The Most Detailed Timeline Of Who Did What And When In The Alleged Plot Against Donald Trumps Presidency, Otherwise Known As Spygate, You Will Ever Find

If you want the details the news refuses to report about Spyate and FISAgate, this  very lengthy analysis has it all. The reason the news media wont tell you any of this is because they were in on it.

I will tell you right up front that this is a very long read and that is because there are a lot of people involved and there were a lot of different angles being played simutaneouly.

If some of the people involved in this, John Brennan in particuar, walk away from this obscene abuse of power without severe consequences then you can guarantee that the Rule of Law is dead in this country.

This article goes into great detail and lays out the timeline and the massiv web of deceit that went on during the final year of Barack Obama’s presidency and continued  even after Donald Trump had been in office.

The Mueller fiasco was a giant cover and stall tactic and all of the major players knew it.

The list goes on and on and on of all the people who were involved in this and this article is very damning and extremely timely.

I can not urge everyone to read this entire thing and familiarize yourself with what actually happened strongly enough because all of this is going to be brought out in public very shortly.

My hat is off to the investigative reporting you are about to read.

This is what real journalism used to look like.

Spygate: The Inside Story Behind the Alleged Plot to Take Down Trump

Efforts by high-ranking officials in the CIAFBI, Department of Justice (DOJ), and State Department to portray President Donald Trump as having colluded with Russia were the culmination of years of bias and politicization under the Obama administration.

The weaponization of the intelligence community and other government agencies created an environment that allowed for obstruction in the investigation into Hillary Clinton and the relentless pursuit of a manufactured collusion narrative against Trump.

A willing and complicit media spread unsubstantiated leaks as facts in an effort to promote the Russia-collusion narrative.

The Spygate scandal also raises a bigger question: Was the 2016 election a one-time aberration, or was it symptomatic of decades of institutional political corruption?

This article builds on dozens of congressional testimonies, court documents, and other research to provide an inside look at the actions of Obama administration officials in the scandal that’s become known as Spygate.

Now go read the entire article and prepare to be very, very angry at what you see.

An incredible conspiracy using Abuse of Power for political ends.

This is going to make Watergate look like a Bible study class.


12 thoughts on “The Most Detailed Timeline Of Who Did What And When In The Alleged Plot Against Donald Trumps Presidency, Otherwise Known As Spygate, You Will Ever Find

  1. Raw Naked Power is what it is.
    Everything is connected.
    All the actors are connected.
    Pizzagate connects them all, as J.R.R. Tolkien prophesied regarding ultimate evil in Lord of The Rings: Pizzagate represents the rings of the deep state and it’s darkness it thirsts to spread out of which chaos their order can be imposed:
    One Ring to rule them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    Thru systemic blackmail, extortion, influence, to undermine subvert and destroy our great western civilization & our culture along with the 2000 years old hard won long learned precepts, history, and traditions. These things and us who are the blood of this wonderful civilization are all which stands in these cockroaches way. Darn straight they want to take our rifles, emasculate us to nothings left but soy surrender monkeys, disappear all traces of the 2000 years of white Christian dirt people kickass warrior history, the knowledge it is the Rifle from which not only all power flows but is the singular source of stopping tyrants dead, in their tracks.

    What darker evil exists for these cockroaches than the enslavement, the power, to hold over children, to make them sex slaves to these perverts thirsts of depravity, of not only ultimate violation of the Christian Western taboo of protecting children, but the use and application of terror, of physical torture, ultimately bloody sacrifice of submitting as the ultimate kind of victim, then the ultimate of all; insults of such injury, to organ leg the by products of these children, thru the corporate genocide for their filthy profits, the conduit of organ-legging body parts euphemistically named “Planned Parenthood”.

    Isn’t Planned Genocide these scumbags in a nutshell?
    Genocide of undesirables, ie, Deplorable’s.

    Because, I’m saying this with all sincerity, if these fuckers can do all this to our entire civilization, lock stock & barrel, this unimaginable evil done to the most easily betrayed that being children, then the white genocide they are in no doubt fomenting thru their various proxies and useful idiots in order to remove us we who are in their way on their path to their precious one world order, this palace coup and child trafficking, is in the larger scope akin to a fart in a mitten in a Class V Hurricane.

