I ain’t kidding, it was like someone turned all the really stupid ones loose today.

After running into a shit load of ’em I stopped to pick up something to drink on the way home and the checkout girl asked me how I was doing today.

I told her I was going home to get away from all the stupid people.

She thought that was pretty funny.

I was dead serious.

2 thoughts on “AYEP

  1. It’s coming buddy, from Los Angles and should be in Portland in about 2 months. Cholera, Typhus, Bubonic Plague take you pick. Fourteenth Century diseases should be fun!


  2. The central Oregon coast is totally infested with “Pilgrims” these days. My term is
    “FT’s I’m sure Y’all can figure that one out.
    I just love living in a sanctuary state. They did a pretty good job of painting my house!
    There is sarcasm there somewhere.


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