Today Is The Wifely Unit’s Wedding Anniversary

She is the reason that I am not either dead or in prison. It’s kinda hard to blog from either position.

There aren’t too many wimmin’s out there with the constitution or the patience to put up with my ornery old ass so that oughtta tell ya something

I done good.

15 thoughts on “Today Is The Wifely Unit’s Wedding Anniversary

  1. Today a colleague told me a joke that goes something like: „there’s roughly eight billion people on this planet. Four billion are women. And you think you‘ve made a jackpot?“
    I really couldn’t laugh at that since I honestly know that I could not have found any better woman like my wife.
    The same goes for you, Phil.

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  2. I bought breakfast and when we got home I watched our autistic boy while she went over to her sisters and they plastered mudpacks on their faces and watched a movie. I’m golden dude.


  3. Happy Belated Anniversary sir. Finding that special person to annoy (and annoys you back) is always special. :^) You two kids have an awesome day.


  4. Trying again; looks like the first one didn’t take.

    Congratulations from a bitter old divorced man. Only one thing to say about a successful marriage:


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