    Once you grok the implications it is simple pie to know what we are up against with these cockroaches.
    A coup on Trump is nothing to them. Creating political means to get rid of us dirt people who defy and resist them is nothing. A mere speed bump.
    It is where they make a huge mistake.
    History proves it out We The Deplorable’s wage grass roots revolution and 4th Generation Insurgency Warfare like no other people in history.
    That is just fact. You can hide it, lie about it, piss on it, stomp on it, the humanists can revise it, the yellow media can distort it, but there it is.
    A word for all who cry resistance is futile, tell us please comrade’s, if it is so, why do they want to take our rifles so desperately, why are they waging Genocide against us?
    What are they so afraid of, these all powerful scumbags?
    A basket of Deplorable’s?

    Hypothetically: there is only one remedy…burn it all to the bare Earth, salt the ground where the ashes lie so it can never grow it’s hideous roots.


  2. A piece of work organizing this timeline. Puts it all in proper perspective.

    And this same FBI, 2 weeks past puts out a National Memo any of us Deplorable’s who even think in the privacy of our minds of government actors running conspiracies, never mind they are running an ongoing palace coup to nullify our withdrawal of our consent for these same state actors and what they have done to us, our great country, somehow makes us domestic enemies of the USofA.

    That’s the shit FUBAR is made of.
    Grass Root Revolutions too.


    • Go do some serious homework on Epoch News. here’s a hint, Fulan Gong.
      A Chinese guy waging Information War against the Chinese government using an American Media Empire. There’s some shit for ya.
      Thanks for playing though.


  3. Rather different angle leading up to obama and his obots orchestrating the palace coup against Trump.After all, the real question that matters is who is the coup leader. It wasn’t the weaponized clowns we all know and love in the DOJ/FBI & “Intelligence”, (there’s an oxymoron if there ever was one), community. Sycophants and expendables essentially baked in to the levels of plausible deniability insulating those who ordered the coup to begin with.

    Notice the total absence of mention of coup leadership.
    Hiding in plain sight.
    You. Are. Being. Mushroomed. for a specific purpose.
    These clowns like Comey and Brennen, they can’t take a piss without the chain of tyranny giving them a memo directing them to whip it out.
    They are a white collar organized crime gang. They have only one style. Everyone motivated by the faustian bargain that carries a Clinton sanctioned hit if you are seen as a potential rat, like scared shitless to be the first to turn states evidence, aside from losing the millions in nest eggs they have tucked away from decades of partaking in cronycapitalist/corruptocrat musical chairs.
    Everything is connected with these scumbags.
    It is what they are.

    Trump can change history by declassifying three Obama-era documents

    (Certain high value key documents are under private lock & key of the post oval office usurper obama archives. Funny how they are held outside the purview of federal archives, even though they are in no uncertain terms very important artifacts of obama administration activities)


  4. Anyone noticed how Trump has this propensity to gaslight us in good ways, to get us engaged in what bullshit these clowns have pulled on us?
    I notice many times he has employed certain tactics, like not putting the collar on Comey, exactly to get everyone who cares riled up and on pitch perfect cue dominate the media cycle with what he needs to be read & discussed openly among regular American’s.
    What piss’s you off more than a piece of shit like Comey, all smug and front of the bus walking after the he and Mueller’s blatant walk for the Clinton’s outright strategic asset sale and treason, Uranium One, the bathroom server and the Chi-com’s espionage thru their fake corporate spy agency Huawei and their efforts to take over the entire 5G network thru technology intrusions/control. Can you say Goolag with a Chinese Ah So accent?

