4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget The Ammo Bernie

  1. Ya know…a true natural born right is one you must invest your wealth in to exercise, that that wealth itself only comes from somebody who creates something tangible, where that tangible did not exist before, by ones labor in the first place.

    Everything else is a matter of stealing or extorting, tangible wealth from those who create wealth.

    You see all these hideously wealthy “men” today, now think about that for a second, and what always bakes my noodle is there is no way all that wealth they possess was produced, created, by their singular good old hard work, ie elbow grease.
    But in our society it is been deemed these “men” are somehow studs, the Alpha dogs.
    In what rational world, I know, an oxymoron if there ever was one, are grand theft millionaires truly in our Manly Hearts, considered the acme of moral virtue?

    You have to steal that kind of wealth to acquire it. There is no way around this simple underlying truth. Sure you can call it something different by a million different names, and well, men be men, it is human nature, but isn’t it also true these men with their inordinate wealth and the influence and power that comes with it, isn’t it our fault ultimately that they get away with such grand theft, that we do little to nothing to limit such usurpations at the detriment of the rest of us?

    I know too that is a verboten concept. Yet it lies at the crux of something here involving our rifles, which are our property, that being the very first thing, and those with the money and the power are after our rifles, isn’t there something really and truly fucked up with this situation?

    So I ask myself, knowing what men with power, and wealth, want, being the answer is more power, more wealth, that absolute power corrupts absolutely, so within that framework of critical common sense thinking, it stands to reason they fear, and loath us freemen for our rifles and the inherent threat we are because of our inherent potential to become citizen warriors, thusly armed with this wealth, our rifles, warriors in the 2000 year history of the Christian crusader legacy that runs thru our veins, that no amount of wealth, influence, and power can deny.
    If we freemen dirt people where not this threat, in regards in a myriad of ways to the above, in one form or another because we are all more or less rebels and defiers at heart, individuals in the self reliant and self determining ideal of living liberty, we would not be the men we are enjoying, admiring, learning, sharing the life and times of a real down to earth admirable indomitable shitlord who runs this portal of righteous American civilization.

    They intend to dis-arm us boys, emasculate us, publicly shame us, make us into a White Boogey man for being Freemen, and this is the rub: what would be more an act of raw naked power over us by these usurpers with their inordinate ill acquired riches and accompaning power, than to take our guns and makes us defenseless?

    This whole thing about taking our guns is under everything about who is the top high ranking alpha dogs in our great civilization.

    I for one never have, and by the grace of God who I believe in and who granted me my inherent natural born freedom to choose to defend myself family, ideals and property, with the weapon of my choosing, never will I bend a knee.
    It is that simple.
    I don’t give a rats ass about the constitution, or the bill of rights, but I do hold the Declaration of Independence as inviolate and an instrument of BFYTW! the likes of which Freemen have created before.
    The 2nd is not a law, or a sanction, it isn’t anything but a statement of fact that exists, and it is up to us, each of us, to decide what to do with what the 2nd implies.
    To me the 2nd is an indictment on tyranny and men who intend to foist their illegitimate power up my arse and down my throat, an indictment with a death penalty clause for any who are arrogant enough to think and act against me and my right to choose my life and my activities.

    And yes, the 2nd is like a light switch. It is either off or totally switched on. It is a kind if special unique conundrum. It certainly ain’t for everyone. You got to possess not just freedom in the form of a rifle, but you got to carry this big stick and walk softly.
    We are the first men in all of history to face the evil and tyrants breathing down our necks in such a situation. No race, culture, civilization of freemen like us has ever existed in all of history, we are up against some really profound unique elements of the endless war of good verses evil, and it will be decided by us dirt people, actually the truth of the matter is we are deliberately being forced to have to pick up our rifles and shake them in the face of the tyrants.

    The next 5000 years of human history is going to be decided here in the next few years.
    Don’t bullshit yourself on that. Those assault rifles they all whine and cry about we own is what it all boils down to. Everything comes down to guns here. Who owns guns and who don’t own guns. Who uses guns to force others to do their bidding at the threat of, and application of violence thru the barrel of the gun, and who chooses to stand fast and refuse to comply, who are willing to use their guns to stop these tyrants with their guns.

    It is the bottom line here.
    Think who is it that benefits the most if we can be turned into emasculated defenseless unarmed men.
    It ain’t us.
    Unless you have sold your freedom for something less.


  2. Looks like Bernie is upping his game. Now he wants to “nationalize” energy production. The .gov, on his watch and with his enthusiastic support, effd the heath care system all to hell and gone back in 2010, now he wants to do the same to oil and electricity? I guess he doesn’t know how to spell Venezuela.



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