether tenants would see any new limits on rent increases this year, and represents a political risk for Newsom as he backs a highly visible bill not assured of passage.

Prior to Friday’s announcement, the California Assn. of Realtors, which holds significant sway at the Capitol, had agreed not to oppose a weaker version of the legislation that would have capped rents at a higher percentage for a shorter time. The new bill in many ways reverts to an earlier version fiercely opposed by the Realtor group.

Ruh Roh.

Don’t be pissing off The Realtors.

Here we have some spokeschick somehow managing not to gag as she recites the required words of ritual surrender,

What’s changed is Newsom’s involvement. Three weeks ago, Newsom told reporters he wanted stricter caps than what was in the bill and he and his advisers then intensified efforts to negotiate, the governor’s office said. Previously, the California Apartment Assn., which represents landlords in the state, had opposed the bill. Friday’s deal includes an agreement by the organization to no longer do so.

“We applaud the governor for temporarily finding a solution for tenants,” said Deb Carlton, the association’s senior vice president. “Now we must get serious about moving forward on production, which is the only way we address our housing crisis.”

Now that the official rituals have been performed, we can get down to the real business, The Loop Holes.

The proposed rent caps, which have yet to be incorporated into the bill, would not apply to properties built in the last 15 years, nor would they apply to single-family home rentals unless they were owned by large corporations.

The bill would not affect apartments already under rent control, such as those in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but they would extend caps to apartments in those cities not covered by the existing local measures. The bill’s anti-eviction protections, which would limit evictions to lease violations or require relocation assistance, would kick in after a tenant has lived in an apartment for a year.

What is this “relocation assistance” you speak of?

And no, L.A. and Ho Chi Minh City By The Bay are not covered by this but ALL of y’all motherfuckers will be now.

The entire state.

Can you say Oakland?

That place where I was born and wouldn’t step foot in now for love nor money?

How about entire swaths of  intensely populated  Barrio’s?

Yeah baby.

Even in little never fucking heard of Podunk Villages all over the state.

All y’all.

Except, you know, if you fall under one of their exceptions.

So all of these “New Arrivals” flooding across the Southern border seem to have created, I don’t know, a housing crisis?

As in there ain’t enough housing now and some eeeevil landlords were drooling at the prospect of jacking the shit out of rent rates to take advantage of that situation?

Also known as, Capitalism?

Can’t be having any of that shit Comrade.

The Governor, he just took care of that.

What I’m not hearing here, is any actual solution to this housing crisis.

Housing crisis as in, you know, the completely unforeseeable consequences of letting a few million people in from another country,  at night, over a fence, with no documentation of citizenship.

Without any thoughts as to where they are going to live when they get here.

You wanna see my shocked face?

4 thoughts on “California Takes Another Giant Leap Towards Complete Socialism.

  1. Uh huh, I know that kind of language well enough. Berlin, the German capital has become a real nightmare, a socialist’s wet dream. Think San Francisco on Christopher Street Day – only more filth (yeah, that’s really possible!) and imagine that 24/7 all year around. One can walk through whole districts without ever seeing any German or European face – provided you survive that experience.
    Die Linkemember of the federal government of Germany and successor of the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (SED), the Socialist Unity Party of Germany who ruled the German Democratic Republic (that had lots of blood on their hands since they shot many Eastern Germans trying to make it through the Iron Curtain into the West)…
    …err… where was I?
    Oh, yes: that party which is still staffed by many communists from file and rank of the SED seriously suggested exactly the same bill. But they’re not satisfied with capping a rise in housing rental costs, no. The comrades want the implementation of a law that would allow them the seizure of unused buildings and private properties that hasn’t been built upon (e.g. shps, homes, office buildings) to generate more social housing for their newly imported electorate.
    They couldn’t care less for truly German families – in fact, one of those comrades just recently complained that the part of Germany that once was under their communistic rule ist still being „too white“.
    So it takes no wonder that those criminals in the federal government of Germany decided to build a security ditch in front of the Bundestag building in Berlin: 10 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep (appeox. 400 by 100 inches).


  2. Rent control; an idea so stupid even the North Vietnamese communists realized it was stupid. “The Americans couldn’t destroy Hanoi, but we have destroyed our city by very low rents. We realized it was stupid and that we must change policy,” Foreign Minister Nguyen Co Thach said.

    It turns out that actual communists are more honest about their failures than the American “wannabe communists”.


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