    There’s this piece at ZeroHedge today, a slew of tweets and commentary along with some highlights from the report, starting with the conclusion of how Comey’s weaponized FBI contravened, bypassed, loop-holed, and just flat out didn’t give a fuck, established congressionally stipulated limits and process/procedures under it’s powers granted to act in national interest under classified circumstances:

    The bottom line is these clowns exactly because they are incompetent cockroaches have placed the entire globohomo world order in existential dire straights by fucking up the free lunch they where handed on a silver platter. Everything is connected. It is a relatively tiny oligarchy and you ain’t invited. This is incestral power, they are inbred mandarin’s, the ultimate barn blind navel gazers, so far out of touch with the rest of America’s reality, they believe they are special people, where being held accountable is such a foreign concept they see us all as conspiracy maniacs. I’m not kidding, they define hubris in the modern world.
    There is that ancient quip about what the gods do after first making them sociopaths and psychopaths.
    This goes far past the spectacle of the connected and .gov gangsters and traitors in brooks brothers suits walking because their stay behind troll pals get them released from grand jury indictments on technicalities, we are watching that dictum about the ruling classes comeuppance in real time.
    Whats gonna bite em’ on the ass is Pizzagate. The century plus of using blackmail and lurid depravity to control everyone within the old order and keep em in line is a bridge too far. Pizzagate in all it’s myriad evil has surpassed its tactical and strategic value, because they are all Pizzagate, Pizzagate links everyone, it is the lowest of low common denominators, it brings everyone down to the same sub basement level. Pizzagate is their achillies heel and the corner they painted themselves into.
    They can not let Pizzagate out of it’s pandora’s box they keep it in, no matter what, it is what will destroy them, it is all that keeps continuity of their tyranny together.
    And that, is not saying much in no uncertain terms. It stopped being a tool and leverage system. Pizzagate is them and they Pizzagate. There is no separation.
    Pretty soon here comes a point where they can’t get out from behind the Pizzagate 8 ball. Pizzagate is a monster, it is Godzilla and Godzilla is coming home to roost.


  5. Here’s an outlier. Somebody read this linked at the bottom, and tell me with a straight face it isn’t the ChiCom’s and their central soviet who are the ones who ordered up the Coup against Trump?

    Give it think first.

    Who made all the outright deals of treason with the commie chinks? Who sold them top military technology? Who opened those doors? Who starting in the 90’s opened the doors between the globohomo west and chink bolsheviks that has systematically strip mined us dirt people, our inherent national collective wealth of our nation, and sold us all out to a man to the marxian insanity, diversity as dress rehearsal for class/race civil war?

    Who’s last name starts with a C.

    Exactly who has the most power here? One C or the other C.
    Hint: its pretty hard to self suicide the Chinese Communist party.
    Might it be somebody got the offer you can’t refuse?
    And what better oval office puppet than a nasty barren blood soaked fat ankle vag in a Mao Pantsuit?

    Is it entirely possible somebody has the goods on those who have the goods on all the rest of the total scumbags running things?

    Would that not be the epic irony of the age?

    Keep in mind Steve Bannon was Andrew Breitbarts best friend, Steve was also an integral other part in the Breitbart Alt-Media platform. Remember who it is who murdered Andrew to keep him from outing the Podesta brother’s, their Comet Pizza and spirit cooling, their NY pedo-elite jet set island hopping connections and blow the lid off Pizzagate.
    Most of all Steve vowed vengeance for Andrew’s murder, it is Bannon who is an instrumental player in Trump’s election, Steve has never forgotten or foresaken us Deplorable’s.

    Everything with these clowns is connected.

    Stephen Bannon on Huawei and the Communist China Threat

    If you didn’t catch the drift of my outlier, I’m saying you heard it here first.
    The Clintons are patsy proxies of the ChiComs. It fits so many patterns of power and globalist chess. Follow the money. Follow the flow of wealth transfer. follow the course of Trump’s tactics and strategy. What underneath everything is it that they all want to do something with? Us dirt people and the unprecedented ability we American’s have to create wealth. Real tangible wealth, the only place where wealth originates, by hard work and elbow grease, and not, no, other source, everything else is redistribution and strip mining wealth transfer rackets. From banks to bonds, it is all stealing wealth in one way or another. And it all points to one place on earth starts with a C. It ties so many things together. It is the most obvious Occam’s Razor answer.

    And to show how interconnected things are, Liberty is impossible, without unfettered free unrestricted economic freedom and most important, activity at the Deplorable level, Main Street everyone.
    What is it Trump and Bannon talk about as the most vital important thing?
    Attention Kmart Shoppers!
    It is Main Street.

    And what has the ChiComs and our lovely sweet thoughtful political class been all about?
    Genocide of Main Street.


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