Should Be Two Sets Of Skid Marks

One from slamming on the damn brakes and another set in the skivvies.

skid marks

It’s like the idiot in the car didn’t even notice the damn load on the trailer was almost on top of him.

6 thoughts on “Should Be Two Sets Of Skid Marks

  1. Back in my truckin days, I was following a buddy of mine through a set of S curves near Waterbury Conn.
    We were going a bit fast and his load of lumber shifted to the right, and then right back into place as we took those curves.
    Looked just like something on Looney Toones LOL.


  2. Running the Grapevine during an “el nino” I watched the rear tires lift 3′ in a curve. Nothing happened and I was lucky that day.


  3. The car driver was likely too busy texting on a mobile phone to notice the truck. One day during the approach of a cyclone, I was too dumb to tell my boss to drive his own damn truck.
    I reckon that paint molecules were exchanged between an oncoming car pushed across the highway, and my truck as we passed each other on the road. My face probably looked like his did, during the gusting gale.
    We’re both fairly safe, Phil, if it’s true that only the good die young.


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