The Dog Days Of Summer Are Here

Ninety seven fucking degrees yesterday, ninety seven fucking degrees forecast for today too.

I caught a brief glance yesterday that the temperature somewhere around here broke a heat record that went clear back to the 1890’s.

It was still 80 degrees outside at 11:30 last night at work.

Nobody around here is acclimated to that kind of shit

Supposedly after today the temps will drop back to a mores seasonable range in the mid 80’s.

In the meant time I have to go to That Place.

This will be me at about 7:30 tonight.

dog days


9 thoughts on “The Dog Days Of Summer Are Here

  1. Been hot here this summer, in the high 90’s every day and the feel like temps anywhere from around 105 to 115. Some like it hot. Now that would be a great name for a movie.

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  2. We’ve been over a 100 since mid-July. Last year we hit 112, and it started in May and faded out in September. It’s been nicer this summer. But still stinking hot. I haven’t turned a tap in a month. The shop is ambient, and ambient after work is like an oven. We had a ‘cold front’ last month, and the morning low was in the 60’s one day. That is unheard of normally.

    I noticed that now, the real temp isn’t mentioned on the news, it’s the “heat index”. I guess they can sell global warming easier by adding in the humidity. Barstewards, the lot of them.

    So, here I sit, wishing for a cold front. And hoping that stoopid hurricane stays out of south Texas.

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  3. I was going to bitch about it being hot here (southern New Mexico) this summer until I read the post above this ………. in any case hot is fucking hot especially in the desert. At least we have permanent water here in our very out of the way rural area: a blessing to be sure …………

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  4. 97? That is calm and cool compared to the Third Ring of Hell here in East Texas.
    It was 104 here yesterday with a Heat Index of 110. 100% Humidity.
    Take the advice my Grandmother told me when I was a lad: “Always count your blessings my boy, because there will always be somebody who has things a LOT shittier than you do!”

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